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  1. It's in the discussion thread but I don't know.....
  2. She DID tell Penny he was cute 8 years ago
  3. Have you actually read the taping reports to this episode? We've got at least 2 people (that I know of) who actually went and have an extremely reliable reputation for getting accurate information about what's going on. It is specifically stated that Sheldon talks about Amy ALL THE TIME. It's also stated that Ramona is ALWAYS asking when Amy is coming back. If you were in the exact same type of relationship as Amy, how would you feel if some former admirer of your boyfriend (LIVE IN boyfriend, one you were solely exclusive with), was trying to form a romantic relationship with him while you were away on a career opportunity for the summer? Wouldn't like it very much, would you? Would you think it was wrong? Especially if she still tried to go after him when he specifically started listing reasons why he wasn't interested in such a relationship with her? What would your generation think of a woman like that? One of the names older folks in America call women like that "floozies." When a couple state that they are in a monogamous relationship, it doesn't matter what their LEGAL status is. Other people should respect that and not try and worm their way into it. Period. Wrong is wrong regardless what the legal status is.
  4. Not exactly about the show per say but close enough. The worst thing about season 10 for me is the damn quote function on this site. I still say we spend the summer hiatus (I've been saying we need to do this for the last several summers, btw) hunting the bastard down that created it and make him fix it. Why the hell should we all suffer for the next 2 freaking years dealing with this quote function??!! You think it's going to work and then something (you don't know what, you never find out what) happens, it glitches or totally deletes everything you spend time writing up only to write it up again and get it done twice, making you look like a moron. I can't even begin to count how many times I've wanted to throw my phone across the room because of it or just give up and not saying anything at all because by the time I finally get almost done, something happens and it screws up. I don't know how you people that multi quote do it. And then....THEN the last thing you quote that you decided not to, pops up when you're wanting to quote something else! Well, that's the worst for me. As for something regarding the show....I'll have to get back to you on that.
  5. No, you didn't remember it right. He does ask her if she's hoping for a romantic relationship with him and her verbal answer is "what if I am?" He then response by listing a number of reasons why they can't, the most important being him currently being in one with Amy. As he's STILL talking, she kisses him. As for your last paragraph, he talks about Amy all the time and that's something Ramona says. So she clearly knows he is in a relationship and happy about it.
  6. Well if you do watch her first appearance, pay attention to what she says to Penny. From what I understand of it, she was interested in him but at the moment, more interested in the science. And you're right, he booted her out before she even had a chance to go after him romantically once the project was done.
  7. First bold part....seriously?! Well, LEGALLY speaking, yes you're correct but that still doesn't give anybody the right to try and work their way in and break it up. There isn't anybody that would honestly feel their monogamous relationship isn't "serious." Second bold part....this applies to EVERYBODY regardless of whether they're a couple living separately, a couple living together, an engaged couple or even a married couple.
  8. Not in America. Here we just say "single" for both males and females.
  9. When we first saw her, I got the impression she DID have a crush on Sheldon but at that time, she was more interested in helping him with whatever it was he was working on (can't remember what it was and too lazy to look it up) and sharing credit with him on it. I also get the impression that she just arrived at Cal Tech. Kind of similar to what Amy's doing in Princeton. A summer internship or whatever. Off screen I can imagine her running into him in the halls or whatever and she finds even after all this time, she's interested in pursuing a relationship regardless of him having a girlfriend. It's mentioned that she keeps asking how long Amy will be away for. That indicates to me she's trying to gage how much time she has to turn his head in her direction and away from Amy. The rest we know about. So really, not all that far fetched at all.
  10. I say we blame the person who created the crappy quote function.
  11. An invitation from Sheldon that she can initiate any time she wants
  12. Do you read the rest of the way down when you comment? I caught my mistake hours ago but thanks anyway.
  13. What if they gave us tons of Pamy??!!!
  14. Actually, at some YMCA's they have lessons all the time for all ages. I learned how to swim at a public pool but I was a little kid at the time but there was also an adult class that my mom finally talked her cousin into going. I only know you through this forum but if I had the chance to see you in person and you asked me to go swimming (at a public pool)? Hell yes I would!! I wouldn't think anything of it and (because my husband knows how I am) he wouldn't either. I'd go swimming with just about anybody! Granted I know we're talking about Sheldon but again, just an episode or two ago, he stated he wanted to learn different stuff (it's very plausible that swimming would be one of them).
  15. A public pool is fine especially since they aren't swimming together. One person is teaching another HOW to swim. And in a public pool....it's fine. I used to go to the pool all the time with whoever would go with me. Regardless of whether they were male, female, whatever
  16. It was a public pool because it was stated in the tr that he got upset others were getting in his "bathtub" which is I guess how Ramona talked him into getting in in the first place. Also, an episode or two back, he was trying to do different things and be taught by different people. Who better to teach you how to swim than a former olympic swimmer? Also from how the text sounded, Ramona just got there herself doing research at Caltech. Before that she was doing something at CERN which is what peaked Sheldon's interest.
  17. JFC.....I'm trying to run errands guys. Get a calculator and work it out with me! Season 1 - 17 season 2 - 23 season 3-10 - 24 total is 232 Season 11. 250 - 232 = 18 edit: my bad son of a bitch....season 3 had only 23 episodes too and snapepans beat me to it. Sorry!!! Never mind me!! I suck at juggling!! Lol. Yep. Episode 19 it is
  18. No. Season 2 only had 23 episodes
  19. 11:18 will be the 250th episode. Wonder what they'll give us for that one
  20. And we can maybe get the onscreen cuddle they cut out from 9.11....
  21. Yeah....his homeostasis is Amy now.
  22. He also tracks her cycle so he would know (probably better than her) when it would be safe to have unprotected sex....not that it would be advisable
  23. Another thing I realized with this season.... 10.1 Amy starts to stand and says "It's happening" 10.24 Tag scene....yes Amy, it's REALLY HAPPENING!!!
  24. I wasn't trying to be rude. I apologize if it came out that way to you. Which is why the very first thing I say is "Sorry to do this." because I know I can be extremely blunt and outspoken and a lot of times it comes out wrong. Especially when it's written and not face to face. You're right. I don't have more information than you or anybody else. And I think some of my points are valid. I was just honestly curious as to why he had the ring on him. What LOGICAL reason would there be? Yeah the first was a question. Would you care to answer it? The second is what LEONARD did and we're talking about SHELDON. And third, really? You'd be ok with a guy proposing to you with a cheap ring from a machine? But of course at the end of the day, we'll probably never know why or he came to have a ring already on him and besides, we need to fill up another 100 pages to get to 500.
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