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  1. It's the only acceptable ship outside of the canon ships, LOL.
  2. How do you know she didn't meet them? The meeting with Sheldon didn't end at the corner. While we didn't see it, I think we can make an assumption that she was at the least introduce to them. And even if you don't count that because you didn't see it on screen, then you can say that she met Penny first.
  3. Actually, she met Raj and Howard first. She was speaking fondly about how the group took her in and Leonard played a big role in that.
  4. I think the two of them alone together is rather weird for them, but yes if someone asked if the other was their friend they would say yes. When talking to Lucy about meeting the group and them excepting her, after Sheldon, Leonard was the first person she mentioned.
  5. I think the tedious thing is the one that sticks out. But they haven't really dissected exactly the things that Amy didn't like about Leonard, just that she wasn't really a big fan. I think she likes him fine now, but you can tell she still finds spending time with him to be a lot of work. From Leonard's stand point, he has seemed to warm up to her a bit more over the years. A lot of this is my perception of where their relationship is now.
  6. I think the two would consider themselves friends now, but they are the least close of any two pairings in the group, except maybe Sheldon and Bernie. But I do think that some of the things that caused them not to be fans of each other in the beginning are still there, especially the things about Leonard that turned Amy off.
  7. No matter what you personally think of Amy and how she acted verses how Leonard acted, he still did not make a great first impression on Amy. I think is was part of the joke that she was obnoxious and Leonard was friendly and kind to her, yet she was the one complaining about how tedious and such that he was.
  8. That pizza is kinda gross. Glad I ate before the taping. lol
  9. Maybe they did. But her shirt wouldn't be any more likely to change if they didn't.
  10. I haven't seen the episode so no comment on that. But she probably is wearing a uniform. She would be wearing the same shirt every day. They have a uniform at my bar and many other restaurants I've worked at.
  11. I don't think it is. The writers are playing Sheldon as clueless to such things. It isn't like he's been getting everything this season, but just here he reverted back. I may agree that the joke of Sheldon being this clueless has been played to death and it's time to move on from it. But they haven't. So whether I like it or not, this is still very much a part of Sheldon's characterization. Not to mention, I know people who aren't nearly as clueless as Sheldon who didn't get the phrase "birthday suit" when they first heard it. As far as other hints and mentions, I was talking about in the span of all episodes, post coitus.
  12. While I would believe either situation (once or multiple times), I don't think Sheldon Cooper, of all people, not understanding a saying suggests anything about their activities. I do think the ease and comfort in which Amy suggested such a thing can suggest that it is not a taboo thing for them and that her getting to see him naked is a regular possibility these days. But there have been a few things that can suggest they are doing it and at the same time not. So really, no one knows.
  13. I thought the episode was nice, but nothing spectacular. I loved the Sheldon/Penny bathroom scene. Dealing with anxiety is scary and difficult and a lot of times people don't understand why you are panicking over something that seems so simple and silly. I loved that she basically told him that if the most comfortable place for him to be on his birthday was hiding in the bathroom, then that's what he should do. I really appreciated that. Other than that, Kripke never fails to make me laugh.
  14. Never denied that. Who would? But he also has good traits about him. He isn't all bad.
  15. Don't get too excited. He's still my favorite and I still love him. But I am under no delusions about his habit of taking advantage of people when the opportunity presents itself.
  16. That is different than not being able to take care of himself. He can cook for himself, clean after himself, do his own laundry, shop for himself, and find a way to get around himself if need be. He likes for people to cater to him and he takes advantage of people's willingness to do so. To the point where he thinks he's owed that. That is not the same as not being able to take care of oneself.
  17. Sheldon actually can take care if himself, very well in fact. It's not like he's Howard and needs someone to clothe, feed and clean up after him. I think you are mistaking not being able to care of himself with taking advantage of people's willingness to do things for him.
  18. Except he didn't request she stay. She suggested and offered and he accepted. That being said, no matter how much we all hate it, Lenny live there and she can shower there whenever she wants.
  19. Yes to all this. Right now, could change, I think my favorite exchange is as follows: Sheldon: "who wants to see me beat up the bartender? " Leonard: "I'd enjoy seeing that. " Sheldon: "Nah. She's a good kid."
  20. The thing you have to remember is that the writers never assigned him a specific sexuality. There's nothing to convert. What you see is who Sheldon is and who they want him to be.
  21. Enjoying how happy Amy looks in all these pics. And I know many will disagree, but I love the Sheldon and Penny hug. Very sweet.
  22. If it makes you feel better, the writers said pretty much right away that they likely wouldn't wait until her next birthday. There also seems to be a few pieces of dialog in up coming episodes that suggests they haven't waited. I'm waiting until I see the episodes before I decide for sure.
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