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  1. Read both chapters tonight, left you reviews and followed. Really enjoying this and so happy to see a Stuart story that has him as more than a sad sack. Looking forward to reading more.
  2. As much as I love John Lithgow, I think his height makes him a poor choice for Howard’s father.
  3. Really enjoyed this Jonny. Very in character and amusing. Would have liked more conversations about Red Dwarf though! (I'm a huge fan, lol)
  4. Agreed. "No deal" would be asexual, not homosexual.
  5. Re: cheating. I disagree that genes encode for complex social behaviour like cheating. Ducklings imprinting on the first moving animal? Sure. Human babies rooting for the nipple and instinctively sucking? Sure. Even genes giving us higher libidos, or a desire to mate with multiple partners. But cheating is a different beast. Have the "cheating" gene? Fine--don't marry, don't marry with the promise of fidelity, have a frank discussion with your spouse about opening the marriage, or ending the marriage. Maybe even seek medical assessment if your spouse's libido is exceptionally low to ensure there's not a physical or hormonal cause, and you think that's a "cause" of your wanting to cheat. All of these are viable options. But choosing to cheat--which is fundamentally about lying and being dishonest with your supposed life partner--is not ok, and not "genetically compelled". There are other behavioural options. Having those genes is no excuse for shitty behaviour.
  6. It might not be a popular answer, or the convention for a sitcom, but I actually hope she doesn't. IMO, Penny never had much of a "career" as an actress; it was more a dream. And dreams don't always come true. I find it makes her a more interesting character to deal with not achieving her acting dream, and struggling to find happiness and fulfillment elsewhere. I would like to see more stories focussed on Penny (and Lenny), though, just not this particular return-to-acting one. Because life, and stories, don't end when you marry and find financial/career success.
  7. Great start! I loved Leonard standing up to his Dad and saying things he's wanted to say for years. Looking forward to more.
  8. Exactly. Not talking about someone else's sex life in front of said person(s) isn't the same as not discussing your own sex life in front of others. As for how the lunch lady was told? If she mentioned something about birthdays, or an activity she does once a year ("I was away last week as my husband and I were visiting the grandkids, something we do once a year") or any other aspect tangentially related to Shamy's once a year sex, I can see Sheldon replying with a comment about his sex life. He's attempting to better connect with people socially/emotionally, and this would be his attempt at doing so, replying in a way he thought was connected to the conversation. Wasn't it Penny who once praised him with a response like "That was almost on topic. I'm going to say 'good job' Sheldon"?
  9. The Bronze is playing at Chinook Theatre here in Calgary--it's the largest movie house in the city, and the only location (so far) for The Bronze. Not sure about the rest of Canada.
  10. Yup. Leave it to Beaver, for example, ran for 6 seasons. At 234 episodes that's 39 episodes per season. Times have certainly changed!
  11. And even the Howardette pregnancy involved Sheldon, as they conceived on his bed. Cuz the writers had to work Sheldon in there somehow, right?
  12. Wondering about it being more than a birthday party for Sheldon. Last time Sheldon changed their relationship status he was wearing a Batman t-shirt, was he not? (When he gave Amy the RA). Call back?
  13. IIRC from reading his book, his wedding was in December, very close to Christmas, Hanukah, etc., which may have played a role in his castmates not attending.
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