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  1. I love it when we learn different stuff in different countries!! Here in the states we can rent "little vaults" at the bank. We call them "safe deposit boxes" and incidentally, Sheldon does have one already. Remember when he lost that bet without howard and had to retrieve a valuable comic book from his safe deposit box at the bank? Can't remember what episode that was but it was one of the early ones.
  2. Season 2 vs Season 10 Yeah...it's VERY noticeable
  3. What? Where did you hear this from that you need a passport to fly internally?
  4. Yeah that's why Mayim has been nominated for her portrayal of the character multiple times and Kaley hasn't even been nominated once.
  5. Why do you find that creepy? Just curious.
  6. Didn't I read or hear somewhere the reason Penny stopped working at the Cheesecake Factory was because Kaley couldn't stand wearing the uniform anymore?
  7. Well, hopefully this will cheer you up..... Dont know if you've seen the interviews from Molaro but in a nutshell, he confirms that Sheldon is completely innocent and clueless to Ramona's intentions, Mayim is signed on for the next 2 years, and after that what they describe as a perfect proposal (yes, their words), why would they have her say no? The question isn't will she say yes or no. The question is, how will she say yes?
  8. Yes I agree but until Ramona (I don't count Alex since there was never a threat there), there was never a true threat that she was aware of. Don't know if she was ever aware of Vanessa (the blond H & R tried to set him up with during the break up).
  9. Everything that @Tensor said plus these guys (Kaley, Johnny, Mayim, Jim, etc.), are professionals and THEY even screw up lines. We here it from people that go to taping a all the time and supposedly Jim walks around rehearsals with index cards in his back pocket. Everybody has a different way of remembering lines and it's never easy. But this was something Penny didn't HAVE TO REMEMBER FOR A ROLE. There's the big difference of why she didn't or wouldn't even need to remember. And as she's said many times, a lot of what they talk about when it comes to their work, flies right over her head. If science isn't your thing, it's going to. It's one of the reasons I wasn't interested in this show when it first came out. Finally got hooked catching the second episode on syndication when we couldn't find the remote to change the channel. Ended up in the bathroom so I wouldn't wet myself from laughing so hard. We were hooked after that. And I became a hard core Shamy shipper after the train kiss.
  10. The way I look at it (the Ramona thing) is it's Amy's "slap in the face" to get her to see and realize that yes, there are women out there who will be more than glad to take her place. She never got that during or immediately after the break up and reconciliation like Sheldon did. He got to literally see that other guys were more than willing to come knocking on her door. Now she knows too. I think there will be a yes but I think what Molaro and the others are figuring out is how will she say yes? Will it be immediate, will she faint, will she have a panic attack, will she start asking questions first or later? The list goes on. But in the end, I think there will be a yes, Ramona won't be mentioned or seen again (maybe in the premiere to finish out the story. But not after that mainly because I think Riki has other projects going on with the actress that plays Lucy. Fun fact...."Lucy" & "Ramona" [the actresses that play them] are the ones who wrote the song Howard sings to Bernie when she was quarantined! How cool is that?!) and things will be great for Shamy.
  11. Well that's understandable but the way I look at it is, I think (and it sounded like it) he was seriously thinking and planning on asking her before she sprang her Princeton trip on him. Remember what he said in 10.23 before she said anything about it? And then in the tag of it when he told her if she met a tall smart scientist to step away from the situation and call him immediately. He took his own advice when he realized (a little late) what was really happening. He just took it further and went to her instead of just calling. Mayim (and Melissa) signed on for the next 2 seasons so I think things will be just fine for Shamy.
  12. We might need to send a medic to the spoiler free thread. We haven't heard from anybody since 10.23 aired.
  13. Hello??!! Is anybody alive in here? Seriously....what did you guys think? Do you need a medic?
  14. Lol...that's ok. I hate it when that happens to me too.
  15. When Leonard first asks Ramona if she has a boyfriend, Sheldon jumps his shit for asking that in front of Penny, not realizing it's an innocent question on Leonard's part. Then Leonard calls Amy late at night (it's 3 hours later in New Jersey than in California). Then after Ramona drives off, Penny tells Sheldon they need to talk and Sheldon says something about Leonard and Amy.
  16. OMG!! I can't believe you guys can't see where Sheldon's getting the "you and Leonard need counseling" line from. Remember Leonard calling Amy to warn her about Ramona? "Little late Leonard!" And Sheldon thinking it's inappropriate for a married man to call Amy late at night. That's where it came from.
  17. I think I read somewhere that he stopped smoking. That will cause you to put on some pounds. But no i didn't take it as fat jokes or fat shaming. He was just more interested in the fact that Sheldon got a candy bar. And an unusual one (I never heard of it) at that.
  18. Really? She looked completely surprised to me.
  19. If Mayim hadn't just signed on for the next 2 years.....yeah, that comment might have me worried but I'm not now. YEAH!! Besides he was clueless (in a way, they ALL are). And once he realized he was wrong in his thinking about them being just friends, he took his own advice about stepping away but went one further. Or two....Or three....
  20. It's not extinct here in America
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