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  1. His hair was real shiny covered in gel all slicked back (I think I don't remember) but parted in the middle and Sheldon's shirt was unbutton like a v neck and was tucked in and his tie was around his neck untied, his sleeves were rolled up as well. Trust me he's so handsome haha. There was even candles and the lights were dimmed down to set the mood ;p Edit: thinking about it, it was like 40s fashion clothing and hairstyle
  2. Yes he totes loves it. He turns around to sleep and Amy's behind him snuggling him while she sings another song (I think Star Trek) and Sheldon's real happy and smiling with his eyes closed. So cute! :3
  3. To me the fight wasn't that bad (Imo) sheldon asks Amy if they can drop by her apt to see how it's going and Amy is making excuses and sheldon says maybe we should complain to the manager and she keeps trying to change the conversation later sheldon Leonard and raj were in the cafeteria and said Amy's been acting weird when I asked her about her apt and Leonard says its cause she's been hiding from you that her apt been fixed already and Sheldon said I can't believe she wouldn't tell me, I shared my body with that women i even shared my Netflix password with her! He then says I have to confront her about this and Howard jumps in and says no don't tell her, save it when you do something bad and use it and Sheldon really liked that idea and Leonard's like don't do that. And Howard's like really? What if I had information about penny that u can use? He then says penny's been hidding ur collectibles little by little. Then they're back at the apt and penny and Amy walk in and Sheldon says something about her apt and she makes an excuse not to see it and then Leonard and Sheldon start talking in Klingon (idk what they said the subtitles were going real fast) and then penny and Amy start talking in their secret language and Amy says fine I lied and penny jumps in and says the only reason she lied is cause she loves you! It's called love! And Sheldon says something like well the experiment was a success and I'm open to living with Amy and Amy is happily shocked (also I think there was a scene afterwords in the comic book store and Howard asking Sheldon You love her right? and he says yes) and yada yada u know the rest haha (just wanted to clear that up even more:p) which btw I forgot Amy spooned Sheldon again hehe. God I wish I was there again haha
  4. Yes you get to see the sex dungeon. Leonard is tied up to the wall all leathered up and penny has a leather costume and whips Leonard's with a whip and the room is really dark and red it's so funny
  5. Ooo yeah haha, that Sheldon looks like jack skeleton and Raj's like that's who you look like (they were at the cafeteria eating)
  6. I loved everything! Haha besides the whole shamy thing I loved Raj's storyline it was so cute and Penny and Leonard being a happy married couple is everything! It made me laugh when penny asked Leonard why he doesn't eat broccoli (cause raj is eating it to watch his figure since he met Essabella) Leonard's like I'm married I don't need to watch my figure and continues to gobble up his food
  7. Ooooo I forgot to add also when Amy, Penny and Leonard were walking up stars (Amy's been avoiding him for 3hrs) She sees a freakin road of rose pedals leading up to there apt!! And Leonard's like, have fun what's behind door number two and they go back to there place and Amy opens the door and walks in and then sees more rose pedals leading to him and omg he's dressed sooo sexy haha he's all covered in gel and has a tie untied with a white collard shirt with plaid pants and has a glass of whine and Sheldon's all seductively saying hello;) and offers whine and she says no thank you and he says good it's disgusting and says he got calone on that smells like dear something (I don't remember) and she says no wonder it smells like a petting zoo and he says oooo u wanna pet something? Not my hair tho it's covered in goop Haha (they taped that many times so idk if they're gonna add that) then Amy's had enough n leaves and he says "she'll be back.....she lives here" all sexy like Ha, yes
  8. It was just a peck but it was so cute
  9. Ima also add that when Amy said ur crazy were not making a baby right now Sheldons like "ah I see ur playing hard to get ;)" he then drops a pencil and bends over to get it and pops his booty out and Amy is just like no and walks away and Sheldon says did u even look at my bottom!? haha
  10. By the way Amy is rejecting Sheldon in episode 8 is cause she doesn't want to get pregnant righ now (just to clear that up) Tonight's episode is called The Brain Bowl Incubation
  11. Yeah episode 7 is when Sheldon finds out that that Amy has been lying to him that they're still working on her apt but it's been fixed 2 weeks ago (berny said it) and penny confronts her and says it's true but please don't tell Sheldon and penny covers it up in front of Sheldon and Leonard and they speak Klingon to be sneaky (cause penny's been hidding his collectibles little by little so they're arguing to) and so Amy and penny start talking in Amy's made up language and the whole coversation is real funny then at the end Amy apologizes and Sheldon says that he is opened to living with her. Leonard and penny then say omg then we can change Sheldons room into anything they want and Sheldons like but that's my room and penny says but u won't be paying rent anymore and Sheldon says yeah but that's still my room. Next Sheldon and Amy are getting ready for bed and they kiss goodnight (ahhhh!!!!) and Sheldon starts to talk about living in her apt or like somewhere far and starts to panic about the mole in the new house and if he doesn't like it and it's so cute cause Amy starts to calm him down with Star Wars theme songs and Sheldon falls asleep and has a dream that Leonard and penny turned his room into a sex dungeon haha ( I forgot what happens next I'm sorry!!) No that was episode 8
