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  1. I´m going for something big!


    Next Jewish holidays are from april 2 to april 11, no taping day between those days,( but table at 8, yes!) Taping day ep 23 is on april 14,

    Mayim just posted IG with her cat. She seems to be at home.

    But IMO next episode 21 will be a significant one

    4 x 21 SHAMY dance -  AIK(SHAMY ep)

    5 x 21 no Amy, but Stephen Hawkins ep

    6 x 21  Closure (SHAMY ep)

    7 x 21 SHAMY big tag and "Amy is the key of your happiness!"

    8 x 21 ?????????? :icon_question: :icon_question: :icon_question: :icon_question: :icon_question:

    It's just Passover.  The important things are cleaning the house to get rid of the items we're not allowed to eat and the Seders the first and second nights.  After that it's just making sure you eat according to the laws.

  2. I found the Howardette storyline very interesting.


    They may not have kept kosher and are Reformed (least religious) but it surprised the hell out of me that Mrs. W. would be cremated.  I'm guessing they did this because it's less intense and emotional for everyone involved with the show and I don't blame them.


    He could've taken the box with the urn in it as a carry-on because this is what my SIL did when she brought my MIL to VA for a visit.  All you have to do is show the airport personnel the paperwork from the funeral home.


    This had to have taken place maybe 1 1/2-2 weeks after she passed away because Jews are buried ASAP unless it's a holiday or the Sabbath.  You spend time with family but a lot of that is spent eating.  At least in my experience and I've been to a lot of Jewish funerals.


    I'm wondering if they're going to have him wear a black button with a partially cut ribbon or even refer to it but I doubt it.

  3. I wonder to what extent Larry Kramer would want to be true to life or to fictionalize the story.


    Since all or most of the characters were meant to represent real life people he knew in those early days and the coming together of the GMHC group, I wonder if he would do something like writing something of what happened to the real people over the years, which might mean an eventual suicide for Jim's character, or if he would fictionalize it and change the endings or explore other aspects of their lives.


    I don't think they've really hinted at where they plan to go with a second story.

    Yes they have - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Destiny_of_Me.  It premiered in 1992, seven years after TNH.

  4. Why did you feel the need to post this rant in two places?


    Just because I wanted to...


    Still discovering who this forum works,,



    Worse comes to worse you can go back and delete your posts.   :shy:

  5. Well he's been in NY for over a week so has probably been rehearsing on and off, I'm guessing he has anyway

    Standard Broadway shows are Tuesday-Sunday and off Mondays so I'm sure they've been rehearsing since he got there two weeks ago.



    I'm obsessed with knowing more about the kiss now! More details please!

    It was probably what I call a standard stage kiss where you pucker your lips and tilt your heads.  Very sweet and simple.

  6. Ahaha I am so glad I wasn't the only one to get excited about what he smelled like.


    The only way I would describe it would be fresh pine. Kinda earthy (not in the way of Sheldon's uncle though haha!)


    The show was incredible, I feel so lucky to have seen it. Major kudos to the other cast members as well, especially Jane Krakowski. There were a couple times where either she or someone else messed up or forgot a line, and she just went with it and cracked the funniest jokes. She was fabulous!


    Oh yeah and Jim's pants WERE tight. I was sitting all the way up in the balcony, but there was no way I missed that.


    Oh and lastly, he wore a cowboy outfit at one point. Mmmmmm.....

    Spurs too???



    And ass-less chaps, although, damn, he had pants on, the tight ones, when he turned around, so it was all ok...

    I wish someone had gotten a picture of THAT.


    Forearm porn and tight pants.  Sigh......

  7. My guess would be he was nervous cause he's a bit of a perfectionist. Unlike tapings, this was a one shot deal with no editing, hence more pressure on himself not to screw up.


    Any chance that this reading was also a "test" for a summer run of Merton at The Roundabout?  Cabaret ends it's run on March 29th.  Jim would be free from TBBT in late April.  That might explain the nerves.


    Or does the timing not work?


    There's no reason for him to be nervous about this being a "test" run.  I'm going with CB's explanation.  I haven't done a staged reading in a long time and the last time I did it we had a month to rehearse.

    I wondered if it was a test for a future production (whether it be Merton or another play for Roundabout) as well.  And the timing works perfect.

    This is why I'm thinking TBBT won't go past 10 seasons.  Jim loves doing theatre and movies and Kaley loves competiive jumping.

  8. One tidbit I have been told is Jim's pants are very tight and the women are enjoying the view.  They are in semi-costume.  He evidently is very anxious and all business so far, but did smile when one women messed up on her lines during the read.  Photos were updated during the intermission.

    I wonder why he's anxious.  Staged readings don't get that much rehearsal time and he had about two weeks worth.

    Got a couple pics!! He signed my playbill and omg he smelled incredible. My legs were shaking omg it was amazing!

    Holy crap on a cracker!!!  I'm so excited for you!!!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!  It looks like you had an amazing experience.  I'm completely jealous of the fact you got to see Jim and Mayim doing the schoolgirl scene.   :icon_wink:


    A group of us went to the Locomotion Interruption in August and had a blast.


    I'd love to be a VIP but I don't know anyone associated with the show or anything.  Now if you want to maybe pass along to your friend that some of us might be going to a January taping that would be okay, hahahahah.  <just kidding>

  10. Some clues on the sets for tonights taping. Wolowitz apartment, Raj apartment, Leonard and Sheldon's apartment and waiting room. Apparently there will be a "middle of the night" scene.

    And oh, the title is The septum deviation

    Okay, I'm DYING to know how you got a hold of this picture?  Is there another spy we don't know about because I didn't think anyone could go near the set if the cast is expected to be there.

  11. Of course you can  :icon_redface: 

    I don't know if that's authorized since that's a promo picture (considered as a spoiler?) but if it's okay, I'm okay :)

    Here is the rule - B. Print

             1. Images of full articles in magazines or newspapers etc. or images of full photo shoots are not allowed.


    I just PM'd Tensor asking if it's okay.  If so, thank you so much Chrystalie!  I don't like using people's work without asking them.   :icon_razz:


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