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  1. There was a comic con question years ago if Meemaw would like Amy. Molaro indicated she wouldn’t and when the audience reacted negatively he quickly changed his tune and said she would love Amy. But I think he had already determined she wouldn’t like her and we ended up with this crap of a Meemaw episode. As we all know, it backfired badly for Molaro. Hopefully he realizes his mistake in this and doesn’t repeat it.
  2. I agree but I think they could get around it by having Annie come on, looking older of course, and having Amy say something to the affect of “Your much nicer than the nightmare version I had of you a few years ago where you hated me for breaking up with your grandson and finding out my best friend knew he had an engagement ring for me and never told me” followed by the camera cutting to Penny and seeing the “deer caught in the headlights” look and quickly turning away to do something else.
  3. For this last season, which guest stars would you like to see one more time? For me, I'd like to see SteveMerchant as "Dave Gibbs." I thought he was hilarious!! But I want to see him gushing over Sheldon & Leonard. I would also like to see Cousin Leo. He was good! Maybe Penny runs into him and actually remembers who he is but then the truth comes out. Who does everybody else want to see?
  4. It's done and none of TPTB are going to do a damn thing to lash out. With Two & a Half Men, it was totally different circumstances! Charlie Sheen was a drunk addict that was coming to work late high and/or drunk, costing everyone time and money and Chuck Lorre FINALLY got fed up with it and fired him! Jim Parsons has NONE of those problems. His only crime is that for whatever reason, he doesn't want to do the show anymore after a dozen years! Chuck and company aren't going to do a damn thing as far as making Jim look bad, throwing him under the bus, getting even or getting revenge because it would make THEM, not JP, look bad and like someone said pages ago, everyone in the industry would be hesitant about working with them if they did! THAT reaction alone would cost them way more money than anything that's happened so far. The show is ending after 12 years!
  5. Yes it is! Look at the curtains and picture on the wall in both pics
  6. For them, I like the name “Leah” for a girl to pay homage of their first names in a similar way. Sheldon + Amy = Shamy Lee + Farrah = Leah
  7. We don’t know that yet. Everybody thought they had decided to not have the wedding at CalTech when Barry said he’d give it to them if he could sing at the wedding..... Can you link the interview?
  8. Sorry Amethyst....I just couldn’t put this part on the list. That would break my heart if they actually did it. It’s my favorite Christmas movie of all time!
  9. Considering he’s lived with her for about 2 years now, I’m sure he’s gotten used to seeing her plenty of times without her glasses on.
  10. Oh....sorry about that! I forgot that one! Ok then from now on then. I’ll fix it and add a few more on the list I thought of....
  11. I added a couple more to the list that I would like to see. I know some of you guys have a wish list. Let’s here it! I’ll add them.
  12. That’s ok. I’ll just add what’s not already on the list
  13. I added your number 2. 1 & 3 were already on the list.
  14. I think season 11 was a first of things we didn’t see that we did in almost every other season.... Fun with Flags (since they started it) Drunk Sheldon Sheldon with his pants off
  15. If season 12 really is going to be the last season, what would you like to see from Lenny that we haven’t seen yet (or in Lenny’s case, again). I’ll edit this to keep adding to the list so we can see one big list.... More physical affection (hugging, kissing, etc.) like they used to Their outings that they’ve done off screen instead of hearing about it. Advance in their careers Mutually supporting each other (careers, against Sheldon’s antics, etc.) More scenes in the bedroom (not necessarily in a dirty way, writers, but if you want to I don’t think you’d hear any complaints....) Leonard putting Beverly in her place. Penny taking Leonard’s side over Sheldon’s from now on. Nebraska road trip Award / achievements in their careers Leonard gaining higher self esteem Penny shows interest in Leonard’s work and helps him with a work related dilemma More in-sync Lenny dynamic Able to see more of the family including ones not seen yet (Penny’s sister, Leonard’s siblings) Enough with the “Penny settled” (NOT true and not funny) or “Nerd got the hot chick” jokes. Penny marrying the genius arc instead. Having fun together. Just the two of them. With no