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  1. I so agree with you. I chuckled maybe once, as a former raging shamy shipper I gotta say I'm getting bored with their ridiculous relationship, I'm so over them. The bickering between Leonard and Howard was not amusing to me at all, I don't think Leonard or Raj think Howard is less intelligent by any means; it seems they did just for this episode so they could create a plot. Penny was great though.
  2. Damn! he looks so fine in that photo. I knew there was a hottie underneath all that Leonard costume.
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the overtly hateful fat jokes; for some reason I got past them when Howard was a single guy and the jokes were more about how overbearing mrs.Wolowitz was and a fat joke sprinkled here and there. However, they sound so tasteless and unfunny to me coming from Howard the faithful married guy who would love to have children one day. I hope they lay off those jokes for a while. The kiss took me by surprise(I never read the taping reports) but they handled it so well that they got me on board with the shamy even more. But after that it has been downhill for the two of them; What I loved about the shamy before and also found hilarious was that Sheldon's quirks were so endearing to Amy, but obnoxious to everyone else. Lately though, she has lost that loving and caring feeling towards him(IMO); She finds his conversations about his hobbies and interests tedious and seems to only want sex from him no matter what. The more she asks for intimacy the more distant he becomes, something has got to give; one of them should do the right thing and just break up. I'm actually glad Sheldon left so Amy has a clear head of what's going on here and she starts either dating someone else or feel OK being alone for a while. Regarding the cramming of so many story lines; not only has the cast almost doubled but also the amount of commercials is outrageous. There is just so much you can say about 6 people(7 including Stuart) in 20 minutes. Did they really need to outshine Lenny's engagement with Raj's sex life? very poor taste of Raj to bring up his sex life right after the engagement announcement. I guess they decided to focus more on the interpersonal relationships than the geeky side of the characters for most of the season 7. I'm also starting to lose faith in the writers and I hope they don't lose sight of the clear gem that this show was and still could be. Off my soap box now,
  4. I remember that episode, definitively one of the better ones this season. I specially liked Sheldon waking up to the geology book. The show used to be about science with some relationship drama sprinkled here and there; now it's the opposite and it's obviously not changing back. I always ave the option of not watching which really sucks because I keep waiting for the show's former glory to emerge. Although I have to admit there are a few episodes in S7 that are absolutely comedy gold and that's when I'm hooked back on again. I hope S8 has more science talk though.
  5. I cannot believe I agree with you because I was a hardcore shamy shipper. There was a time when I honestly thought they were the best couple on tv ever; then the writers decided to turn Amy into a walking cliche. Because the over bearing, overly attached needy girlfriend has not being portrayed enough on tv, of course they always fall for the emotionally distant, cold as a stone boyfriend. And Sheldon rejecting Amy every effin scene they're together NEVER gets old, right? ugh I adore vintage Sheldon too :o) and the shamy when they were cute together, God I miss them...
  6. THIS and "100% can't stand it when the writers of a show care so much about the demand of their fans that they lose their way" THIS I cannot believe how some people just want shamy humping on camera so they're happy. I for one think the physical part of their relationship is thousands of miles away and I don't know why some shamy fans want to force the issue. I would have felt extremely uncomfortable watching an emotional and ridiculous good bye between Sheldon and Amy, they are just NOT there yet. Now flooding the creator's twitter account with ridiculous demands is just plain crazy. Don't they care about the characters and being true to their own well-paced progression? at this point I honestly hope the shamy breaks up, it pains me to say this as a former shamy shipper but I just do not see one single reason to keep shipping these characters any longer. I hate pushy/obnoxious Amy, I miss the old shamy. Oh well, I will always have" the herb garden germination"...
  7. The rest of episode was atrocious IMO. but the worst parts: -over the top hateful fat jokes about Howard's mom. -Shamy: good God I used to ship this couple so hard, not anymore. Amy has become insufferable, can she just back off. I have nothing against Mayim, she is a wonderful actress and super cool person during interviews but the writers are destroying her character; I wish Amy would kick Sheldon's ass to the curb so hard, the shoe would never come out. I adore Jim Parsons but cannot stand Sheldon anymore, why doesn't he break up with Amy? I don't see any point anymore in having her in his life. They stopped having fun together ages ago. -Amy interrupting Leonard and penny's celebration, ugh not funny at all. -The science is completely gone from the show. I wish last week's episode was the finale, much better written and actually funny.
  8. yowza! this thread has gone to the dogs, but I'd like to put in my 2 cents about the finale anyway. IMO Best scenes: Leonard and Penny were adorable last night; I am beyond thrilled they finally stopped bickering and things are going great for them. Stuart and Debbie, awesome! finally a genuine caring friendship for Stewart besides Rajesh.
  9. I'm a shamy shipper but can I just say how adorable were Lenny last night? I adore them together and saw the same spark last night as they had during the first seasons. What a great episode, I rated it excellent. Simon and Kunal were perfect as usual, I just love them together in every scene, amazing chemistry between the two actors. I also love the Bernadette/Amy pairing and the cake rolling off the table was hysterical. Sheldon/Leonard hug was so touching,this scene and the Shamy train kiss have been my favorite scenes of season 7. I teared up during the hug scene; Sheldon showing emotion and growth is absolutely beautiful. I also loved Bob Newhart, Professor Proton just stole the show, I laughed so much during every one of his scenes. This episodes has been one of the best in season 7.
  10. Thanks! he is just so yummy well that escalated quickly! i would hate to see that LOL, I meant a villain like Loki in avengers or the Riddler in Batman, but to each its own.
  11. I had never seen this photo, it's fantastic. JP is so photogenic, the guy really can do no wrong Also, if I saw Jim at the supermarket I am positive I would embarrass my self from fangirling so hard lol EDITED: @saraluvsshamy I hope you don't mind that I copied that picture and used it as my profile background. It's just too good! Jim looks like the hottest villain ever in that photo
  12. I love that she takes risks (fashion wise) and she chooses bold colors that look so beautiful with her skin tone. Also look at those heels! I remember the episode where Amy got new heels and she couldn't walk in them, Mayim on the other hand is rocking those pumps.
  13. I really hate to say this because I adore this show and have grown to love each and every main character, but I did not enjoy this episode at all. They went there again...Amy trying to seduce Sheldon, again... ugh I hate how Amy has become, how cliche Shamy has become, they were so endearing and special together. Now it's just the same old cliche of a woman begging her man for attention. Does Amy even like Sheldon anymore? It seems to me she cannot stand the guy but will not back away because, hell she has wasted too many years of her life not to get into those hot pants(yes I think Sheldon is super hot but not worth the heartache). I did enjoy the Raj/Howard interaction as usual, these two are gold together. I'm not sure I'm liking Emily anymore. They obviously are trying to make her a freak so they can dispose of her later IMO. anyway, I'm so sad I have to be so negative this week because I really do love the show but now I'm afraid for how the finale will pan out. I'll just wait and see.
  14. Oh wow! Those eyes, she is so beautiful. Very good picture of her, j'adore
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