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  1. Of course, everybody in California has AC... But we can pretend otherwise for the story. :)
  2. I really like where this is going!!!
  3. Only one quirk?
  4. Just a great big "Awwwwwww!!!!" <3
  5. Ah, that was helpful!
  6. People do normally shower a lot in Texas during the summer.
  7. That gave me goosebumps!!!
  8. I did too..... But then noticed it wasn't rated "M."
  9. What is it with all these authors that have real lives? heeheehee.
  10. I've actually experienced grief sex... It does happen. It's a big release of many emotions ... All at once.
  11. Ship Zone

    I tried and I failed.... To remain unspoiled. Each week, in fact. And now... I can barely breathe!!!!!! :D Yes!!!!!!!
  12. FYI ... Pasties means something a little different here in America..... They're usually little circles of material, often adorned with sequins, sometimes with a tassel attached to the center. The other side is covered with adhesive ... Which is then attached to cover the nipples of strippers or anyone else (mainly females) wanting to go topless. For some dumb reason, that tiny little area is "off limits" in many cities.
  13. The memories you've all dredged up for me! I was disappointed when I learned I was watching re-runs of the Monkees. And that they had disbanded the year I was born. (1968). But I had the biggest crush on Mickey! :D *sigh*