  12. No haha but at the end Sheldon tried to seduce her even more and sheldon came in thru the door And sheldon turned his music on his phone and dannced the flamingo all sexually and Amy said ur insane and closed the door behind her and she looked soooo turned on and said that was so close
  13. Penny and Leonard decorated there room but penny made it all girly but Leonard wasn't happy but as long as penny liked it, it was OK haha and Raj has a new love interest and asked her out and gave her a dinner in his office but Howard walked in and said oh hi your the instronemer and she said Raj u were embarrassed of me cause I work as a cleaner? Raj appoligized and she accepted it, it was so sweet guysc:
  14. In the beggining Sheldon and Amy we're doing an experiment combining there skin cells and sheldon was real excited about it like they created a child and Sheldon was lIke you know what the next step is don't ya? And Amy said yeah put them in the incubater and sheldon said nooo we close the door and drop our pants and make a baby
  15. Omg guys I was at the taping and sheldon was being seductive to amy ass fuck!!! Haha
  16. Actually he has the golf ball cause his brother hit him with it on his head for telling his brother that a pinecone looks like (something sciencetific I don't remember!) n left a dent on his head. He also has the pinecones saved in a box too
  17. I also love how that they're at the storage room and they're sitting next to each other on the table like 2 lil kids in love. It's so simple but yet ahhhh it's to cute
  18. I'm sorry I confused you guys haha I meant that when Sheldon ran off to the bathroom, Leonard said "I should go talk to him" Amy said "maybe it's best I should talk to him, I did see him with no pants on" and Leonard said "no offense but I did too" and Amy said "yeah well he's seen ME pants less too!" Leonard said "no offense but I di- *gets cut off by penny* "ILL GO talk to him!" (Hope that clears it up a bit more I don't remember the whole conversation!)
  19. Oh btw! I forgot to add when shamy were talking on skype Amy said something (sorry I forgot what she said) Sheldon then replies "I missed when there was still mystery in the relationship" I laughed so hard haha (; *nudge nudge, wink wink*
  20. Melissa missed up in beginning multiple times. Laura missed up too cause she laughed at Melissa. They had to redo the scenes many times, also there was a bang real loud (I guess something fell) and they redid it again Kaley grabbed Jim and danced with him it was really cute! Jim was talking to kunal and had a shocked face and gasped and turned to Johnny and he laughed. It was so funny Also right before they called action, Jim laughed in the cutest way possible :3 and everyone laughed Jim and Johnny hugged before a scene. That was sweet too! I was only watching Jim (obsessed haha) so don't remember seeing other interactions
  21. Hi! I was at the taping today it was a hilarious episode. It's called The Empathy Optimization So the scene starts off with penny, Bernadette and Emily setting up dinner. They start talking about superheroes and the guys are in the kitchen looking at them in shock then penny starts talking about how hot Ben Affleck is and they're no longer in shock Sheldon then comes in his pjs saying how he's feeling better.from a cold. And no one seems to care cause he's been treating them mean (cuts to a montage of Sheldon being a pain in the ass to everyone's that's trying to help him) cuts back to Sheldon " I still didn't get my chicken noodle soup" Later at the comic book store Leonard, Howard and raj. They start talking about how they need a road trip away from Sheldon in a party bus. Raj then says "as long as we don't have to have coitus with him I'm in" Next is Sheldon over hears lenny talking going away to Vegas. Sheldon finds out he's not invited cause he's mean. Sheldon then says he's going to start an apology tour Sheldon is then skyping Amy while she's still at away from a trip. He starts telling her how he's not invited cause supposedly he's mean and Amy starts teaching Sheldon to be more caring which is real funny cause he acts out how to be caring and in the end, he ends up to actually care which is real sweet Sheldon then comes to Leonard and apologizes to him Leonard accepts his apology Sheldon then goes to Howard's house and apologizes to Bernadette and Howard and gives them these blue t shirts that says Sheldon apologized and his face on it, it's real funny! And takes a picture of them and starts playing an instrument which howard says "stop" and Sheldon says "that's 8hrs of practice down the drain" Later Sheldon apologized to penny while she's in the shower and tells her to wear the t-shirt and penny screams for him to get out Then he goes to raj n apologizes to him and Emily in a insulting way. Raj accepts it but Emily doesn't. She gets mad and leaves Next raj comes into Sheldon and Leonard's saying Wats wrong with you Sheldon says he'll go apologize. Penny Howard raj Leonard all say noooo Next they're at the party bus and Sheldon pops out from the bathroom and scares everybody and they all say u couldn't let us have one week?! Stuart then pops out which was so hilarious. Emily is still mad at him. Sheldon then apologizes to her and he then leaves. Sheldon says come on Stuart. He says he wants to stay. Sheldon screams "now Stuart!" They get off the bus. Leonard had a change of heart n invites him back. Only Sheldon though haha The tag was raj dancing in a stripper pole while penny's digging money into his pants I apologize if I got the order wrong or have missed a few things
  22. Hi, I wanted get tickets today but when they were released they were gone after only a couple seconds, does that mean they're sold out already that quick? Or should I keep checking to see if they'll put more later today?
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