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  1. Whew, just got through reading everyone's comments. I pretty much agree with everyone...and so I'm pretty torn. I can see the positive possibilities that could come out of this, but at this point I have no confidence in the writers at all. I've been avoiding the forums for a little bit because I couldn't handle all the guessing about the finale, and now that it's here, well, like everyone else, I'm so disappointed. I can't take how tptb are handling the situation, and as much as I love Mayim, her "awesome" comment just makes matters worse knowing what's going to happen. I still love Shamy, but I am seriously considering parking this ship, even just for the summer. It's getting to be more frustrating than enjoyable...I just don't know...I'm so afraid of being disappointed again when Season 8 starts. *siigghhh*
  2. Just dropping in to say hi everyone! Been off the forum for a little bit because all the guessing about the final two episodes was *literally* driving me ca-razy! Luckily I discovered tumblr and that's been keeping me occupied But I'm soooo excited to be getting taping details tonight/tomorrow morning! Wooo~ I'm about to try to catch up on what y'all have been chatting about here. Please Shamy gods, bring us more Shamy yumminess! :D
  3. I've been wondering the same thing! I like to think it's so Sheldon has an easier time getting her naked. Hah~
  4. I don't think they're crossed. Her forefinger is just pointed and her others are curled a little. Not sure if Mayim is doing that purposely as a thing Amy does or if it's just something she unconsciously does.
  5. My headcanon says that as low and far behind her his hand appears to be, he touched her butt before walking away.
  6. I *need* this to happen and I *need* this to happen too. the tongue part. not necessarily the freaking out part
  7. OMG I think I see it too! It almost looks like a quick tug? Was it a pat on the hip??
  8. We've been waiting for Sheldon to kiss her for so long... now I'm dying to see Amy actually kiss back!
  9. Sheldon's part of the kiss was great...he really looked into it in between his talking, like the way he was moving his head, and even his eyebrows lol What was underwhelming was Amy's lack of...well everything.. *sigh* But I agree with some of the theories posted previously about why she might be showing some hesitation. It's just so frustrating I'm watching it over and over right now, btw...LOL the more I watch it, the sexier Sheldon/Jim is... HOOO! The way he moves his whole body. He's liking it
  10. And it's not actually even in Dallas. Everything's happening north of us. Totally quiet in Dallas. Oh well...
  11. I had no idea you could watch it live online! Oh well, crisis averted anyway; went back to regular programming here. whew!
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