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  1. I always knew a friend of mine sufferend from depression, but in the last couple of days it came to me that maybe it's orther disorder: she completed flipped out on me. She totally missunderstood my actions, started to scream, say nothing with nothing and talk with all these noises in her speech. I was only trying to apologize for not being so close to her lately (she pushed me aways the last couple months, and when I didn't stay too much around her during parties she accused me of being "digusted" by her - I was only afraid I did something wrong, and she didn't answer any of the times I asked
  2. They said GUEST star, and looks like there're a lot of guests stars over there and it explains that there will be a new one each week. I don't think Mayim would leave TBBT and have lots of reasons (for contract wise, personal, carrer...) to stand by that belief.
  3. Sure you can! Here, have some cookies and a blanket: [Nutella on the cookie makes you feel even better. Believe me on this one]
  4. *gives you a virtual cookie and a blanket* I know it's hard, but we are here for you. Specially the cookie.
  5. I felt so bad for the HYMYM fandom when the finale aired. I never watched it for real, only a few loose eps here and there, but after knowing what the writes did, I was selfishly glad I never really cared too much about the series. Made me feel so bad for all the fans... Wished I could pass on a blanket and a cookie for everyone that was pissed off or upset on my tumblr dashboard that day :/ Hopefully they'll be able to take some joy out of the series after what seemed to be the worst ending in the story of recent series. I can't see Shenny happening either. It would be such a huge mistake m
  6. At 0:17 in the video when Mayim's eyebrow lift a little bit. Yeaaah, go get it, dr. Bialik!
  7. THE KISSSSS!!! *sad they cutted the cute goodbye smile and the line Amy was supposed to say after he leaves. Still, quite lovely. AMY, MOVE THOSE ARMS. BTW: HOW SEXY AND ALL IN CONTROL WAS SHELDON WHEN HE PULLED AMY TOWARDS HIM?
  8. ANOTHER COOKIE FOR YOU! *________________* ♥ Thank you!!!
  9. Bate aqui o/ 8D And Thank you, Frieda! ♥ I spend way too much time on tumblr hahahahaha Do you guys watch it via a streaming or wait for a download to be available? I usually wait for a torrent latter on the night, but would LOVE a link for a working streaming.
  10. Wooow. And I thinking I must wait latter on my day because it's 20:28 now here in my country. Wow. *give you a cookie and coffee, 'cause you deserve it so much! ♥*
  11. *gives you the biggest basket of cookies ever* You're an angel and deserve all the chocolate in the world :3 THANK YOU!
  12. Can somebody please, pretty please, with sugar and sprinkles on top, point me to a taping report? I can't find it in the proper thread and I'm dying to read it. ;-; thank you! *offers cookies to whoever helps this hopeless Shamy shipper*
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