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  1. Hahaha..... Jim gave it his all.... lol..... It was too cute ....  Kunal was a dancer in his former life.... Kaley's a great dancer......... I just wish I could've seen more of simon/Mayim/ Melissa..... but it was good.. Omg..... I've watched it five times now...

  2. Omg, this sounds like the perfect interview. I had never watched or heard of Craig's show until I started watching Big Bang and joined this forum. So sad he's leaving.... cause he's hilarious and weird... - two things I like..lol

  3. I picture Jim's dancing to be so awkward, especially to Uptown Funk. But knowing him, he'll come out and pull some Michael Jackson crap. LOL.


    The man can do everything.

    I would pass out!.... Lol

  4. I SAW the picture on Tumblr... WHERE is the video... I need this more than anything in life....lol

    Omg. I was so surprised to see Jim ..... I didn't even notice Kunal..... okay.. I can't wait on the video..... ... 

  5. The character played by Jane Krakowski in the Merton of the Movies reading last night.

    Ohhh.. Lol,,, I forgot all about that. 

    Time to go back like 10 pages... 

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