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  1. Thank you for posting the link! the last picture is beyond cute and funny.
  2. Oh wow, it's so cool to read this old thread and see if people got what they wanted. the kiss happened and captain sweatpants got a line! however it's sad that smart Sheldon has been reduced to a whiny child. His monologue rants in the first 3 seasons had a reason to be, and he made sense most of the time; however now that watched old episodes during Spring break and the whole season 7 episodes so far, I can definitively see now where people are coming from when they say Sheldon has changed for the worst. I miss smart Sheldon, don't get me wrong, I adore the character and he still gets the best lines IMO but, there is a spark lost and I think it's because I don't see him as a smart scientist anymore, JMO
  3. OMG I can't wait to see Raj's storyline!!! two women? I hope they bring Ivette the veterinarian back. These two weeks are going to be torture
  4. Oh I didn't remember that, you have good memory, that's an old episode. Still I really don't think he has been paying for Penny's expenses except for the car surprise he gave her.
  5. I agree, I have never thought she was a gold digger at all. It's clear Leonard doesn't make much money so if she really was after his money she would have bolted a long time ago. I'm glad they added the line about her burning through her savings as to clarify that Leonard is NOT paying her expenses.
  6. I have had the feeling all season that they are setting up another Lenny break up, they have bickered so much lately that I have been on the edge of my seat thinking: Oh no here we go, they're breaking up. But at the last minute everything is ok again. I hope they don't break them up because I love that they are like the mom and dad of the group, I do love them together. Oh and Stuart was hilarious as usual, I love his character as the dependable yet clingy/lonely friend.
  7. BipolarBear


    I'm not crazy about them having sex to be honest, I voted C. I'd rather they keep true to the characters, but if it's going to happen then don't rush it.Leave it for the finale of the entire series. In other forums I have found more people who think like me, in this forum I have found much more people voting for them having sex like yesterday. Who knows what the writers will do, it's entirely up to them, I will still watch the show.
  8. funny you say so, my husband told me the exact same thing. I for one liked the episode except a couple of details but he was really put off by the murder mystery story line, he is also a fan but didn't like this epi at all.
  9. I'm all for letting Rajesh be happily single for a while; I think the character wouldn't be as funny if it's also paired off with someone unless is something temporary
  10. I know right, the best part of the night IMO was when Stuart analyzed Lenny's relationship. I did not expect that from him, but it was clear to me that Stuart cares a lot about the group even if they don't invite him that often.
  11. by the way, I think it was super cute how Amy was defending Sheldon's spot when he wasn't there LOL. I think it showed how devoted Amy is to Sheldon that even when he is not there, she thought it was wrong for someone else to sit on his spot. I also loved the time travelling scene! I wish I had a friend like Rajesh who organized all kinds of cool nerdy stuff.
  12. I still think they tried harder to enjoy it and Penny got excited when she got the clues right; even Howard and Amy had fun. I don't know maybe I'm a bit tired of Raj trying so hard, however I did enjoy the rest of the episode. Perhaps I'm just a bit tired of seeing Raj try so hard and everyone dissing him, JMO but sometimes it feels like they don't like each other that much
  13. I liked the episode but would have liked for the gang back at the apartment to enjoy the murder mystery a little bit more. Raj always tries to make fun things for them but it seems no one ever wants to play along; what I loved about "the scavenger vortex" episode was that even though the group was a bit put off at first, they ended up enjoying the treasure hunt very much, until they discovered there was no prize at least. I loved Sheldon's interactions with his mom and Howard, I enjoyed very much that part of the story line. so all in all, I really enjoyed the episode.
  14. being unspoiled myself I didn't catch that all, I thought Stewart had fainted for some reason, I may stay away until the next epi just in case ;o)
  15. Jaime I didn't notice during the episode but yes, after seeing the clip it looks like they filmed that part in two separate scenes.
  16. I'm loving the Kevin! thanks for clarifying for us newbies because I had no idea what it was I also agree Sheldon should say ILY first, If he says ILY and leans in for a kiss my heart might explode from so many feels LOL
  17. awwwww I love it, perfect ending maria, I can see the scene playing in my head. who do you guys think will say "I love you" first Sheldon or Amy?
