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  1. It's a slow day I see... lol... Usually when I come on here in the evening, I have like 5 pages to flip through. That lady that makes those dolls for Jim is really talented....... it's just too cute!
  2. Mayim's eyes are Beautiful.......
  3. I don't see Mayim. in the background of Kaley's picture.... Jim just reposted an ensemble pic of the original five with their faces rearranged..... lol..... It's a Little disturbing
  4. awww...... I guess I can't complain since I didn't really watch it.(not my cup of tea)....... but I like Wil so I wanted it to do well
  5. I'll just stop running and stare for awhile until they become uncomfortable and go back inside.....lol....... no stroke for me
  6. Kaley looked really pretty last night..... That pink was beautiful on her
  7. I haven't watched yet, but I DVR'd it!...... I just HAD to come on here and see who won .... I'm bummed about mayim, but soooo happy for Jim!.......
  8. She looks absolutely stunning!. I love that color on her! She'll get them next year!
  9. I guess I'm the only one who didn't really care for Leslie.She had funny moments, but the only part I liked about her was the affect she had on Sheldon. It was nice to see him twitch and get upset when she was around. I like Sara Gilbert but Leslie, Meh!
  10. I'm still waiting on Kunal to do the challenge....lol
  11. What I think is that anything can happen and no one can say for sure that it isn't possible. Each person can add their own logic to it to support their argument, but It's all a matter of preference. I choose to ship them. It's not going to change. No harm is being done.
  12. It may be pointless for you. That's fine. It's not pointless for me:)
  13. I totally ship Jim and Mayim as a couple..I used to be more open about it until I realized that there was such a low tolerance for shipping them romantically. Whether it could possibly happen, or whether it's all in my head matters not. That's just how I feel and It makes me happy....
  14. I finally joined IG just to read the comments....lol....It's so worth it... On the Kaley thing, I don't think Jim meant any ill will towards Kaley..and even if he did, He's too polite to tell his fans Why he wasn't following her (If there IS a reason) .. He just seems to be closer with Mayim .... They really gravitated towards each other ... for whatever reason.....
  15. About Last night? It said something to the affect of : Thank you Jim for clearing that up. It was getting ridiculous ( not a direct quote)
  16. someone needs to slow the video down....lol.. I'd love to see that....
  17. Yayyy!!!!...omg...lol..... he's too cute...
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