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  1. And lets be real, when Shamy move in together I'm sure sex will happen. All I need is a scene where Sheldon and Amy are together intimately and Sheldon gets caught by the rest of the gang with his pants down. I would die of laughter lol
  2. Yeah, it was almost like they didn't want them to be physically together because it would force them to write how Shamy acts with each other before they were certain. Which is why they had Amy go away, and by association, the light Shamy plots. But I'm okay with it. They need to put the focus on the rest of the cast/whole ensemble for right now. If they can do that and keep the quality of laughs that were tonight's episode, things will be golden.
  3. That is exactly how I interpreted that quote as well! It took me a few reads of this article to grasp how I felt about it. Some other quotes were very suspect to me, but just as many others gave me hope for the future. What I took away from the article, is the writers are being very careful and probably struggling a little bit in deciding how they want to write Shamy going forward. I have to imagine this is why they wrote the following 2 episodes with Amy being away. That along with the holidays coming up, it gives them a break and more time to think about it all. I'm not worried though because the writers have a track record of moving things forward in a good way. I suppose we will have to see just how popular this episode was. My guess is that they will incorporate sex more because of how well this episode seems to have been received by the general public (100% my speculation of course). I couldn't figure out how to quote her, but MJ had a great post about Sheldon's tone when he talked about doing it again with Amy. It came off like "Oh, we are definitely going to be doing THIS again, you can count on that!" This whole episode was a masterpiece. Hilarious comedy and great sex! What more can you ask for?!
  4. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-how-will-843827 I think this article really backs up your point with the quotes from Molaro and Lorre. At the moment he may not put too much stock into more frequent coitus, but now that he has a taste of it and likes it and is good at it, how long will take before he gets the itch to do it again? I for one, believe that they will be doing it again sooner rather than later.
  5. Lol in the gif Dave is totally like "its great you guys are kissing and all but THIS is what you should really be doing!" *thrusts in direction of Shamy*
  6. It's been a hot minute since I've posted on here (I lurk all the time still though), but this promo!!! It's got me all like I know all the focus of the promo was on the kiss/look from Sheldon etc. but my absolute favorite part was when Penny broke the wine glass. Like, I keep watching it and die laughing. Her reactions to Shamy are just perfect and Kaley plays it so well. Can't wait to see the full scene on Thursday!
  7. Loved the whole episode! My favorite so far of the season
  8. Wow I guess my prediction of 2 months before the fandom did a 180 should have been more like 2 days. Haha talk about bombshell though! I love when the forum is in this mood.
  9. Thank you Michy for being a voice of clarity and reason. Brilliant explanation on both Shamy and Lenny. As a person who has gone to tapings before, I subscribe to the notion that people who go to the taping are the people whose opinions are most valid before the episode airs because they see the physical product before anyone else. This is why I hardly ever comment my opinion on an episode before I watch it. I do, however, like to speculate what may be coming next. I feel like the writers were only half telling the truth when they said we would find out about the ring at Comicon (.....oh yeah that's right....SHELDON HAS A RING!!!). A ring that we heard absolutely nothing about from the taping last night (unless I missed that part). Assuming that this year there will be 2 episodes when it premiers, we could get more info on the ring in episode 2 and it still technically being on the "season premier". Because lets face, we need to know more about this ring! I haven't seen it brought up once by people since the report (I did skip a couple pages in this thread so forgive me if this statement is incorrect). Let's not forget that Amy knows nothing about this ring Sheldon has. What sort of feelings will it cause her to have if she finds out about it? How much would its reveal change things? While it does seem rather cliche to have her be filled with joy when he presents her with something material, I think the writers have the potential to make it work in this instance. It's hard to know how any of this all will turn out for both Lenny and Shamy, but I think it's fascinating none the less.
  10. Anyone wonder if the info about learning about Amy's past/family could tie into Sheldon taking a more active interest in things related to Amy? I mean who wouldn't want to go show off to friends/family if your man just put a ring on it! (side note: first time back on the forum since season finale. Nice to see all these new members. Only bad part is this new forum layout is so weird to me still).
  11. My Warriors pulled it out! Rockets are a great team and the next couple games should be really interesting. Jim must have been pretty pissed that they let the opportunity to win slide right out from underneath them.
  12. Thanks for the clarification Just wanted to make sure I didn't get my hopes up and it just ended up being some ring as some trinket he gives her. Had my wisdom teeth taken out today so I've had a lot of time to think about the Shamy while I recover.
  13. I have a question for the people who went to the finale taping. Was the ring Sheldon pulled out 100% an engagement ring? Or is there a chance the ring is only a promise ring or will be used for non-engagement purposes? Sorry to be a buzzkill with that, but I was just curious and y'all have seen it first hand.
  14. We all know in the season opener they can't just gloss over the fact he pulled out a friggen RING! As long as the writers don't make Amy freak out more and do something drastic IF he shows her the ring, then I'm cool with whatever goes down. I have to believe they will end up talking it out like they usually do and everything will be even better than it was before. I vote we all pool our money and buy a time machine so we can jump forward to the start of s9 tapings...
  15. All i see on twitter is shamy made out and sheldon has a ring
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