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  1. Irene

    Thoughts And Prayers

    My thoughts are with you and the firefighters. I’m in Calgary Alberta Canada, and we are affected by fires (and/or smoke) every summer. A few years back there was the massive fire in Fort McMurray, which is well north of me but the smoke was everywhere, and it took many months to extinguish. I hope you all get rain (no lightning) soon!
  2. Irene

    The Workplace Romance Conundrum

    Read both chapters tonight, left you reviews and followed. Really enjoying this and so happy to see a Stuart story that has him as more than a sad sack. Looking forward to reading more.
  3. Irene


    As much as I love John Lithgow, I think his height makes him a poor choice for Howard’s father.
  4. Irene

    Sweden the most reputable country in the world

    I looked up the Index and my country, Canada, comes in at number 10. And the first non-European country. Thanks for the info, Lagernisse.
  5. Irene

    Any "Atypical" fans out there?

    I've watched a couple episodes and had a more mixed reaction to it. Keep in mind I'm raising a high-functioning son with autism, now 15. Though I applaud Atypical for trying to show viewers HFA's (high-functioning autism) thoughts, what it's like in a family with an HFA member, etc. there were too many other things that bothered me. The kid has a job that requires customer service skills? Huh? How'd he pass the interview, or not get overwhelmed (and fired) at that job on a busy Saturday before Christmas? The truth is that employment is a HUGE challenge for folks on the spectrum, even so-called "high-functioning" ones. But the show wanted to have that set and situation available to drive plots, so it just ignores this reality and the kid has a job. I also thought the humour in the show sometimes came too much from "laughing at" than "laughing with". That said, I've only watched 2 episodes, so maybe this aspect improves. It also bothers me the way Sam's passion for penguins (and birds in general) is used in the show. Yes, many HFAs have intense passions for particular subjects, and often subjects others think is odd. The show only presents this as a "quirk" rather than a "strength". Many of the psychologists I've talked to or read say that we should encourage this passion/quirk, and direct education and career towards it--think Temple Grandin. So why isn't Sam studying ornithology, or animals in general? Working or volunteering at a zoo or nature centre or farm? Trying to meet young women at a Bird-watching group or meet-up? I wish the show included more on how HFAs have strengths as well as difficulties, and how to embrace those strengths rather than just focus on how Sam struggles to fit in his world. Like I said, my views on this are no doubt strongly affected by raising my son--whose "quirk" is paleontology, and to a lesser degree entomology and nature in general. Unlike Sam, my son (and I) has joined an adult paleontogy society, attends monthly talks, volunteers sorting fossils and has made invaluable career connections, has written articles for a paleontology newsletter, and is giving a talk to this society next month--at their request and encouragement. He has joined a Facebook group on identifying local Insects and has again made career connections with people working in this field, and gets compliments on what a smart kid he is and thanks for sharing his knowledge--from strangers on this group (I'm on it too). Yes, my kid struggles in many ways just like Sam, but by embracing his quirks instead of treating them as something to be hidden ("don't talk about penguins with girls") he's got education and career prospects and, above all, sources for self-esteem and a positive self concept. Sam says he knows when he's being picked on in the show, but I think he's still got an unrealistically robust and positive self-concept for someone with HFA who hasn't figured out how to use his strengths in his life, and is always trying to "fit in". In fairness, at some level I think Atypical had to make choices that will rub those of us raising HFAs the wrong way. Showing everything accurately about their lives would not make good TV.
  6. Irene

    The Fowler-Cooper Resolution

    Really enjoyed this Jonny. Very in character and amusing. Would have liked more conversations about Red Dwarf though! (I'm a huge fan, lol)
  7. Irene

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Agreed. "No deal" would be asexual, not homosexual.
  8. Irene

    How much do you know, about World War 2?

    23/30, which surprised me as I never studied WWII in school. Most of what I know I learned later in life from everyday conversation, games like Risk and trivial pursuit, watching movies set during WWII and the like. I moved around a lot as a kid, before curriculum was standardized across Canada, so missed learning about the world wars. (Or Greek mythology, or sex Ed...but somehow I managed to pick those up too as an adult. Lol).
  9. Irene

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Re: cheating. I disagree that genes encode for complex social behaviour like cheating. Ducklings imprinting on the first moving animal? Sure. Human babies rooting for the nipple and instinctively sucking? Sure. Even genes giving us higher libidos, or a desire to mate with multiple partners. But cheating is a different beast. Have the "cheating" gene? Fine--don't marry, don't marry with the promise of fidelity, have a frank discussion with your spouse about opening the marriage, or ending the marriage. Maybe even seek medical assessment if your spouse's libido is exceptionally low to ensure there's not a physical or hormonal cause, and you think that's a "cause" of your wanting to cheat. All of these are viable options. But choosing to cheat--which is fundamentally about lying and being dishonest with your supposed life partner--is not ok, and not "genetically compelled". There are other behavioural options. Having those genes is no excuse for shitty behaviour.
  10. Irene

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    It might not be a popular answer, or the convention for a sitcom, but I actually hope she doesn't. IMO, Penny never had much of a "career" as an actress; it was more a dream. And dreams don't always come true. I find it makes her a more interesting character to deal with not achieving her acting dream, and struggling to find happiness and fulfillment elsewhere. I would like to see more stories focussed on Penny (and Lenny), though, just not this particular return-to-acting one. Because life, and stories, don't end when you marry and find financial/career success.
  11. Irene

    [Lenny] The In-Law Initiation

    Great start! I loved Leonard standing up to his Dad and saying things he's wanted to say for years. Looking forward to more.
  12. Irene

    That's an amusing factoid.

    That translates into approximately 1 McDonalds for every 22,000 Americans. In Canada, we have approximately 1 Tim Hortons for every 8,000 people. I guess we're pretty fond of our donuts and double doubles here! (For those not fluent in Canuckian, a double double is a coffee or tea with two cream two sugar).
  13. Irene

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Exactly. Not talking about someone else's sex life in front of said person(s) isn't the same as not discussing your own sex life in front of others. As for how the lunch lady was told? If she mentioned something about birthdays, or an activity she does once a year ("I was away last week as my husband and I were visiting the grandkids, something we do once a year") or any other aspect tangentially related to Shamy's once a year sex, I can see Sheldon replying with a comment about his sex life. He's attempting to better connect with people socially/emotionally, and this would be his attempt at doing so, replying in a way he thought was connected to the conversation. Wasn't it Penny who once praised him with a response like "That was almost on topic. I'm going to say 'good job' Sheldon"?
  14. Irene

    Help, I need some advice

    Have you looked into Energy Tapping, or Brain Gym? Both are quick, in the moment, physical movements or touches you can do on yourself to relieve anxiety, focus better, or self calm.
  15. Funny story. Thanks for sharing.

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