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  1. Ok my head hurts now and math is no longer my favorite subject....
  2. Where's the episode thread for 10.20? You guys are slackin'.... @Tripper @Tensor
  3. I could be wrong and I forget where I heard this from but 1. Didn't Kaley want to stop wearing that costume and 2. Did the real Cheesecake Factory make BBT stop using them for some reason? @Tensor ??
  4. Sure you can. Have you ever seen "She's Having a Baby" with Kevin Bacon& Elizabeth McGovern?
  5. There's a lot of things you can do in 4 years.
  6. That's because she's married and with Leonard. There's no need for her to be either now. Did you not understand my last statement of....
  7. Not to mention the fact that she admits herself she's a "big ol' 5" and all of the many times she's said things over the years that the Lenny's like to claim are throw away lines about her many encounters with guys...yeah, I wouldn't call them throw away lines when it's been brought up numerous times. CL wanted the girl in the show to be a promiscuous drunk. But whoever (the test audience, CBS, ??) didn't like "Katie" so he compromised with a sweet girl with a heart of gold who's still promiscuous and her drinking only seems to get heavy when she's not with Leonard.
  8. He also had his arm around her shoulders as well. You can see the tips of his fingers on her upper left arm.
  9. A rare peaceful time in the DT.....let's enjoy it while it lasts guys.
  10. Very good. Now put on your naughty carrot costume and dance for us.
  11. Too late.... "Below" ..... is the correct spelling.
  12. No I copied and pasted.... And I was just happy another Lenny was agreeing that the whole thing was just a throw away line
  13. OMG! What kind of grades did you get in math?
  14. @Tonstar17 HaHa. Another Lenny siding with the Shamies
  15. Ok I'll weigh in here. It's not just the cast of this show. Us Americans give the finger as a joke to our close friends and relatives whenever they aim a camera or recorder at us for the hell of it. Just something stupid apparently only us Americans do. Nobody takes offense.
  16. I'd rather have back end then parity then. I see this show being on for years after it ends.
  17. Are they going to get anything for syndication? What exactly is "parity" and how does that work?
  18. Yeah, that and put the once a year sex crap to the curb. From what we've been SHOWN by both the characters, it's not believable anymore...if it ever really was.
  19. No she would not have ignored him. She still was in love with him and I still think Dave would've been kicked to the curb. Just more awkward for all involved
  20. No there's not but then again they can't possibly show or tell us every single minute of their lives now can they? After 6 years of knowing each other, I have a hard time believing that they never talked about their families. Amy even called to get his meemaw's cookie recipe.
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