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  1. I find it interesting all the different opinions on this topic. Myself, I think Penny should get most of the credit since she’s the one that saw it first, she had to convince Raj several times that she thought she saw something and didn’t believe her until she took the picture so he’d look at it and yeah, Raj was a completely selfish ass in this one.
  2. That’s his ring with Todd. He’s not even dressed as Sheldon in this picture. Although when he’s married to Amy I wonder if tptb will let him just keep his wedding ring on or if they'll make him wear a prop ring.
  3. There’s a saying that a person has a “shit eating grin” on their face when they’re up to something. When Raj was eating the tomato, the doctor (or whoever he was) said he uses his own manure for fertilizer. Leonard said Raj had a grin on his face just then.....want to guess which one? He was meaning a shit eating grin....since the doctor uses shit for fertilizer.
  4. Has it ever occurred to all of you nay sayers that this show is called “The Big Bang Theory” and what that actually means?
  5. First of all, thank you @Carlos for making sure I didn't feel as though you were personally attacking me! I didn't by the way.... I too think the writers are full of shit with some things they try to brush off. My biggest "IRK" for me to this day is the BS story of nobody, literally nobody, knowing Sheldon's birthday. I mentioned that to Bill on Twitter (I think he blocked me for it) but he also stated that there was a guy from work who keeps his birthday secret. And that was his excuse for thinking this was believable. First of all, he has a twin sister that isn't hung up on crap like this the way he is and I'm sorry but in this day and age, I still call BS. If I knew enough info on anybody I could find out what their damn birthday is. But on this....No. Amy was still kinda robitic Amy at this time and thought things about others that were just simply not true. Remember the wedding episode where she and Leonard went to a wedding together and by the end of the night she was convinced he had fallen in love with her? We all know she was dead wrong but it still didn't keep her from thinking that. I betcha anything Faisal was meant to play the same way. He was probably super sweet to her, gave her a shit load of money for her research and blamo....in her eyes, he wants to marry her so she thinks she's engaged to him. Knowing the way Amy thought of things back then, I can totally buy that.
  6. No it's not. According to Bill Prady it was a throw away line that they now regret because fans keep bringing it up and it wasn't meant to be taken seriously or literally. It was a throw away joke to them. And because of that, he (Faisal) will never be mentioned again.
  7. It looks more like Irish dancing.....
  8. My guess is we meet both of Amy's parents and Sheldon's siblings. As much as I'd love to see Mary again, I doubt we will due to Laurie's schedule. And I wouldn't be completely surprised if we see his dad in a dream sequence. But the one person I do NOT want to see is BBT's version of Meemaw! I absolutely hated her (the character, not the actress, although I do think she was horribly cast)! I've become a huge fan of Young Sheldon and the two Meemaws are complete opposites! Even the last episode of YS, Meemaw told Mary she (meaning Mary) spoils and coddles the kids too much. BB's Meemaw seemed to be the one that did that. And if MeeMaw does make an appearance, it better be a much older looking Annie Potts, and it's revealed that the one we saw was some weird dream that Leonard, Penny or Amy had.
  9. The Big Bang Meemaw and Young Sheldon Meemaw do NOT match, IMO. The two just dont fit.
  10. I blame it on the writers being too chicken shit and just letting go.
  11. I actually had to quote this so I could read the last 2 sentences on your post. I hope this really does get fixed because I couldn't read parts of the TR that was generously provided to us....thank you @Silver1984
  12. The only requirement we have is that you HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE SHOW!! Anything else is just a silver lining for us.
  13. I like the name "Leah" for a girl for them. Kind of a play on the name Shamy but with their middle names. Lee and Farrah.....Leah
  14. Have a blast and a safe trip @Tensor!! Are you going on the WB tour also?
  15. Well Jim said once she's game for damn near anything....
  16. Kathy2611

    Raj's Hair

    Just curious but who else likes Raj's hair curly better? I also think Kanal had a hand in it. I read somewhere that he hated getting it done and as the mother of a curly haired child who has had her hair straightened (to no use....see the before and after pictures with less than 2 hours of time between the shots), I completely understand. So what is everybody else's opinion on the topic?
  17. She kissed him. He did not return it. What he was doing was not puckering. She got him in the middle of the word "relationship" right as he was saying the "sh" sound.
  18. He didn't kiss Ramona. She kissed him while he was still talking. And in the premier, he said himself what happened and why he did what he did. In that moment, he knew Amy was the only one he ever wanted to kiss. So with his actions of walking out the door, he told Ramona an emphatic no. And flew to his girlfriend to make his relationship a little more permanent.
  19. My 15 year old daughter plays the alto sax in her school band. Started in the 5th grade. At first she couldn't decide which instrument she wanted to play but I noticed she kept going back to the saxophone and she said she liked the sound of it. Because of the price, her father and I told her she needed to stick with it for at least 3 years. We are pleasantly surprised that 5 years later, she still plays and still loves it and will continue all the way to her senior year and at first (until I read your post), I was contemplating selling it once she graduates but no....I'll keep it for her.
  20. I too was annoyed as hell at the writers stupid pathetic once a year "joke." News flash geniuses....you already screwed it up with 10.23!! Besides that, I'm not buying it. It's unrealistic and I'm convinced that their "once a year" is something in the bedroom they do once a year but not the act of sex itself.
  21. I took 8 weeks off with both my pregnancies and they were C-sections. The U.S. Has FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) laws that if an employer has more than 50 employees, they have to provide (unpaid but some do give you a percentage of your pay) 12 weeks in a 12 month period for you or family member in your household.
  22. On another forum I'm on, we speculated that they could've just went and got the marriage license. Something you actually do have to do here in the states before you get married. And knowing Shamy, they'd dress up to do that. Also, someone looked up the law in California, the license is good for 90 days so if we're correct and they did go and get the license, they've got 90 days to get married which would put it during February sweeps.....
  23. Not if it's a tradition and that actually is.
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