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  1. And this is the biggest problem with the whole series.
  2. Why would the final revolve around Penny’s birthday? The timeline usually follows ours and her birthday is Dec. 2nd. Yes....me too. When it first showed up, I kept smacking my iPad.
  3. Agree with your post but especially the bold part. I too love the actors but can’t stand the characters they are playing on this show! They seem like a couple of dim whitted “scientists” who stumbled into their careers, forget about stumbling into proving this theory of Shamy’s. If they end up getting the Nobel (and we all know this arc will go on to the end), I for one will be so pissed! I’d rather Shamy get it but if they don’t, I sure as hell don’t want these FRAUDS to get it!
  4. I don’t know if this link is allowed but discuss.... https://todaysinfo.askingweb.net/big-bang-theory-producer-seemingly-rules-out-baby-for-leonard-penny/
  5. I love YS but if they go this route, I’d stop watching it immediately! They can’t possibly think screwing with canon this much regarding Shamy will go over well.
  6. He’s 9 years old now. When he caught his dad he was 13 so.....we got a few years.
  7. The writers stated when asked “When writing Amy’s character, was it always indented that she was going to be kind of gay for Penny?” Molaro said it didn’t start off that way and he wanted them to be “besties” and when they started writing the jokes, it “spiraled rapidly out of control.” Someone who had gone to a taping said they had a “Amy gay for Penny” joke and the audience was silent. That’s when the jokes instantly died and we didn’t get another one for several seasons. Prady went on to explain that Amy was going through a delayed adolescence. So no, it wasn’t a phase. Just a joke they thought was hilarious (and it was....at first), but grew out of control to the point they were beading a dead horse, still thinking it was hilarious but the audience (at least in the studio) no longer found it funny.
  8. There was a comic con question years ago if Meemaw would like Amy. Molaro indicated she wouldn’t and when the audience reacted negatively he quickly changed his tune and said she would love Amy. But I think he had already determined she wouldn’t like her and we ended up with this crap of a Meemaw episode. As we all know, it backfired badly for Molaro. Hopefully he realizes his mistake in this and doesn’t repeat it.
  9. I agree but I think they could get around it by having Annie come on, looking older of course, and having Amy say something to the affect of “Your much nicer than the nightmare version I had of you a few years ago where you hated me for breaking up with your grandson and finding out my best friend knew he had an engagement ring for me and never told me” followed by the camera cutting to Penny and seeing the “deer caught in the headlights” look and quickly turning away to do something else.
  10. For this last season, which guest stars would you like to see one more time? For me, I'd like to see SteveMerchant as "Dave Gibbs." I thought he was hilarious!! But I want to see him gushing over Sheldon & Leonard. I would also like to see Cousin Leo. He was good! Maybe Penny runs into him and actually remembers who he is but then the truth comes out. Who does everybody else want to see?
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