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  1. I see where the others are coming from as many of the titles deal with a very small portion of the episode in a literal sense and often don't implicitly deal with the main story line. But I do have have to agree with you. I feel this one is too obvious to be anything else other than what it is. But i guess we will find out tomorrow night. I hope good things happen cause this thread has gotten so catty lately (at least from this semi-lurkers perspective). Its like The Real Housewives of BBT Forum up in here with all the drama. haha
  2. Why couldn't it be intimacy for both Lenny and Shamy? I mean in the sense of living arrangements, further intimacy for Lenny does kinda equal more intimacy for Shamy. Once Leonard and Penny move in together and create their love nest, it would give Sheldon that shot in the arm he needs to become more intimate with Amy..... whatever that is defined as. Maybe in the wake of hearing how hard it is to lose a loved one (aka Howard's mom), Leonard decides he needs to be closest to the one he loves permanently. This sets the dominoes in motion for Lenny's future as well as begins Shamy's journey to live together. I would prefer for the writers to pull the trigger on living arrangements now rather than later so not only can they be fleshed out more throughout the rest of the season, but also to allow the season finale to be a little more exciting and fresh. Doing the living arrangements as a season finale subject seems a little boring to me. I just have this gut feeling great things are going to happen tomorrow. The episode title is very bold which tends not to be the case (at least from my surface observations). This gives me the same good vibes I had when the titles for Proton Transmogrification and Prom Equivalency were released. I felt they were strong episodes on all accounts with fantastic takeaways.
  3. I havent posted in a while but I had to come out of hiding for this! This might be the single greatest post Ive read on this forum. Not even gonna lie I'd watch this haha it'd have to be on HBO though. And hey maybe TBBT would finally win an award if that happened
  4. I'm gonna call Lenny starts their wedding planning in this episode. The definition of optimization is to make a decision as perfect as possible. I can see them having a lot of anxiety trying to make their wedding as perfect as possible as wedding planning is very stressful. It's time to get that ball rolling too cause they need a juicy storyline.
  5. This was the literal quote that came out of my roommates mouth right after we watched scene where Sheldon and Amy exchanged gifts: "OH THEY GON' BANG NOW!" Brace yourselves people, coitus is coming! haha
  6. I would like the idea that they write in Mrs. Wolowitz's death into the show and at her funeral, Howard's dad shows up to everyone's shock. I'd want it all to be a very sincere moment and not devolve into a huge argument that he left Howard and his mom. Its all very hard to say how it's all going to go down but I have to have faith they will Carol Ann Susi justice with a nice tribute if they choose to go that route. Who knows, maybe we will finally learn what really happened to him and who was tell the truth about the letter.
  7. I'd like to see an Herb Garden 2.0 so-to-speak where they pretend that they did it and we get to see everyone's reaction (or something to that effect). But now that things have changed, it would be interesting to see the differences between then and now on how everything would play out.
  8. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/f3kqJR84LDE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Just in case we didn't see it enough.
  9. One of my favorite parts of the whole scene was Amy saying "You did?" after Sheldon said he thought she looked pretty. Just in the way those two words were delivered, I felt so many different layers of how Amy felt in that situation. It was this amazing mix of shock and love but still exuded so much understanding of Sheldon's feelings. And when Sheldon says that she was so pretty that he started to panic, I was like "holy shit!" cause this is coming from SHELDON of all people. I have no idea what coitus is going to look like for Shamy, but all I know is that I want it to happen ASAP and that the writers/actors will do it all the justice it deserves.
  10. http://instagram.com/p/vErBI4GI6Q/?modal=true this one is the better one.
  11. How I look at it all is that with the hug, it was a very short in terms of screen time so it was easily cut. With the ILY, they essentially shot an entire scene around that moment with extensive dialogue about it and reaction about it. I highly doubt they would cut anything about it based on the sheer concept of creating a new scene to replace it. It just makes no sense.
  12. Saw the ep and it didn't bother me at all. Idk why people are freaking out so much.....In about 2 weeks or so this place will be flooded from all the tears of happiness....
  13. I really enjoyed Leonard and Penny in this episode. Definitely my favorite storyline of the night. The money passing scene had me in stitches. I also loved that we got to see Sheldon open up a little bit more about his internal struggles. I love when his character gets written with little bits of human/robot a-hole here and there. Good episode!
