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  1. Just popping in to say, I'm glad to see some of you are seeing the good in this episode. Its hard when we're reporting to give you all the most accurate feel for it and its doubly hard when its not really your ship. And also, @kerrycec03 and I when providing details are always trying to be upfront with you all while still be conscious of your feelings cause many of you have been really supportive with us in the past and we love that and want to do the same for you. That being said, yes taping reports and details are always subjective, we all know that. But don't worry, I'm pretty sur
  2. Having been at this taping, trust me this bit is super funny. But for anyone thinking any of the girls are likely to be back, probably not given how this plot plays out. They are all happily in other relationships as he finds out. I really wish they would figure out what they want to do with Raj though. I can't stand the thought that they've just relegated him to surrogate nanny for the remainder of the series. I mean they could have somehow found a way to involve him in the gyroscope plot even but they didn't. Poor Raj. Ever the third wheel no matter what aspect of his life w
  3. Its weird to me this fight yes. Its especially weird to me that Penny is suddenly claiming Leonard isn't trying when again, all he's ever done is try to make her happy. The guy has consistently done cartwheels for her so the fact that she's now claiming he's not doing cartwheels for her all the time feels petty and petulant coming from her? Like I could get if they had built this up more over the season (and yes I guess you could count that one comment from him earlier this season "I'm married I don't have to try" anymore), but generally that isn't the story we've seen up til now. If anyth
  4. I really don't think it will go that far. I mean that would just be ridiculous at this point. I mean if it helps (although even as I type that I know its the smallest of silver linings) they're seen as happy again by the end of the episode while signing that RA.... until the next episode where they trigger another fight. I think I can only say with any certainty hold on to your rollercoaster bar at this point cause I don't know where they're taking this and the next two episodes are very much an up and down ride for them.
  5. No problem. I know it sucks and sucks doubly cause they keep doing this but not really going anywhere productive with it but hopefully there's a point to it all somewhere on the horizon.
  6. Ok I'll weigh in but try not to shoot the messenger. The way Mayim and Co. are advertising this episode is not off the mark. The episode does play off as Penny is envious of the Shamy relationship because they make a point of highlighting all episode (in front of Penny) how happy Shamy is, how many great things Sheldon does for Amy and vice versa. Its very intentionally acted and very intentionally scripted. This is EXACTLY the feel they were going for. They contrast the dynamic of the two couples pretty much most of the episode, I'm guessing to make the Lenny drama part more plausi
  7. Just an FYI, a very loud, very uhm... juicy burb is what knocks Penny out of her fantasy and into the reality of him playing video games on the sofa in his underwear. Hence the look on her face in that gif. I mean Leonard isn't a "Raj snarfing food in his underwear" level of slob here but yeah.
  8. Yeah I get that. The RA stuff has always been a Shamy thing so I can see where you're coming from on that. I hope it will seem less OOC when you see it play on screen. From my perspective, it played more as they are trying to figure out how to better communicate their needs to each other and they figured they'd try this to see if it helps. I can't remember which poster mentioned this but I think they are adjusting to living as a married couple without the Sheldon presence in the mix. Cause I do think, whether they realize it or not, they both have used Sheldon's presence in their bubble a
  9. Except for an item or two here and there, nope they don't really dive into the content. They list off a couple of items in there to give you an idea and those items are very much Lenny centric (example one of them is that Leonard will restrict his video gaming time to times when Penny is not home, then they also listed one for Penny but I can't remember what it was). There's no weird Shamy-esque stuff if that's what anyone is worried about. And zero mention of the agreement in the following episode. Whatever else is in there, Sheldon asks them to read it all over and make sure its what
  10. When they get to the scene where they're writing up the contract, its clear that Lenny just told Sheldon what they'd like in there and he just guided them in making sure they covered all the possible bases. Sheldon (except for wording a couple of items in his own goofy way) didn't decide any of what was in the contract for them. The content of the Lenny relationship agreement was all decided by Lenny. They asked Sheldon to write it purely cause he has experience writing this kind of thing.
  11. CaffeineBuzz


    RIP Mike. I loved our twitter chats and I'm so glad I got to meet him at tapings on a few occasions. Seriously one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. He was always smiling, always so friendly online and in person, just an all around really great guy. You will be missed very much sir.
