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  1. I thought a proposal and engagement was coming after last TR. I was wrong. This didn't cross my mind.
  2. Love peace and hapiness to all. You are keeping me such a good company all through the year! Thank you
  3. I am so in love with this episode! Perfect christmass gift.It will make christmass hiatus so much easier.It will be on repeat. And I don't care about the kiss being off screen as long as it is mentioned.We can't have it all. We will have somethimg to look forward later in season 8. In the last episodes of season 7 we had either bad or no shamy scenes at all and now they are so making it up to us. I enjoy so much this season not just shamy wise.I think it's a lot funnier than last year's. And I am so enjoying all of your comments! It's already christmas in the shamy land. Love this thread right now
  4. I was patiently waiting three weeks for prom ep and my computer crashes hours before airing.Talking about bad luck.You guys and your posts is all i have right now.
  5. It's an historic day for all of us shamies.So happy especially for all of you've being waiting so long for this.
  6. I have three issues with the finale: 1. Penny's "Amy get out". I know it was there for laughs but it doesn't mean that it wasn't very rude.If she asked more politely there would be no joke. As for Penny's and Amy's friendship, from the begining it seemed to me as it was forced by Amy and Penny had no intention to be besties.They give me the impression that Penny is more close to Bernie and Amy more close to Bernie. 2.Too may posts and different opinions about this but still the finale would be more than ok for me if Sheldon mentioned Amy at the train station scene.For example, Sheldon to Leonard:" Please tell Amy that I wil call her".They ignored her completely as she didn't exist and that hurts, sorry can't help it. 3.The irony. Sheldon protests for all the changes in his life by embracing a biggest change: leaving the comfort of his home, spot, friends and girlfriend (in order of importance <-sarcasm) for the unknown. Over all a good episode with good potentials for season 8. We shall see. May we all have a good summer.
  7. I wouldnt mind if he doesn't see her first. Save the best for last I wanted to ask you if you think there is a chance, with the start of the new season, that the writers will have a cold feet, take back all the changes and potential progress with the new living arrangements and make Leonard and Penny give in to Sheldon once again like they did with the table, but as soon as I started writing I realised it's a dumb question. Why start a domino of changes and then take it all back and return to status quo? Doesn't make sense. Right? I so hope Maddie is right about the train station scene being a fairwell to Sheldon as Lenny's child. So one of the big questionmarks is which road will take with the living arrangements. For sure I don't think shamy will move in together right away but how Sheldon's new living status will affect their relationship? That would be interesting to see.
  8. Some of you made some pretty solid arguments about season 8 being a very good season for shamy and probably you are right. I get it that the writers in order to have their cliffhanger are shaving Sheldon's reaction to Amy for next season, since we were getting all those hints (psychic, Pr. Proton) and nothing good came out of it in the finale for shamy. Although... As koops said I am not betting my money on it this time and get disappointed one more time with the start of the new season. The finale photos made me sad all over again. I was hoping for a big shamy finale, but at least it should be something there that indicates that Sheldon cares for Amy feelings. After all she is his girlfriend for almost three years. And the phone call scene at the end doesn't do it for me. It seems a little bit too late. After 7.19 Amy is absent from the show and I don't understand why. She is treated as she is just a friend and not even a close one. I am so upset that I forgot the little english I know so sorry for the mistakes
  9. It was a beautifull dress. She was so pretty in Larry King. Hair , make up beautiful, outfit so cute .
  10. I have always thought that the dresses from the Regard magazine photoshoot where so perfect for her. She could have picked some of these during award season instead of what she wore. The purple one for PCA for example.
  11. I agree. As much as I love season 4 and 5, season 7 had very good moments. Except The Table Polarization. Pointless. (Not counting the episodes that haven't aired yet). But after The Indecision, shamy didn't have many scenes together nor significant ones.It's five in the row. What's up with that?
  12. Me too guys!Glad to meet fellow greek shamy shipers. I thought I was the only one.
  13. One more new shamy here. Lurker since September. You kept me some good company you all. So nervous and excited!
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