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  1. Good episode. I agree, Stuart was funny. Lenny was adorable as usual.
  2. I'm on the east coast and I'm so excited, the premier begins in less than 5 minutes. Shamy aside, I'm so happy the show is back. Can't wait to read what people thought of the episode.
  3. Susana, you are on fire little lady. Can't Amy be quirky, but also like flowers. Yes, I understand it was Sheldon's version of romance and it was practical in his way. If she's been saying I would like flowers or candy, what's wrong with getting what she wants.
  4. Seems like the episode should be funny. Thanks to those who provided information about the episode.
  5. I just figured by now one of their friends would ask Sheldon or Amy, how they really feel about the break up and what they want. Whether it's to get back together, move on or whatever. There is still time for that or maybe it will never happen...who knows. Shamy's interaction with their friends just isn't playing out the way I had it pictured in my head. That's okay, I'm no writer so I'll go with the flow.
  6. I feel like this is a pretty interesting episode. It shows that there's still love between them both and that they are not ready to move on, imho. Amy getting upset when she hears Sheldon asked someone out and Sheldon challenging Kripke to a dual over Amy...3 years later, lol. The only weird thing for me is that their friends aren't pushing them to fight for each other, rather they are suggesting they move on. I would love it if someone would just jump in and say "Tell him/her how you really feel". Maybe it's up to Sheldon and Amy to fight for each other with no coaching or pushing from anyone, which is not a bad thing. I feel like with each episode it's one step closer to finding their way back together. I just love my Shamy babies!!!!!
  7. I can certainly understand why people are feeling frustrated. I also feel frustrated or confused about how the break up is being handled. I mean there's just so many unanswered questions. I'm just waiting to see how it all plays out and holding on faithfully. If it ever got to a point where I didn't believe in the direction of where Shamy was headed, I would pull back from the show and become a casual viewer. Unless there break was permanent, then I'm done with the show. Lenny's married now, Howardette is stagnant and idk what they are doing with Raj/Emily.
  8. I can respect that is the way you feel. We don't always get what we want with sitcoms, you may want Shamy's story to go one way and I may want it to go another way. At the end of the day it's all up to tptb. If I was truly unhappy with the story the writer's are telling I would stop watching. This isn't the first ship I've had to endure angst for and I'm sure it won't be the last.
  9. I believe that Amy and Sheldon will be okay and that Shamy will work everything out. When that will happen, I don't know. All I do know is that I adore this couple, I'm rooting for them and I want them to be happy together. If I focused solely on negative aspects of their relationship or made negative assumptions about what could happen or even blamed one of them for their current status, I couldn't be apart of this ship. Yes, I am sad they are broken up, but it happened so I deal with it. I'm not going anywhere until I can feel that there's no love between them and I can still feel it.
  10. I respect how you feel about the situation, I just don't see it that way. Why do you think it's being done purposely? I really feel like Amy needed a break, but broke up with him because she felt cornered at the time. I feel we must wait to hear her side of the story.
  11. How can it be determined that Amy doesn't love Sheldon as much as he loves her or she misses him less than he misses her. Did I miss something? It's only episode 4, so there's still plenty of story to write. They can still have this resolved by episode 7. Heck, if tptb wanted to they could have it resolved by the next episode. I know things will work out for Shamy. A quick fix would be great, but not if the real issues between them both are not handled properly. They both have a ways to go in the relationship department. I can be impatient, but I have a feeling everything will come together in due time. I want the reconciliation to be right, not rushed.
  12. Do you really think that's what Amy did to Sheldon?
  13. Oh my, so Sheldon and Mary discussed the ring. I wonder if she knows they are broken up and if she offered any advice to Sheldon.I just want to say that I love Amy defending Sheldon. SMH at Bernadette, for shame Bernadette...I really hope Bernie was kidding. I hope the next episode dives into Amy's thoughts about the breakup and why she needed to take a step back. I need to know why, the wait is killing me.
  14. I'm so very happy for Lenny right now, they make me smile. I hope Sheldon finds a roommate fast...I want to see Lenny living together already, not Three's Company. I wonder how the Raj/Howard/Emily scenes will play out on screen. I thought they would dive more into Raj and Emily's relationship more. Thanks for the information mjc45.
  15. Maybe Amy changes her mind later about moving in. Nooooo!!!!!!!
  16. OMG!! I love these, Lenny look so happy and adorable. Leonard looks super cute.
  17. Cinnamon is adorable. I hope she makes an appearance this season.
  18. It's just so frustrating sometimes, I feel like Leonard can say no to Sheldon and still be a good friend. It seems now that Sheldon gets to dictate Leonard's life and he's okay with it. I miss the Shelnard relationship from seasons 1-3.
  19. Before Bernie, Howard was certainly creepy and corny, but in seasons 6-8 he became a new man. In season 8 he's more sensitive and confident.
  20. After Amy, Leonard is one of my favorite characters on the show. I think of Leonard as having the voice of reason compared to the other men. At least I used to, but tptb have changed his character so much it frustrates me. I hope to see a more confident, take charge Leonard in season 9. Yes, it sucks that they had his character kiss another woman, while with Penny (drunk or not). I think if Penny can forgive Leonard and see the good in her husband, why can't others.
  21. I hope not, that would be sad. Once Leonard permanently moves out (I assume he's moving into 4B), I hope that's when Amy moves into 4A. TPTB don't seem to be moving Leonard out anytime soon, however I wish they would.
  22. I personally think Lenny will have the wedding they deserved in the 200th episode. That's my prediction anyway. I'm so very happy they are married, but the interrupted vow exchange over skype was such a let down. I also think the 200th episode may be when Sheldon proposes to Amy.
  23. My prediction is episode 10 and the whole gang plots to get them back together, because Sheldon and Amy miss each other.
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