  12. I think Kerry probably mentioned this in her BTS part of her TR but I just wanted to highlight it since we're all chomping at the bit for any clues as to the state of the negotiations for new seasons/contracts. There was one interesting deviation during this taping and that was that during the speech at the balcony, Kaley went off the usual script (because yes it is scripted) to specifically say "I don't know what you've all heard but I know I want to be here for alot longer". We all kind of looked at each other quizzically when she said that cause it had never crossed our minds that she
  13. No problem. I know it sucks (there's no sugar coating it) and I'm not going to guarantee that they (the writers) are doing this as an arc cause that's been thought so many times now and it hasn't materialized. But three episodes in a row feels deliberate so maybe, finally, they're going somewhere with it all.
  14. The exact exchange on that went: Leonard: So what, you're just going to throw me under the bus? Penny: Oh I'll throw you under so hard I might actually win a stuffed animal. At which point Sheldon says something like "oh... it sounds like you're getting angry again" and Leonard (looking at Penny) says: "That's because we are". This dialogue is intentional and although there were several rewrites all this taping, that sequence never changed in any take. They do seem fine in the tag but then again, they don't really have any dialogue to each other so its hard to judge if t
  15. That's where I'm leaning as well with the tone of the press articles lately. If you think about it, wrapping with season 12 makes a heck of a lot of sense. They do have about 2 years worth of material left that they can conceivably write for in a realistic way. And at this stage, probably better to set their own end date and let that be that. The other thing that makes me believe they're pushing for a two year renewal is that the number 2 has been thrown around alot (either stated as 2 or talking about season 12 etc in hypotheticals). Its been mentioned off hand in cast interviews,
  16. I even tried various ways in photoshop. No dice. They're getting better at making sure the title isn't readable. Partay poopers *lol*
  17. I was at the 10x02 taping and I completely agree, especially after seeing the follow up taping report for 10x03. There won't be any lasting fallout drama from that premiere. Although Lenny has zero scenes together in episode 2 (none of the couples do), both Penny and Leonard seem totally chill and totally relaxed. So to me that says that the wedding redo must go off without a hitch. Sure they'll inject drama from the Mom/brother tension and the parental hook-up plots but seems like no matter what happens in that premiere, everyone is actually A-ok after the fact and in a good mood. The on
  18. See that's not helping me on the 50/50 lol. Cause that means he's either there for that one scene we know is in episode 1 (the only one they told us about as context for episode 2) or he could be there for episode 3 since we know its an arc they're doing. Either way, this is very exciting
  19. I'm still 50/50 on it being EP 1 tonight or not. We still haven't seen any pics with any of the guest stars we know will be in the premiere and the sets don't really seem to match what I would have thought they'd have up for episode 1. Also, I know Kerrycec filled in the taping details from last week but one other odd thing which I just remembered now was that when they were bringing us to the studio, we had to stay outside for a bit, all ligned up accross from the door. We were told they weren't ready for us to go in cause they were still pre-taping some stuff. Now what we saw as pretapes
  20. As a Shamy who has pretty much left this forum (I lurk every few months or so), I can tell you it was no one ship or poster that drove me away. It was the pervasive negativity that developed over time. This show is one of my "happy places" but being an active part of the forum, with all the trolling and baiting and just general nastiness was killing my happy. I love debates but this wasn't debates anymore, this was posters attacking posters (it was going on on both sides of the ships), it was ship wars, it was personal feuds between posters, etc, etc, etc. So I went elsewhere and linked up
  21. This is my new favorite post ever lmao!!!
  22. This has probably already been covered somewhere but do we know if anyone is actually going to this taping on Tuesday? And if so, do we know if they feel confortable sharing details after the fact? I just don't remember seeing anyone saying they were attending for this one.
  23. OMG yes he totally did!! We weren't sure at the taping but now seeing the whole scene edited and put together, he so knew what he was saying. And holy crow, we never noticed at the taping, but he basically said he wanted to invade her southern borders. OMFG!!!
  24. Before the rule change it was 2-5mins for guaranteed and up to 10mins for Standby. So its definitely an improvement.
  25. So far, other than the fact that their site really still sucks for lag on ticket release, the changes are all helping. I did a little experiment this morning to see how easy the site would be accessible and approximately how long tickets would be up (both guaranteed and standby) to see if the new name changes rules might affect things. Site lag was bad but it did seem quicker and in my case, only showed an error message once, and that was just before tickets first went up. Guaranteeds were up on the site for nearly 10mins before running out. Standbys were up on the site for nearly 15mins befo
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