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  1. Lol this was me the entire episode. I was watching it with my dad and I was like this is a very accurate representation of reading fanfiction. Ugh I loved this whole episodes and that tag scene just no words. This^^^ except I haven had the chance to watch it again but I will. And that hashtag, love it! #thecoitusiscoming
  2. Oh yeah I read that fic I thought it was really good I liked it
  3. I love lunar excitation too. I just love that he is so sure that the guys bringing him to the coffee shop is a waste of time then the surprise on his face when Amy introduces herself and it wasn't all the nonsense he was expecting. And then "may I buy you a beverage" I loved that line. And even Howard and Raj were like "what? Is this actually going well? What just happened?" Lol but I also have a lot of other favorite moments and it's hard to decide which of them is my most favorite, favorite Shamy moment
  4. Just started on a story for this challenge
  5. Happy Thanksgiving you guys [emoji4] I'm also thankful for all of y'all, I love coming here and getting to share my excitement about bbt with all of y'all. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family and of course enjoy lots of great food lol [emoji1] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Well yeah he like might notice that some of her stuff is there but I think he would be kinda to stubborn to admit she's moved in like the whole she a girl whose my friend but not my girlfriend thing
  7. Lol that would be perfect I also think when they move in together they will share a bed, not necessarily having coitus yet but sharing the bed and cuddling. I've also had this idea a while ago that I was gonna make into a fanfic but didn't: Amy has been staying at Sheldon's apartment a few days of the week for a couple of weeks but he doesn't really realize they're "living together" and Leonard points it out to him (like Sheldon did about dr Stephanie) and tells Sheldon by his definition he had in that roommate agreement clause he and Amy are living together. So after that Sheldon starts
  8. Yes, I was just thinking about this too. I'd love to hear the cast do an interview after the prom ep about the changes their characters have gone through in just these first few episodes if season eight. I agree that Kevin should be apart of it too.
  9. alright I just read through all these past pages n I can totally relate to this I always read the forum on the bus ride to or from school or in the school cafeteria in the morning it is so hard to hold in the fangirling I mean last week when I read the prom tr I was surprised I managed to keep myself from jumping up n squealing in the middle of the school cafeteria lol the struggle is real I didn't think it was possible but the prom ep seems even better after the details we got last night from those who saw it Anyways sorry for the late response lol I miss so much during the eight hours I'm a
  10. OMG eight hours after reading the tr this morning n I'm still dying of feels! I, too, thought as I was reading the tr "is Sheldon planning to have coitus with Amy after the prom?" I'm like it keeps being mentioned n he's acting awfully quiet n strange n then I got to the ILY n I was omg this is even better than what I had been thinking as I had read the beginning of the tr. OMG still SO MANY FEELS!!! I can't wait till I get home so I can finally let out my fangirl screams I've had to refrain from doing so when I read the tr on the school bus this morning!!!! I love that Sheldon the one to actu
  11. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! OMG I was not expecting this but it is so amazing! I really want to fangirl scream but I'm in my school cafeteria so that would probably be a bad idea
  12. Or both I think I like my option the best lol
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