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  1. I agree with this so much and I think it is a point that is missed by many. I think the times where Amy had complained about the lack of physical intimacy in their relationship made people think she was a lot more sex crazy than she actually was. I think a lot of it had to do with having the experience and of course falling in love with Sheldon. But, I think people are equating her sex drive with what is considered "normal" when it's probably more likely that she is closer to Sheldon's that some people would like to admit. I just think it is hard for people to wrap their mind people that have lower sex drives.
  2. I don't think it was intended to be a joint couples trip, so which couples are more alike doesn't matter here. Not to mention that being more alike doesn't automatically make them closer friends. Penny picked someone to go with her instead of Leonard. Bernie has a newborn at home. And whether some here like it or not, Penny and Amy are very close. I think it makes sense that Amy went with her.
  3. Why would it have been better with Bernie?
  4. I wouldn't have a RA in my relationship, but I think, at least for a little while, it worked for Shamy. Whether or not it will work for Lenny will depend on a lot of things. What kinds of things are in this RA? How strict is it? Maybe it's just more of an outline for structure. Who knows? We'll have to see how they play this out.
  5. Maybe that will happen. I'm just not really sure what that has to do with what I was saying.
  6. I don't have any blinders on. Yes, there is a lot of focus on Sheldon. But that doesn't mean that TPTB are trying to turn Lenny into Shamy. Just because people use a similar technique does not mean that they will employee said technique in the same way or that they will have the same result. Shamy and Lenny are fundamently different people/couples. RA or not, Lenny will never work like Shamy and Shamy will never work like Lenny. And, it looks like this was Lenny's suggestion and Sheldon didn't offer up any advice to fix their relationship (unless you want to count Sheldon being snarky to Leonard). Sheldon didn't fix shit. Sheldon just helped them do something that they asked of him. I don't think I'm the one with blinders one.
  7. I was responding to a comment that someone refuses to watch Lenny turn into Shamy 2.0. My point is that there was nothing in the TR to suggest that was the case and the person who went to the tape also said that wasn't the case. I'm not trying to convince anyone that this will be a good storyline for Lenny or that them having a relationship agreement will be good for them.
  8. And that's fair. And Sheldon and Amy's crazy contract worked for them because it spoke to their specific brand of crazy. There is no reason to believe the same things will be in Lenny's agreement.
  9. That may be so. However, that is no way means they are trying to turn Lenny into Shamy. All that means is they decided to use a technique that Sheldon has used in the past and see if it will work for them.
  10. She says in her post that they aren't trying to be like Shamy or that the goal is to turn them into Shamy. And I didn't see anything in the original TR to suggest that was the case, either. Just that they asked Sheldon to help them write up a relationship agreement. No one said that agreement mirrored Shamy's and wasn't based on who Lenny are as a couple. Looks to me like they want to get back to what Lenny are all about.
  11. I disagree here. I think it was a really crappy thing to say and I am sure hurtful for Sheldon to hear from his mother of all people. There is a difference between Mary maybe saying that she didn't think he would ever come around to wanting to be in a relationship and saying that because of the personality and the traits he displayed at the ripe old age of 3 that she pretty much came to the conclusion that no woman would want to be with him. It's also one thing to go through life making the "choice" to remain single and focus on other things and another to have you mother, again, believe that no one would find you worthy to be in a relationship with should you choose to do so. I don't believe there was any intended malice on Mary's part in feeling the way that she felt. But that doesn't mean that Sheldon doesn't have every right to be offended and/or hurt by all.
  12. But that story was about Leonard and Sheldon. That's the issue with counting screen time. Yes Shamy might have been in scenes together, but it wasn't about them. Not even a little bit.
  13. Why should they ask her? Amy had no personal stake in 4A. She can support Sheldon if he decides that's, where he wants to live and she is on board. But as far as Lenny are concerned, they owe Amy nothing in regards to that apartment .
  14. To be fair, he discussed with her options about where they would live together, then had his freak out. However, at no point it is shown that Sheldon made the decision to live in 4B without Amy's input. Hell, we are still not 100% sure that's where they are gonna stay because we haven't been told. Odd to be upset about a scenario that we don't know happened. So far this has been portrayed as a joint venture for the 2 of them. Jumping to the logic that she suddenly had no say in the matter is rather odd.
  15. I think everyone, at the end of the day, is responsible for the changes they make in life. The progression that Sheldon has made over the years is because, no matter long it might have taken him, he choose to take the steps to improve upon what he believed he needed to improve on. Amy and the rest could be the best people in the world, but if Sheldon doesn't allow their influences, it means nothing. Also, Amy is more than just Sheldon's savior. It should not be hers or anyone else's on the shows burden to make Sheldon better. I think there are some who think of Amy as more than just Sheldon's girlfriend and think she has a worth as a character all her own. But what I think @serena_1995's main point is that it is rather insulting to characterize Sheldon has someone who was half a man, just because he didn't approach life and relationships the way others have. Now, that doesn't mean he doesn't have deeper issues that may make him feel that way. But sometimes it is presented on the show that the basics, the surface, of who Sheldon is needed for him to change so he can be a "real boy". He was always a real boy, a real person with perfectly valid methods in the way he lived his life. He shouldn't be better now because he has a girlfriend, is in love, and had sex. He should be in a good place (and/or be better) because he found something that makes him happy that just so happens to be his girlfriend, who he is in love with and had sex with.
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