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  1. So, this is it huh? Our fight against ISIS is now named Operation Inherent Resolve. Not exactly badass nor intimidating. What the hell?

  2. Hello, all. It's been a while. And it's good to be back, for now. I've been very critical of the writers since late last season, and, come to realize, this season so far. What I like about this prom episode, however, is that it told a more complete story with some actual resolutions for the two main couples of the show, especially ShAmy. The buildup from what I've read in the report was refreshing from Sheldon's point-of-view regarding prom protocols. The payout was memorable, as it introduces new storylines regarding ShAmy's relationship. I'll admit, it was starting to become a bit stagnant for my taste. Having both characters laying everything on the table emotionally, though, should work to the writers' advantage in future episodes. They can take now their time in building towards eventual sex. Something that goes unnoticed was how frequently Sheldon mentions feeling a lot of pressure in moving his relationship with Amy forward. I believe that this dates back to Season 6 when Penny confronts him about the possibility of sleeping with Amy. Then, there were little tidbits here and there in which Sheldon had to open himself up with Amy. You've got the "Love Spell Potential", the "Raiders" episode, "Workplace Proximity" episode, and even the "Romance Resonance." Then we saw a turning point in which he had the opportunity to face this issue head-on when he visited the psychic with Penny. We can go on and on. What I would have liked to see was what went through Sheldon's mind during his self-imposed exile from Pasadena for 45 days. Something tells me, though, that we've been given these hints to his thoughts throughout this season: * His confession to Amy about not failing her in the premiere * Taking a test showing both are happy in their relationship * Asking for Amy's advice on a potential investment, like a fiance/wife * Admitting (again) that Amy's been a distraction since meeting her * Finally, the entire prom episode It was good to see this season starting to pick up the pace. I'm very excited now to see where this all leads to for ShAmy. I'm not going to lie to you, but I was stunned when I saw the prom report during working hours. I had trouble concentrating the rest of the work day. This dude was about to fangirl all over the office before settling to a smile. And a pounding heartbeat. Cheers!!
  3. My main issue with the TBBT writers is that they seem to waste any major moments from the characters that we know and love. In this thread, it's ShAmy. For example, the Love Spell Potential had a major moment in which Amy finally confronted Sheldon about being intimate. After their D&D scene, though, it was back to normal for the show, as if this event never happened. It still hasn't been directly brought up since then. Any consenquence resulted from "The Kiss" on Locomotive looks like it was swept under the rug soon after. It has only been directly brought up twice afterwards. First on Table, and, second, when Raj was looking for Amy's help finding a date online. Sure, Sheldon and Amy's midnight scene was initially very sweet on 7x5. But Sheldon ruined it when he blamed their problems on her. Honestly, couldn't he even try to conquer his selfishness? It's the same issue over and over with this guy. I don't feel that he learns anything, honestly. Even when he does makes some progress, the writers fail to explore his progress and issues head-on. It's only been a little bit here, a little bit there. Then, a step backwards. Case in point, the timing of the episode in which Proton dies and Gorilla following immediately after is a head-scratcher, at best. Also, the writers fail to have Amy challenge Sheldon, since she's his equal intellectually. Not manipulating him. Actually force him to open up. Isn't that what she used to do at the beginning? Remember the Zazzy episode in which she thought his field was only "cute"? I don't have much expectations concerning the finale for this couple. They seem to be at a crossroads. Having a ILY moment here will not fix anything. There has to be some kind of catalyst for Sheldon to man up. Sorry everyone, the psychic did not do it for me. Instead of acknowledging the psychic's assessment of him, Sheldon simply stormed out in a fit of anger. Imagine if Amy would have joined Penny and Sheldon with that psychic. Or if Amy was present when Sheldon made that snide slick remark to Raj. I would like ShAmy to end Season 7 on a cliffhanger, something that TBBT writers hardly ever do. It'll be good fun breaking everything down before the Season 8 premiere.
  4. So Saffold fails a physical with #Raiders. Now they don't have a LT after losing Veldheer and now Saffold. #NoDirection

