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  1. I love how things are progressing for the Shamy. It's so organic and small, but when you look back, you realize that they've gone a long way.
  2. Yup, Sheldon does really gravitate towards behinds. Seems pretty established at this point...
  3. Mayim seems to be such a good kisser!
  4. Certainly proves the theory of Sheldon being an a*s-man.
  5. I swear this exact moment got a loud "awww" from me. Their relationship gives me the feels!
  6. These GIFs by grangerjean makes me a giddy Shamy! I love when Sheldon does that warm smile to Amy! He loves his woman!
  7. I will be honest and say that there are certain times that I watch the show, this sentiment resonates with me. Sometimes, it does seem that he merely wants to be in a relationship because he didn't like being the odd one out and can't handle the idea of being alone, which in my opinion is usually a bad foundation for any relationship. It would be wonderful if the writers put a twist in the next couple of seasons where Raj discovers the joy in "single blessedness" as he dates these girls. Once he stabilizes being happy as a single person, I think that is the perfect time to introduce his official love interest. Not that I am complaining with the current girls because I do believe this will contribute much to Raj's growth.
  8. I really think Jim has an effortless charm that would draw people in no matter if does something perfectly or not. He is just very likable as a presence. Sure there are haters, but for playing a character so loved and popular, it is surprising that his hater numbers aren't zooming. The more high-profile the greater the trolls are but his is actually kept to quite a minimum. I'd like to believe that as a personality, he really appears to have a pleasant appeal which yes, could make him very bankable in the future. While I think the Sheldon role will be his trademark, if ever his next career moves will be pulled off strategically, I can see him enjoying a pretty glorious career.
  9. Anyway, I just realized Sheldon drank again in this episode. Since when has his abhorrence for alcohol run dry?
  10. Well, the guy had selective mutism before but now that that's out of the way, he still has a tendency to be jerk-ish sometimes which I can see turning women off.
  11. Yes, it would be lovely if that idea were true . Wasn't it said Amy muttered something after Sheldon left? It would be so interesting if what she was pertaining to when she told him he forgot something was totally different and it was Sheldon who concluded on his own that she was asking for a kiss.
  12. Personally, I liked Yvette the best too. But we'll have to see more. Honestly, I want to see how his parents will react to him dating an American.
  13. I think finding the right girl for Raj is something even the writers find a tough balancing act with this current characterization. As one poster has mentioned, he has been designed to be someone who has extreme qualities which is why finding a perfect foil to that will be tricky. My two cents is that an unusual situation calls for an unusual girl, but how unusual is unusual? Allowing Raj to interact with these many girls at this point, allowing options to be open is the safest way to get that right balance. While he may end up dating one of the current girls - Lucy, Yvette or Emily - there is still the remaining option that the writers get whatever works with these girls and add more to formulate the right character to be Raj's love interest. Lest we forget this is how we ended with Amy Farrah Fowler as well.
  14. Obviously it was done in jest but I was just wondering where and when was that joke made.
  15. I just saw this confession somewhere in Tumblr. Was wondering if they did joke they were gonna make a test tube baby? I've never heard of that!
  16. Wow, I didn't know, we could run out of likes? 80 Anyway, I just saw this. Quite interesting, I must say.
  17. I just want to clarify something... Sheldon does this sexy smile while kissing Amy after date night right? Is that meant to happen?
  18. Sheldon's Flash shirt? Sometimes do you think they did the out of control snark on purpose? Perhaps they were trying to imply there's been an internal struggle going on with Sheldon causing him to snap abruptly particularly to Amy in a frequent manner. Maybe he's been convincing himself that she isn't that affected by her?
  19. People have been threatening to stop watching the show ever since it has been "like the second coming of Friends, only geekier". The rating numbers say otherwise.
  20. Can't get over the fact that they made kid Mayim smoke in this scene! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFWgxOHN9JQ
  21. They never really show the deed in this kind of TV shows except for the pre- and post- of the deed. But basically, showing the aftermath where they snuggle and cuddle can easily be "remedied" by old tricks in the performing arts if ever Mayim feels uncomfortable about show beyond what she could.
  22. I think this could very easily be done. Jim could very well be topless and we see them in bed with Mayim chest up snuggling in the sheets as she leans her head in his chest giving the illusion that she isn't wearing anything underneath. Did this when we did a skit and the girl was quite conservative about wearing tube tops and stuff so no worries about this scene for me.
  23. By all means, I personally am 100% clueless on who is who in that post. I just posted it here because there seemed to be a lot more people in this thread who could give any insights. I've always thought it was prohibited to ask for signatures during tapings which is why I was so surprised reading this.
  24. Anyway, I've been running about in Tumblr so I was wondering if any of you have seen this post? Makes me really curious if any of you got any idea about it. I can't form an opinion of course, but it really has me wondering.
  25. Anyway, I was very curious. I do remember getting the same feeling while watching this episode. I know everyone here will have their take on it. What do you think about Sheldon saying this in the Closure episode?
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