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  1. Mmmm.....should we start a "Dark Shamy Thread".
  2. I caught that too! I thought that was her!
  3. Ok I know this is off topic but genuinely curious and I absolutely love learning about stuff from other countries.... is this the European version of the word "ass" and if so what other swear words do you guys say that's different from ours here in the states. And anybody from other parts can answer, it wasn't directed solely at @Spaced_up but of course she can answer too.....
  4. The neighborhood they live in, her daycare, co workers with small children...but usually everyone has a 1st birthday for their child where the guests are mostly family and close friends.
  5. There were quite a few things I cringed at....
  6. It's not just the lack of our favorite couple though. It's the whole show. It's like they can't think of anything new or fresh now and are relying on old rehashed jokes that just don't fit anymore and/or are just not funny for the billionth time. I almost forgot it was on a few weeks ago so I started setting my alarm so I wouldn't miss it. Kinda glad I did cuz the last couple of episodes, I needed it. When before I was on edge several hours before it even started. Even during the break up, I had to watch it. Now.....not so much. I find I'm getting bored with the whole show this season and it's because of the rehashing of the old. Enough already.
  7. I'm finding, sadly, I'm getting bored with this show. Too many rehashed old jokes, not enough Shamy, there's so many new things and ideas they could do with ALL the characters and yet, for some reason, don't or won't. I started setting my alarm to remind myself to watch. Good thing I did for this week and last week. Yeah, I'm starting to get bored....
  8. As much as I hated the idea of Young Sheldon, I'm willing to give it a try and sadly, I liked it much better then this episode of BBT. Yeah, I'm suffering from Shamy withdrawal and I'm very quickly getting bored with BBT.....
  9. Nobody with the title of doctor is going to be ok being called mr. or mrs. It would be Dr. Fowler (or Dr. Fowler-Cooper) and Dr. Cooper. He'd also never want to be called Mr. Fowler since legally it wouldn't even be his name.
  10. It's not set in stone. Over in the Shamy thread, we've been discussing the possibility that it might be a red herring and until the wedding actually happens, I'm in the camp that we still don't know jack shit of when it will be.
  11. My vote is Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper
  12. More than likely because she got married before she was known for anything significant in her work.
  13. We don't know that for sure. Best to wait until they actually get married before declaring who won. Most women who are well known by their name for work related things hyphen it or keep their name for work and use their married name for personal. Especially since she's had many articles and stuff she is the author of in her maiden name. I think because of that, she'll hyphenate it like Bernie did and for the same reasons.
  14. Kathy2611


    Doing a rewatch of the entire series and didn't get past the first episode before I had a question. Where is the back leg of this chair???
  15. My aunt actually had a stillborn because the pregnancy lasted too long. Her doctor insisted she wasn't due and wouldn't induce labor. Turns out he was wrong. So yeah, it's extremely insensitive on tptb part to do this not once, but twice for a joke that's not even all that funny.
  16. "And in that moment, I realized that Amy was the only woman I ever wanted to kiss for the rest of my life. So, I came to New Jersey to ask her to marry me." Well, we now know what he was thinking in that moment.
  17. But it's penny's couch and she doesn't live there anymore. Realistically it would be long gone by now. It's not as iconic as the couch in 4A
  18. Parenthood is a double edged sword. One minute, you're looking at them with a smile on you face and tears in your eyes thinking, "Slow down! You're growing up too fast!" And the next, you're pissed and thinking, "OMG!! Aren't you 18 and out of my house yet!?" I'm also well aware that when they move out, I'll be dancing with glee in the yard but by the end of the night, I'll be curled up in a ball in their bedroom bawling my eyes out because my babies are gone.
  19. Well I'm with you on this one @Jonny I found it annoying myself.
  20. I sure as hell wouldn't want to get married on my birthday! And besides I think it will be a date where all the cast will be involved therefore you have to consider Melissa. She's due in the fall which would be when they'd tape the episode that would fall on Amy's birthday. She's going to be on maternity leave right after for at least 6 weeks. Too much could happen and risk re-writes. And last, too repeatative. We've done this "Amy's birthday episode" twice already. Third time would be overkill imo.
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