  14. I don't think the episodes will be switched around. If you think about it, they tape 8.08 on Tuesday while 8.06 airs Monday. They have to have a promo for the following week and with 8.08 having not been fully shot, I think it's more or less impossible that the episodes air out of order. Unless they magically take a break for a week or so. But I doubt it. I'm guessing a late Halloween episode.
  15. As much as the writers get hated on (sometimes justifiably so), they are not dumb. They so totally have a plan for what's going to happen with Shamy as well as the other couples whether they want to admit it or not. As much as I want to see coitus between Sheldon and Amy as soon as possible, I think that it would be wiser to just dip their feet into the giant pool that is intimacy by the end of the season instead of going all in. Like many people have said before, we have yet to see a making out scene between the two of them plus there is so many other things for them to do before their relationship reaches full penetration . I for one would kill to see an episode where Sheldon sprouts wood because of Amy and makes a whole awkward and hilarious scene about it. My ideal timeline for things would be that Amy and Sheldon move in together by midseason (ep 14-16) or so and then begin to explore that part of their relationship. The end of the season would be a sort of cliff hanger about whether or not they actually had sex or not after a particularly fun evening. I am eagerly waiting on the edge of me seat to know how things will play out after their ILY moment plus Sheldon's admittance that he has urges. I don't normally get obsessed, but I have the same feelings now as I did when I saw the first SIK. I haven't posted much on here recently just because I haven't been as excited by how the stories have played out, but this changes everything! I just cannot get enough of this couple! On a separate note, the taping report was written my favorite way as well. Just enough to wet my appetite but enough mystery to keep me engaged when I watch the episode. Kudos to you Batman! You rule!
  16. I'm calling that because they all now have significant others, they are going to sort of recreate the high school prom experience they never had. Just my opinion on everything.
  18. I have a site I use to stream that posts TV quality eps super early.
  19. I have my ways lol. If you want a link I can PM you. No crappy stream quality either.
  20. Just finished watching the episode. I really enjoyed the guys storyline. Definitely felt vintage to me. Overall really liked this episode.
  21. Just finished watching tonight's episode with my roommate. We both thought the sexting line was pretty hilarious. Amy and Bernie killed it this ep.
  22. I'm not sure if the "well don't come then" part you are referring to is when Amy tells Sheldon that the double date doesn't count as 2 dates or something else, but if it is about the double date, he didn't say "come or not I don't care" to Amy it was directed at Leonard and Penny. Also, the test was just a piece of evidence Sheldon used to prove his point. He wasn't blatantly stating that because this test says we are better, I believe we are a better couple. It was very apparent that Sheldon thinks he and Amy have a great relationship due to the fact they have a lot in common and enjoy spending time together. If they both enjoyed taking the test then great for them. Tbh Leonard was pretty intrigued about the test as well. He wanted to take cause he thought it would be interesting but Penny threw the fit about it.
  23. As another person who was at the taping, I thought I'd share my opinion on that last line from Sheldon which is very controversial at the moment. When I initially heard it, I was kind of in the same boat at Kazzie. I wasn't as infuriated by it, just more slightly irked. I was in no way expecting him to get all heartfelt and romantic based on Amy's wish for him to be, but I did feel they could have chose something better than that line to use. Do I think this makes Sheldon the same asshole has before and Amy the "doormat" she is often described as, no I don't. While things didn't completely 360 for Sheldon since the end of last season, from seeing eps 2 & 3 I personally did notice a more mature air about him. He still has his tendencies sure and I don't expect the writers to get rid of then ever, but a lot of his interpersonal interactions this season just seemed different in a good way so far this season. I thought the two couples comparing their relationships was perfect because it gave both an opportunity to shine. They are both very proud of their respective relationships which I really enjoyed seeing. Personally I don't think any ship should be disappointed by this episode. It was objectively very good on all fronts.
  24. There was a few good "eye coitus" moments from Shamy in this ep I think you all will enjoy when you see it. A lot of it happens when they talk about how great their relationship is. I remember it happening at least twice I think.
  25. dont know how much this should get read into, but at the taping tonight Penny did state that they want to wait to get married until its forsure her parents know she cant be pregnant. nothing about her brother in jail. Dunno if that means a sooner wedding than expected. Just thought i'd share that bit with you guys.
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