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  1. Shamy was everything in this episode. I loved their interactions. Side note: I need that teddy bear in my life.
  2. I secretly wished they would last minute throw in a Shamy birthday hug or kiss. I need to see some Shamy lovin. So Leonard saw Amy without pants?
  3. I thought it was an okay episode. >I love Shelnard and I love it when they refer to each other as brothers. >Liked how Leslie brought up Leonard still living with Sheldon, or something like that. >Kept staring at Kaley's boobs the entire time, not that it's a bad thing. >Poor Stewart, he's like the red headed step-child. >Wonder what Sheldon will ask Amy for since she owes him big for the party. Wink, wink!
  4. I want to see another Shamy date night, but in 4A and Amy stays the night. Pretty please writers!
  5. Just hoping it's a fun episode and every gets enough screen time. Although, I would be so happy if Lenny finally moved in together.
  6. I'm very happy that Howardette is having a baby. I honestly think they will make wonderful parents. I hope Rajily get back together. I like Emily and I just wish we could have seen more of her and Raj as a couple interacting. If that doesn't work out...I could ship a Saj or Ruart (Raj and Stuart) bromance.
  7. I completely agree April. Maybe there is a better storyline for Raj's character in future episodes, at least I hope so. I don't want to see lonely and sad Raj again.
  8. I love Shamy's FWF tapings and when they get interrupted. In my head, I can see Sheldon taping a FWF episode in the future replacing Amy on camera with their Shamy baby.
  9. Amy's smile is everything. Gah, why is Shamy so damn cute.
  10. i need to find live stream, the Tampa Bucs game is on. I live in Tampa, but I don't care about the game..Argh!!!
  11. Why!!!! I live in Tampa and I don't want to see the game, I want to see TBBT.
  12. I enjoyed this episode. I loved the Shamy reunion and I was happy seeing Lenny. Raj and Howard were funny as well.
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY SHAMY BABIES!!!!!! I don't have dvr, so I recorded the reunion on my phone. I've watched it several times already. I also recorded the promo for the next episode. Shamy in bed together is everything. My boyfriend had to leave the room, he couldn't stand my screams of excitement. Side note, I love Dave.
  14. I've been staring at this gif for 10 minutes straight. No lie, I didn't even blink. I got it bad. When the episode airs I may pass the hell out.
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