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  1. I always knew a friend of mine sufferend from depression, but in the last couple of days it came to me that maybe it's orther disorder: she completed flipped out on me. She totally missunderstood my actions, started to scream, say nothing with nothing and talk with all these noises in her speech. I was only trying to apologize for not being so close to her lately (she pushed me aways the last couple months, and when I didn't stay too much around her during parties she accused me of being "digusted" by her - I was only afraid I did something wrong, and she didn't answer any of the times I asked her about it. How could I have know different?). She lost it, completed. She accused me of things that were so out of the real world, like she really believe it. It was extremely out of the normal. I got really afraid of her, and still am, actually. Got me thinking of all these scenarios where she would try to assault me in public of something @[email protected] But i'm also afraid for her: she doesn't believe in therapy or any kinda of treatments, and I'm starting to realize she really needs it.
  2. They said GUEST star, and looks like there're a lot of guests stars over there and it explains that there will be a new one each week. I don't think Mayim would leave TBBT and have lots of reasons (for contract wise, personal, carrer...) to stand by that belief.
  3. Sure you can! Here, have some cookies and a blanket: [Nutella on the cookie makes you feel even better. Believe me on this one]
  4. *gives you a virtual cookie and a blanket* I know it's hard, but we are here for you. Specially the cookie.
  5. I felt so bad for the HYMYM fandom when the finale aired. I never watched it for real, only a few loose eps here and there, but after knowing what the writes did, I was selfishly glad I never really cared too much about the series. Made me feel so bad for all the fans... Wished I could pass on a blanket and a cookie for everyone that was pissed off or upset on my tumblr dashboard that day :/ Hopefully they'll be able to take some joy out of the series after what seemed to be the worst ending in the story of recent series. I can't see Shenny happening either. It would be such a huge mistake messing up the two main couples like that! Lenny and Shamy are as end game as Ross/Rachel ever was. *Last time I used the word "end game" to refer to something on tv was when I was obsessed with Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. I have the feeling the TBBT end games will be a lot kinder to my heart on the journey to get there.*
  6. At 0:17 in the video when Mayim's eyebrow lift a little bit. Yeaaah, go get it, dr. Bialik!
  7. THE KISSSSS!!! *sad they cutted the cute goodbye smile and the line Amy was supposed to say after he leaves. Still, quite lovely. AMY, MOVE THOSE ARMS. BTW: HOW SEXY AND ALL IN CONTROL WAS SHELDON WHEN HE PULLED AMY TOWARDS HIM?
  8. ANOTHER COOKIE FOR YOU! *________________* ♥ Thank you!!!
  9. Bate aqui o/ 8D And Thank you, Frieda! ♥ I spend way too much time on tumblr hahahahaha Do you guys watch it via a streaming or wait for a download to be available? I usually wait for a torrent latter on the night, but would LOVE a link for a working streaming.
  10. Wooow. And I thinking I must wait latter on my day because it's 20:28 now here in my country. Wow. *give you a cookie and coffee, 'cause you deserve it so much! ♥*
  11. *gives you the biggest basket of cookies ever* You're an angel and deserve all the chocolate in the world :3 THANK YOU!
  12. Can somebody please, pretty please, with sugar and sprinkles on top, point me to a taping report? I can't find it in the proper thread and I'm dying to read it. ;-; thank you! *offers cookies to whoever helps this hopeless Shamy shipper*
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