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  1. RT @FriendsReactss: RT if you still laugh at this scene! http://t.co/hdEYen4vyU

  2. As a big 'Thank You' for sharing, here's 5% off your order : ) Your Shopping Cart | http://t.co/RSCqr47W8d http://t.co/2IEhpGsy9h

  3. Tumblr is being weird

  4. Hey, @sarah_e1 'm taking you and Tash to Tanya's tomorrow. What time shall I collect thee?

  5. We still giving Kate and mike money for their wedding? @tashadelic @sarah_e1

  6. RT @wilw: BLOG: Here's a sneak peek into our @tabletop RPG world. http://t.co/kbNzw3j6CQ

  7. Today is all about watching Supernatural

  8. Starting an epic diet next week, Cabbage soup.

  9. Watching the proposal, I love Sandra Bullock!!!!!

  10. I love books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. RT @nfl: Julian Edelman. 84 yards. He gone. #DENvsNE http://t.co/SwkShTUq2j

  12. RT @kazzie: RT if you are a dying shamy fan that needs serious help to function.

  13. Its rather fresh this morning

  14. So much reading to catch up on. Nit Kate said the The Maze Runner books are really good. @tashadelic

  15. Watching AHS hour long episode. Whoop!

  16. Homeland is amazing!!!!!

  17. Watched Dante's Peak and Volcano, now I'm watching twister. I love these films so much!!!

  18. Just did a 5 minute cardio workout. I am NOT fit at all!!

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