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  1. Awwww man..... lol.... I still wanna see it....
  2. I love Ariana Grande, but I hate how she's been trying to sex up her image. She has every right to do so, but I don't think she needs to. Her voice is amazing and she's so pretty. Why take off your clothes? Her fan base is huge, she doesn't have to do all of that. I feel the same way about Beyonce. I love her music, but her last album was 80% about sex. And not just vague references, but extremely vulgar lyrics.... I couldn't even play the CD in front of my mom... I was embarrassed... lol
  3. There was more? .... Dang... I miss everything....lol
  4. I loved the entire interview....... Jim looked so good.... he doesn't have to lie.....lol...... we SEE the evidence
  5. Do any of you know when it will be on youtube?
  6. well I missed the whole show.... I just woke up two minutes ago....luckily i recorded it
  7. Kunal is so handsome...... it's not even funny .......
  8. They both look so cute ..... so snuggly
  9. In the episode where Leonard ends up sleeping with that rich donor woman, Sheldon is skyping with Amy about why he didn't go to the fundraiser. Amy points out that they all have to fundraise for their labs, etc., and she points out that her lab was funded by an Arab prince, I think she says. I think Sheldon says something about him being a diletante and she says, well, technically he's my fiance, but I do have a somethingorother photon microscope and a place to stay in Ryiahd (sp) for the winter. That's the only time he was ever mentioned. Oh okay, thank you both. I don't remember than line.
  10. Ok, I've definitely missed something.......Who is Faisal...
  11. Awwwww.... He looks so adorable.. Jim could pass for his early thirties and some days late twenties..... now... He had such a baby face back then.... ... I've never seen this one,but that girl kinda looks like the same one from the other picture floating around of Jim when he was younger...... is that her?
  12. I was in the second grade when It happened. I was in class and I remember another teacher running into the room telling my teacher to turn on the news. I thought a building just exploded. I didn't really understand until my mom explained it to me when I got home.
  13. That's funny..... I love that site....It's saved me from picking some sh**y professors ............. This comment is the best: "Prof. Cooper makes a difficult math core even tougher. Didnt understand anything he said. Made someone called "Leonard" take his office hours so he was practically unreachable. Kept tweeting sarcastic comments about his students in class. Exam was absurdly difficult and had a bonus question on flags (???????). No textbook used. Not Recommended."
  14. I don't think it was planned, but it's kinda cool how it turned out.....
  15. I love the fact that Sheldon considers marriage as a real possibility,,,it's so cute
  16. Ithink she Instagrammed or tweeteed a picture about it, if I'm not mistaken
  17. At Least Kevin's excited! Today's been too quiet http://instagram.com/p/svRsxlhim-/
  18. Awwwww...... So Happy for her..........
  19. From what I remember, none of the sex scenes on the show have been graphic anyway. But, I think they could bypass that by allowing her to stay concealed under the blankets and Let Jim show more skin....... if any skin is shown at all. If they ever get to that point, they may not even show " the act" , but the moments leading up to it and the aftermath. I'd rather see the their reactions afterwards, but that's just me.....
  20. Again, you did a beautiful Job of capturing Shamy ..... I loved it... and the song goes so well with it!......Adele's voice is so powerful......
  21. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!..... LOL....... I wanna see Shamy Sex....lol
  22. I couldn't imagine having that many earrings..... I'm 20 years old..and have never had my ears pierced..... I'm terrified!....
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