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  1. I had a feeling Jim might post on IG today! And he has Lol
  2. I wanna see it too, its just Leonard's dream
  3. I cant wait to watch the X-files. I just got the series I've wanted to watch it for years.
  4. I'm so excited about her new blog. Cant wait to have a proper look at it later on
  5. How do you know they went out to dinner?
  6. awww what video is that? Where can I see it?
  7. Such a cute pic of both of them ❤ I think he might of mentioned that they would get married some day on the inside actors studio inerview.
  8. Chill, Todd was only asked a couple of questions. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. Omg, I hope we get to see this on TV. Its so amazing you went too!
  10. Anyone see that comment Jim left on his trainers video?
  11. RT @FriendsReactss: RT if you still laugh at this scene! http://t.co/hdEYen4vyU

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