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  1. oh I didn't know they had filmed the episode so recently. I hope they have a preview soon; I'm totally on board with the idea of Sheldon's mom having a love interest which someone else mentioned, and this is the big change Sheldon has to face. His mom has moved on with her life, his friends are taking strides in their relationships(except Raj) and he has all this change to deal with. I'm not sure how they will make Sheldon grow and at the same time stay true to Sheldon, but soon enough something's gotta give.
  2. we didn't get to see any previews of this episode at the end of "the friendship turbulence", does anybody have any link to a preview? so disappointed they didn't show anything.
  3. @chrismo I agree, I'm hoping they make a one-hour special for the season finale but doubt they will. Cramming too many stories/scenes in a half hour episode leaves me feeling like the stories do not have an adequate ending, like they're cutting them super short without much development. I'll keep watching no matter what but would love to see two well developed stories with an adequate pace and not rushed. david I agree with the Raj part, I was absolutely sure this was going to be it for Raj and we were going to be introduced to a possible romantic interest for him. by the way, I don't think there is anything wrong with being single so I would like for his character to at least be happy being single after such a long time or find someone already. I doesn't even have to be something super serious, it could be a new friendship with a female at the university which could develop to more later on. I do agree the stories were so rushed, specially that beautiful moment between Lenny, it deserved to go longer IMO. I'm relieved that they did not break up though because at the beginning of the episode it was looking really bad for them, I thought OMG NO they're going to break them up again, so I'm glad they didn't.
  4. I'm going to half agree with you regarding the bold part; I thought their scenes were funny BUT I was really, really hoping this was going to be it for Raj. I did not expect the "date" to fall through like it did. I thought this episode was going to introduce "The one" for Rajesh. However I still think Amy and Raj were funny and had great scenes together.
  5. I loved the episode but went by too fast; I can't really pin point any scene I didn't like, however my favorite part of the episode was when Leonard gave Penny the car keys. I almost teared up watching that scene.
  6. Can't wait for tonight! I'm expecting Sheldon to be in panic mode when the airplane hits turbulence and Howard somehow comforts him, hence bringing them closer together.
  7. Pleasantly surprised by all the posts! the title of this thread is very deceiving, there are some steamy story lines here :o) I have two short story line ideas but they are not sexual per se; I'm working on the writing so I can share them, anyway loving this thread!
  8. Also I had picked this one for them but there are so many good suggestions here, the producers of the show should come to the boards and take notes because there are such great suggestions. also I changed my name, sheldonholic was kind of boring :o) "This never happen before" by Paul McCartney also "the Lake house" movie theme song
  9. Hi I'm new here but just wanted to add that this song is perfect for the shamy! the lyrics capture Sheldon to a t OMG
  10. I thought this episode was hilarious; I love how Bernardette and Raj interacted, we barely see them talking together lately. The wand remote was a funny catalyst for humor in that scene. Of course , being a Shamy shipper, I was disappointed that they didn't expand more on the kiss; The kiss was such a huge milestone for Shamy and except for Penny's comment about it, there was no more mention of it.
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