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  1. LOL, I was mentally preparing myself for whatever news I got from this taping report by saying to my self, whatever happens Shamy will be okay in the long run...blah, blah, blah. Then...BAM!!!...hot Shamy make out scene. What a way to start Wednesday, thanks TPTB.
  2. Patiently (yet, not so patiently) waiting for details. Not going back to bed now.
  3. Although I'm not upset by Shamy's current story line (the angst and drama is bit much sometimes), I can completely understand where you are coming from and what you're saying makes sense to me. I don't mind them dating other people, but I don't want to see them being physical with anyone else. Needy baby, greedy baby I guess.
  4. I did a double take looking at her. She looks different for some reason.
  5. Very good episode and I enjoyed the interactions between Mike and Howard. I may be one of few that enjoy evil Will Weaton. Lenny were adorable as usual. I just love how Leonard gets Sheldon. Shelnard is life. Oh Sheldon...my feels!!!!
  6. Disliked the promo for the next episode, but I'm biased.
  7. Penny's reaction to finding out about the ring...Sheldon is not okay....I can't even deal! WHYYYYYYY!
  8. I know!!!! I was literally blown away.
  9. LMAO, poor baby penguin. I feel like I will be crying like this when I see Amy's reaction when Sheldon wants to remain friends.
  10. That is just the saddest yet cutest penguin. I love it.
  11. I hope to see more of her, I like Emily. I'm glad we get to see less of the gory side she enjoys.
  12. I don't think that it was a bad thing for Sheldon to not jump at the chance to get back together with Amy. He probably feels like he needs more time to be the man she needs/wants him to be or maybe he feels he's not ready to get back together just yet and doesn't want to say yes for the wrong reason(s). I feel like them being friends will be a good thing. I would love to see another Herb Garden style episode from them.
  13. It does sound like a funny episode, I'm glad all the couples will be featured. Cannot wait for more details. Someone mentioned this earlier, but this will have to be in the season 9 gag reel. I am very much looking forward to seeing this and hearing Kaley and Johnny's thoughts.
  14. Leonard in lingerie...oh my. Sexy Johnny!!
  15. I'm okay with them being friends (for now). I would love to see the entire gang back in 4a again.
  16. Good episode. I'm enjoying seeing Kripke a lot more.
  17. In my universe, my little Shamy babies will be just fine. Now what I want to see in the meantime is a boys vs girls paintball game. These characters need some fun in their lives, everything is just so serious...imho. Happy Friday ya'll!
  18. I would be irritated too. I'm on a date to get to know this person and all they can talk about is my ex. Any who, Cannot wait to see the episode, sounds like it will be funny.
  19. Thanks for the pics! Looking forward to this episode.
  20. I just chose a random number, 14 and 17 popped up in my head and I went for 14.
  21. I completely forgot there was a new episode tonight. I have some sort of stomach bug and I've been in bed all day sleeping. Thank goodness I woke up 5 minutes before the show began. The episode was really funny, then the staircase scene...sniff...sniff. I got so emotional. Darn you Mayim and your acting.
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