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  1. Well it’s been a while since I’ve been in here.  Had to catch up on some reading...😉.   I hope one day we get to find out the whole story behind Jim saying no.  I heard he was getting sick and tired of dressing like a kid when he himself was well in his 40’s (and his character was even fast approaching the big 4 0).

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  2. I read somewhere that Chuck Lorre got a bur up his ass or something and came up with the Raj / Penny story line out of nowhere and some of the other writers tried to talk him out of it but he was set on it.  At the table read, Johnny and Simon were reported as being pissed off about it and after the summer backlash from fans, the story was decided to be the “pre-ejaculation” story to cover their asses.  Not one of Chuck’s better moments.  

    Another story I heard or read about was that it was Chuck’s weird way of sticking another nail in the Shenny coffin.  If Penny slept with Raj, it would look even worse for her if she then got with Sheldon.  

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  3. 4 hours ago, ShamyScience said:

    Knowing the GOT cast hates the finale/season as much as I do, is a great comfort.

    And this video is EVERYTHING...


    Sooo true!  I loved this and IMO, GoT season 8 is the real Season Hate!  Way worse than season 8 of TBBT.

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  4. 14 hours ago, Shelldon said:

    Here's the most satisfying finale possible in my mind:

    Sheldon and Penny wind up having sex in the elevator, that's how Penny gets pregnant

    On-stage during the Nobel speech, Sheldon doubles down instead of apologizing, and reveals the truth behind the child's conception while taunting

    Leonard jumps on stage and tries to kill him, Amy lands a good few kicks, it becomes quite a televised spectacle

    Long story story, Penny/Leonard and Amy/Sheldon both have ugly and lengthy divorce battles

    We have a time skip to a few years later, it looks like Nobel winner Sheldon has accepted he's back to being alone forever

    He hears 3 knocks at his door coming from Penny, she wants him to help raise their smart and beautiful child, they then duet sing Soft Kitty to him/her (and you thought the HIMYM finale TedxRobin blue french horn scene was sweet)

    Shenny is born and it all started with a Big Bang

    Subplot: Raj has a polyamorous marriage with all of his ex-girlfriends, and yes it takes place in India with the show finally expending a big budget

    Raj turns to the camera and says "Winning" as a piano falls on Howard/Bernadette for their years of being unsupportive friends



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  5. 6 minutes ago, RoRo said:

    OMG! the end of Young Sheldon! that got me too!

    They were adorable!

    13 minutes ago, Sah said:

    That sucks...I had a feeling they would do a baby for Lenny and Nobel for Shamy. I am sure they all get a nice ending. ❤

    Yeah but thanks to Young Sheldon we KNOW they have children!  But I’m glad Lenny got the pregnancy and it’s very believable and very realistic.  I myself am an “oops” baby.  And besides, the only way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (if you have the right parts and fertile) is to simply not have sex.  And I don’t see Lenny doing that so.... No form of birth control is 100% affective.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

    Seem like I have seen the guest star from last night episode (Denise Roommate Mitch) on another TV Show before.. Does anyone know if he been in anything else?



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    Besides what @KripkeRules said he was also in Malcolm in the Middle as one of Fransis’ old friends 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    I couldn't stand her although I like the actress well enough. It's when they killed off her character that Sleepy Hollow started going downhill. I really hope it's true that the past characters were just invited to the party.

    And there was no reason to do that except the writers enjoy making her look stupid. They could have just had her say it was a long time ago and no big deal. But they had to go on with it.

    Yeah, I think they invited everyone that’s ever been on the show because I also saw the actress that played Meemaw among the party goers.