  5. I'm still laughing on "The Bitches" made-up band by El Maestro, @craigway1 earlier today. Had me fooled. @rodb314 @Zone_Madani

  6. I do agree that the RA is rarely mentioned now in recent seasons. Should this be the time to get rid of it altogether? Whether he likes it or not, he's realizing that there's been change. He's embraced the chaos before (the barber episode). Maybe a storyline to end Season 7? BTW, isn't that Galecki in the new Hyundai commercial? "Nice car!"
  7. I'll be pleasantly surprised if the writers all of a sudden have ShAmy in bed together to begin an episode. Then spend the rest of the episode telling the audience how they got there in the first place. All this while the rest of the gang are doing their own thing, completely unaware of the situation.
  8. Hey, #RedSox fans: Is it reasonable to expect Xander Bogaerts to replicate Nomar Garciaparra's 1997 rookie season?

  9. Here is what I'm hoping for from Lorre and the gang: Do not get complacent. Yes, TBBT is the #1 comedy, ratings wise. We're invested in ShAmy and the other characters. Just don't get lazy with the storylines, and try to maintain some kind of continuaty. Perhaps the last 2 episodes regarding Proton's passing and the plane trip to Houston can be a springboard to the rest of Season 7. And for Sheldon to slowly accept that change is just a part of life. Certainly, Amy would appreciate it.
  10. Ha!! Sexual surrogates... just a more sophisticated hooker. #Discovery Fit & Health Channel

  11. Looking at the Friendship Turbulance, it would be interesting if instead of Emily, Amy would meet up with Ramona.
  12. More power hitters should inspire to be like #BlueJays 1B Edwin Encarnacion. More BBs than Ks in '13. #FantasyBaseball Late 1st Rounder.

  13. Jesus Montero is becoming the Andrew Bynum of #MLB. What a waste of talent. #Mariners

  14. How about some Latin flavor in here? A song for proposal in Spanish. Ricardo Montaner's "El Poder De Tu Amor" (The Power of Your Love): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpvbLrG7fYo
  15. Amy's line of "Oh, yes. I would like to take a survey." was pretty funny. Sounds pretty sarcastic.
  16. I've been reading ShAmy posts for a while now, and now I've decided to join in on the conversation. I believe I last read on page 300 or so. I guess I have much catching up to do. Anyway, here are my initial thoughts (I assume this was already discussed): I fully expected Amy to dump Sheldon in S7xE15 based on his behavior. This would have been at reasonable time to create some turbulence in Sheldon's life for once. In my opinion, Amy really hasn't caused enough heck in his life, but rather enabling his behavior since the birth of The Relationship Agreement. Granted, the kiss from Sheldon was pretty epic. However, is freaking out over a table really the direction the writers are willing to follow up such a monumental moment (for ShAmy fans)? It's disappointing at the very least. Especially when a whole new plethora of potential storylines can be had immediately after "The Kiss." Such as, how does ShAmy address that moment? They cannot run away from it, right? What about terminating The Relationship Agreement altogether? It's a bit restrictive. And so on... I'm having a hard time seeing why Amy is waiting for Sheldon to come around after 3 1/2 years. I haven't fully read the article on Molaro (correct me if that name's incorrect), but I will say this, though: Will Amy finally land Sheldon? The hell does that mean? Hey, writer, you do know that she's actually dating the dude, right? It speaks more to the writer's lack of knowledge of the show than his interview with Molaro. I do believe that Molaro and the gang cannot make up their mind concerning the direction of ShAmy. In life, there are going to be changes, whether you want it or not. Look at Amy's growth since Season 4. It's remarkable. She deserves a man who will suit her needs of intimacy, etc. Sheldon's made some progress, I'll give you that. But the feeling is that it's more 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Or am I reaching here? I'm glad to be here. Let's see where this goes.
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