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  1. Such a cute pic of both of them ❤

    Does that mean Jim is keener now on the idea of marrying Todd?

    I think he might of mentioned that they would get married some day on the inside actors studio inerview.

  2. When he talked about Todd, he was truly glowing, he smiled from ear to ear. While Todd was speaking, he mentioned how Todd was in hell. But Lipton asked him what he did before he worked on It's Wonderful (so named because because Jim says that all the time) he said he was an art director and was asked to name several accounts. Todd listed off Amex, Barnes and Noble, Kitchen Aid, etc. Jim just beamed and said that the a Kitchen Aid one was his favorite, it was amazing. As supportive of a Jim as Todd always seems to be, Jim really seemed proud of Todd. I've never seen him so happy and demonstrative in his talk of him.

    They were set up by one of Jim's friends from grad school and Todd's boss, both women. They doubled at the karaoke bar. Todd's. Song of choice "I Found Someone".

    Omg, I hope we get to see this on TV. Its so amazing you went too!

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