one else around. Especially Sheldon. Do something with Penny’s career and stick with it instead of dropping it and not mentioning it again. Family planning! Seriously talking about it, planning it, a pregnancy scare (and disappointment if it’s really negative), anything. Just something! A pregnancy arc were Penny’s pregnancy is the opposite of Bernie’s Leonard getting ahead in his department or promotion of some kind Penny succeeding in something. Work or hobby related A visit from Randall with Leonard getting along with him and helping him Leonard arranges a surprise birthday party for Penny Lenny find a hobby they both enjoy doing together Penny wearing her locket a lot more One more shot of the snowflake gift Leonard made for her in the Artic More Lenny alone time (watching TV, having dinner together, etc.) Embrace their different interests rathe than fight and criticize it Leonard jumping Sheldon’s s shit for throwing out one of those stupid slut jokes (How many YEARS has she been faithfully married now?) Seeing them do or say something to make the other laugh (but not in a mean way) Serious talks about having a family A bit more balance in the couples stories (a bit less of Shamy and a bit more of Lenny).....(as a Shamy shipper that hurt a little but I do agree it needs to be more balanced)
  16. If season 12 really is going to be the last season, what would you like to see from Shamy that we haven’t seen yet? I’ll also do one for the Lenny’s too. I’ll edit this to keep adding to the list so we can see one big list..... Onscreen tickle fight Cuddling in bed Shopping for something (food, furniture, etc.) Sheldon driving with Amy in the passenger seat (for once) Looking for a bigger place Planning for having children See more of Amy’s parents with interaction with Shamy (and their friends). (I loved Penny’s reaction to Mrs. Fowler both in the car and in 4A) Learning more about Amy’s parents Replace the couch (writers, if you’re reading this, it’s one of the top wishes.) Continue science & geek stories. A little more ensemble based episodes Science breakthrough development for Shamy Shamy drunk together Closure for their previous project that they started and never finished Sheldon interacting with Amy’s parents Cooper / Fowler gathering of some kind (with parents & siblings) Flash forward episode of the gangs kids describing what it was like being raised by their parents and “Uncle Raj” Fun with Flags episode Developement on Amy & Howard’s project Development on Shamy’s current project Shamy career achievements The names of Shamy’s children Sheldon helping Amy with a crisis (a la Isolation Permutation) Sheldon so overcome with happiness that he kisses her Shamy making everyone feel awkward (because that’s their thing) causing everyone to leave and Shamy wondering why. Amy actually loving one of Sheldon’s movies and quoting from it to get her way about something Sheldon getting so hot and bothered by her intelligence that he grabs her hand and leads her to the bedroom. Somebody from their group hearing them from the hallway and annoyed/flabbergasted that “they’re at it again.” Shamy tea time Shamy date nights while they’re all dressed up. Double date with Raj and some random girl. Raj gets all bent out of shape over their weirdness but his date thinks they’re adorable. Decorating their Christmas tre together Sheldon hanging mistletoe and leading Amy to it and kissing her passionately underneath it Cooking a meal together in the kitchen Cuddling on the sofa (preferably one that the bought together and looks more comfortable for Sheldon (Jim) to sit on.
  17. Yeah I know but at my age, I rarely actually “swim” in public. It’s usually floating on an inner tube on the lazy river or going down the slides. But I literally can’t see with out corrective lenses and contacts are safer than glasses when going down the slides....lol
  18. Ahhhh....Carol Ann Susi is in the picture at the end too.....😥
  19. But a woman’s wedding day is different. I myself wear glasses and absolutely hate wearing contacts. The only two times I would is 1. if I’m going swimming at a public place (I gotta be able to see since I’m blind as a bat without corrective lenses of some kind...lol) and 2. My wedding. I wanted to look as perfect as possible and corrective lenses on my face isn’t a “perfect” look.
  20. I’m gonna throw this out there just incase it’s read by tptb....... Absolute perfection!!! Could we please get the uncut version (all 60+ pages) on the season 11DVD? Pretty please! Yes to more of Amy’s parents in season 12. And an onscreen tickle fight between Shamy that leads to the bedroom perhaps.....😉
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