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  1. This is a legit date though. They go out to a pub to get dinner.
  2. Of course I had fun lol How could you not have fun at a taping!
  3. Ok just got out of the taping so here's some short info! Title: The First Pitch Insifficiency A Plot: Penny/Leonard & Sheldon/Amy B Plot: Howard, raj and Bernadette The two couples go on a double date as Sheldon needs to make up missing out on so many date nights and compare which couple is better. This leads to penny and Leonard realizing they are both scared about being engaged but then leads to a very sweet moment where Leonard says it makes him want to hold her hand through it all. Howard was asked to throw out the first pitch at angels stadium and he asked Bernie and Raj to help him practice. Mike Massamino plays himself briefly in the episode. Really funny episode. Loved seeing all the couples in a real great place despite the slight scare for Leonard and Penny. More to come. Hope you all enjoy it!
  4. If it is a sports related scene they are shooting outside the studio, I'd love to see a hilariously awkward or even sweet "Kiss Cam" moment between the cast.
  5. Hey I keep saying that I can see her coming back....not for a lengthy amount of time of course. I could see it making sense if Raj's parents came to visit cause they would be in such disbelief that their baby boy has a significant other THAT IS A WOMAN to boot. And now that Priya is back in India, she could make the trip with them. I always saw it as a "kill 2 birds with 1 stone" type of plot. Finally we will get to see Raj's parents in person....which would be hilarious by the way, I always loved them....and it would allow for a more Leonard centered story. It still wouldn't fix the issue of his stories always having to deal with a relationship of some sort though.
  6. I think it's a product of how the writers wrote him in early seasons. It was all about him and being in a relationship with Penny/whoever. In terms of Sheldon and Penny, they were initially given alternate avenues (career focus, etc.) for more storylines to materialize out of. I understand that Leonard has a career and what not as well but in the early seasons it was always about him getting the girl. Now with him finally getting the girl and being settled, they didn't leave much room for big changes in terms of brand new major storylines. You know how the writers are with big changes....I don't see them creating new plots which haven't been introduced before (I couldn't think of how to word this last sentence so I hope it made some sense). I still reserve my opinion that we will see Priya back this season or next for a couple episodes and I've posted before why I believe that. I feel like that type of plot is what we would see with Leonard (relationships central, nothing new). I would enjoy seeing Leonard being Sheldon's boss. It's only the 2nd ep so there's still good things to come. Hopefully when I go to the taping for the next ep everyone can get something they want.
  7. Have they now? Lololol have you been watching a totally different show than the rest of us? I'll be happy to give a potential counter argument once I know what you actually mean. ***Unless you actually think they are in a relationship, in which case HELP WE HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED BY HYDRA aka Shennies!!!
  8. I agree with a combination of everyone's points on this whole marginalization issue. While I do agree that most average viewers don't care about how many Emmys Jim has won, I could probably guarantee if you asked them what they thought of when you think of TBBT it would be Sheldon (or even Penny if not him). I mean the dude created a fricken catchphrase which has been a marketing success. And you can't deny that part. We are all bias towards our respective primary ship choices and yes Shamies tend to be overly positive sometimes and Lennies can be overly negative sometimes. I suppose that's just the "glass half full/half empty" mentality. Leonard has always been my least favorite character, not because I don't like him, I just like everyone else better so for me personally, I'm have no issues with his lack of stories (I do agree he has been getting less and less) but I think it's because of being in a long term relationship now doesn't give him many opportunities for central individualized stories. A question for those who want Leonard to be more of a presence: what kinds of stories would you like to see?
  9. omg Amy messing around with that starfish is GOLD!!! I died of laughter when I read the part about her talking to it. Sheldon better watch out when the time comes, cause Amy's pelvic sorcery will destroy him (in the best possible way of course ).
  10. Well according to Mayims twitter response to Kunal, they only have 1 scene together in tonight's episode. Maybe in her lab?
  11. Sheldon becomes a train robber and gets arrested. Comes back as convict bad boy and whisks Amy away for some 50 Shades of Grey action. bahahaha take that Status Quo
  12. That's why it's called a BOLD prediction. Lol
  13. 1 week Shamy peeps!!! So what's your guys' bold prediction for the season? (When I say bold prediction I mean something realistic the writers could surprise us with before we expect it.) mine is that we will get in ILY within the first 3 episodes. :D
  14. When you can't beat em, join em right? I think I'm fueling this flame out of spite that I can't go to the premier any more.
  15. Ooh this thread is getting juicy. Haha....adding my 2 cents here, I think Kaley is so underrated and does deserve a nomination for her work because she has really stepped up her acting game in the last season or so. I also have to agree she is more popular than Jim and it's a result of the American media: of course the twenty-something hottie (I mean did you guys see that women's health cover... HOT DAMN!) is going to be more popular than the 40 year old guy that tries to live his life as privately as possible. They are both fantastic actors in their own right. This whole argument seems to boil down to 2 sides that have obvious bias toward one character/actor and that's okay, we all have love for certain characters more than others. But regressing into this petty argument crap (while it is exhilarating to read I must say) is dumb....really dumb....fo real.
  16. Update: I'm going to the 9/3 taping now. At least I get priority admission
  17. I sent Audiences Unlimited a response to the email they sent me asking to attend either the September 3rd or September 9th taping. I also made sure to note that this all really fucked with people who are coming from out-of-state/overseas. Hopefully they take it to heart or at least pass on the message in some capacity.
  18. Fortunately no. 40 minutes without traffic, an hour with. I go to school in Orange County.
  19. Sorry y'all haven't been around the interweb this morning. I got the same email about it getting cancelled. I have to decide a new date in Sept. to go to as well. I'll probly pick the 9th or the one the week after depending on my schedule. It's really depressing cause I was really looking forward to going to the premier. Fingered crossed for everyone scheduled to go next week. I hope everything works out for you guys. But at least if it everything gets worked out you all will have a great premier to go and enjoy!
  20. I'm not saying she's not. I'm jokingly saying that I sit here and see people write how Amy is treated like crap by the writers and we don't know as much about her as compared to the other characters. And with her being the focus, these problems will get fixed. I even used the emoji labeled "sarcastichand" sheesh.
  21. Maybe with the Amy & Bernie show, people here will finally get their Amy fix, we will get to know more about her, and people will stop complaining about how she isn't given enough love by the writing staff. Positives people
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlKMPhN1_oQ&feature=youtu.be
  23. Regardless of any issues, I will be updating my twitter/tumblr with info as soon as i get back to my phone. nothing super in depth but hopefully enough to hold y'all over until i can get on here. the links for those should be under this post. :D So keep an eye on those next week!
  24. Have faith in the writers ability to make it believable Chainy haha personally I think this is fantastic for Penny as a character. While I really did enjoy Serial Ape-ist, I never liked Penny as an actress as it always seemed so conventional to me. Now she will be learning all these scientific words, making some real money, and getting her confidence back, so much new comedy potential is now available. (Testosterone-filled side note: she is gonna look fricken hot too with that new haircut in her business outfit. *imagining all the possibilities*)
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