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  1. Been refreshing the last 15 minutes. Still don't seem to be up.
  2. You've been so much help! Thank you!
  3. Do you know how early they allow you to wait it line?
  4. Thanks for the help! I guess ill try to get there around 10 and hope for the best. Also, is the parking garage to one right across the street from the Studio?
  5. Thanks so much! I hope i get in too!
  6. Don't worry about it! Thanks for trying though.
  7. I managed to get some Standby tickets for me and some friends for the April 1st taping. Pretty happy, although it would of been nice to get guaranteed tickets. I live in Orange County so I'm only an hour away from the studio at most. I hoping some of you could help me out. This is my first time seeing The Big Bang Theory taped. What is a good time to get there to make sure i get in? Where do I park when i get there early? How does the waiting in standby work? Thank you again for helping me out. It would really makes things a lot less stressful.
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