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  8. 8 hours ago, JohnPhD said:

    Everybody seems to expect an exciting, upbeat finale. Maybe so (in which case Penny's birthday would be good) but is that the usual arrangement? I realise that I can't remember the final eps of Cheers or Frasier or Friends. On the other hand, some British and Irish sitcoms I do remember. Drop the Dead Donkey  was one of the funniest ever, IMO. Set in a TV news company, it ended with the parent company closing it down. The characters as I remember mostly had to take demeaning jobs either outside TV or on low-grade chatshows, while the company's director had a breakdown. Ballykissangel ended with the heroine (played by Dervla Kirwan) electrocuted while trying to fix the power supply in her pub (I gather a show of the same name staggered on with mnone of the main characters). Goodnight Sweetheart ended with the time-travelling hero trapped 50 years in the past. None particularly upbeat.

    Why would the final revolve around Penny’s birthday?  The timeline usually follows ours and her birthday is Dec. 2nd.  


    7 hours ago, hokie3457 said:

    veejay   I still want to squish this bug!!!!  ;) 

    Yes....me too.  When it first showed up, I kept smacking my iPad.  

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  9. 4 hours ago, Jonny said:

    Howardette's storyline saved this episode I thought, they often have storylines of this type mainly away from the rest of the cast and Simon and Melissa can and do pull it off.

    I could think of another S word to replace the word 'Super' in Super Asymmetry that reflects what I think of the creative efforts of the writers and this turd of a storyline. Are they going to keep bringing those odious scientist characters back? Nothing against the actors and they are playing the roles really well but man oh man do I not like these douchebag characters.

    Another average episode in a season of mediocrity.

    Agree with your post but especially the bold part.   I too love the actors but can’t stand the characters they are playing on this show!  They seem like a couple of dim whitted  “scientists” who stumbled into their careers, forget about stumbling into proving this theory of Shamy’s.  If they end up getting the Nobel (and we all know this arc will go on to the end), I for one will be so pissed!  I’d rather Shamy get it but if they don’t, I sure as hell don’t want these FRAUDS to get it!

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  10. 1 hour ago, hokie3457 said:

    (not sure that this us the right place for this) Ummmmm.....I know we only saw 2 knocks with   “Georgie” attached to each on Young Sheldon and 2 knocks collecting from the neighbor for his paper route, but is that evidence of adult Sheldon lying to Penny?  Did he develop the 3rd knock after witnessing his dad’s indiscretion???? Too curious...

    He’s 9 years old now.  When he caught his dad he was 13 so.....we got a few years.

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  11. On 9/9/2018 at 4:57 PM, Nogravitasatall said:

    Thank you for your kind words. I wasn’t  being that original. The Harpo analogy was made by the producers at the show’s debut as a selling point. They later found they needed to tweak the character, because writing in a beer bottle at odd moments was limiting,  so they removed his muteness permanently. 

    Yes, Amy had a crush, and a huge reservoir of unrequited sexual yearning, that was looking for an outlet. Sheldon wasn’t quite there yet and Penny is an attractive women, as well as being, at the outset, extremely kindhearted and generous to others. It was a phase, that the writers used for laughs then moved away from, because it had been mined- but if they had wanted they could have left an echo - after all, it is a love than can now speak its name. 

    My point was the writers have  play with character as well as situation as they hunt down the laughs and keep the show afloat. They roamed a bit over the course of the run. Sheldon travelled furthest, to my mind.  I think that there could be consensus that the overall direction of travel was towards convention, not away from it.  Maybe it’s growth, maybe it’s conformity. No masturbation jokes anymore, anyway. 

    The writers stated when asked “When writing Amy’s character, was it always indented that she was going to be kind of gay for Penny?”  Molaro said it didn’t start off that way and he wanted them to be “besties” and when they started writing the jokes, it “spiraled rapidly out of control.”  Someone who had gone to a taping said they had a “Amy gay for Penny” joke and the audience was silent.  That’s when the jokes instantly died and we didn’t get another one for several seasons.  Prady went on to explain that Amy was going through a delayed adolescence.  So no, it wasn’t a phase.  Just a joke they thought was hilarious (and it was....at first), but grew out of control to the point they were beading a dead horse, still thinking it was hilarious but the audience (at least in the studio) no longer found it funny.  

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