  18. You hit the nail right in the head with this, there are so many ways Raj could be a fun character just being single and accepting who he is. Why being single immediately equals pathetic loser; first of all it's not true and second of all, it's only funny for so long before it starts to become a real downer. I think Rajesh has so many good qualities, I don't like how pathetic he has become. He is young, handsome, smart, has a great job I mean come on. Why doesn't he plan a party in his apartment and invites people from the university, a big party at Raj's would be fun and create funny situations for all the rest of the group.
  19. exactly, never really showing a kiss, just implying. But it's too much for Shelly's heart and he wakes up in a sweat. Now that I think about it, it might also be too much for us Shamy shipper's hearts :o)
  20. Ditto to all of these; I didn't mean to sound negative at all about Raj and Amy appearing in scenes together. What I mean is that romantically, I just don't see anything happening between these two characters. Just pairing them together because they both feel lonely/sex deprived is a very sad story line; I don't oppose their friendship at all just them having sex just because they're horny. Also I agree that Amy is head over heels IN LOVE with Sheldon, it goes against every fiber in her body to be with any other man than Sheldon. Also if Sheldon was ever to get intimate with someone, it's Amy who he wants nobody else. I think when it happens it will be so beautiful I will cry.
  21. I would have loved that but again the writers are sweeping it under the rug I guess the will address it towards the season finale but Shamy really needs to sit down and talk because Amy pressuring Sheldon for sex is starting to get old IMO, I mean don't get me wrong, I laugh when they joke about it but if they drag it for too long it will start to get a bit pathetic.
  22. I thought the line about burning thru her savings was added to clarify to the viewers that Penny is not mooching off Leonard's money. at least that how I took that line. I would have LOVED to see more Showard scenes; Sheldon could have asked Howard for advice on relationships since he is married and should have a little more insight on romantic relationships.
  23. ok how about Sheldon having a wet dream about Amy and completely freaking out about it? I can just see Sheldon loosing his marbles over having sexual feelings. I thought of the Amy/Rajesh nightmare sequence because there are still so many Ramy fans(which I don't get at all) so the scene would play like a nightmare kinda showing the audience how awful these two are together but I digress. Regarding Shamy sex, I would like to see this happening: - Sex to be initiated by Sheldon not Amy. -NO raunchy scenes, I would like if they keep it as sweet and pure as the characters. anything else would cheapen their characters IMO as story lines go I'd love to see: Sheldon being nominated for an award but losing it to someone else and looking for Amy's comfort. Maybe he would ask Amy to stay in his room until he falls sleep. Amy sits in a chair next to the bed but Sheldon says: I meant stay here right next to me. and they both cuddle all night but don't have sex yet, this is very possible since they are both virgins. Sheldon getting tipsy and proposing coitus to Amy but she refuses because she doesn't want to take advantage of drunk Sheldon. This will leave Sheldon both embarrassed and wanting more, and he finally understands how Amy feels waiting for so long. that's it, I don't know how to imagine/handle the actual sex scene, I don't think they should show it but who knows. The kiss was incredible and perfect so I have trust in the writers I'm sure they will do a good job. I completely agree with the Raj/Amy interactions, the jokes were funny but their friendship seemed a little forced. I can't believe some people want them together, no romantic chemistry at all.
  24. hi guys, I have to post and run but I've thought about a dream sequence I'd love to see. How about this scene: -Sheldon is sleeping in his room and is suddenly awaken by giggling noises coming from the living room. He goes to the living to check it out and finds Amy and a guy(maybe Rajesh?) sitting on his spot making out. They turn around, look at Sheldon and say: Oh Hi sheldon! you are right, this is the best spot in the couch. Sheldon wakes up screaming: Noooo! You can fill in the blanks of what comes next, I haven't gotten that far ;o) maybe he goes over to Amy's and kisses her? anyway, I'd love to see Sheldon have insecurities on where he stands with Amy because he is so darn sure of himself that he takes her for granted. Still the Shamy is my favorite couple ever :o) forgot to add, I love the idea of Sheldon awkwardly trying to put his arm around Amy and accidentally hitting her LOL, that would be very Sheldon.
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