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  1. Just ONE? Hm, people don´t care for their pets and nature. When was the last time you went at a fair?
  2. True, if I don´t have to spend a week there. (Boring) TNP just farted.
  3. Granted, now you live in a pink fluffy unicorn universe! I wish I had cooked already.
  4. Use it as a plate and chop onions on it.
  5. I would ask him to give me one of that t-shirt with animals on it!
  6. ICNW... still waiting for my pumpkin, lol.
  7. True. TPBM often has cold hands or feet.
  8. Depends. Sometimes I just like to stay at home alone. PAM still has warm and sunny weather.
  9. False. PBM has a furniture with keys.
  10. I have to go outside picking up nuts. Have a relaxing day wishing Karen in my pants.
  11. Isn´t it afternoon Karen in your pants?
  12. I´ll join you because of the hot milk - with chocolate
  13. True. PBM tends to procrastinate things they should do.
  14. If I were the Person above true-ish, when they are too hot. PAM has siblings.
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