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  1. But, let's remember that Raj was drunk as well. It's not like he had all his wits about him. Basically, they both got drunk and got carried away. I almost sense this implication that Raj was actively pursuing sleeping with her and kept the info from her on purpose. Instead of, you know, both of them continuing to drink and comfort each other and things got out of hand. Raj is no more or less responsible than Penny in all of this. Just two people who used poor or lack of judgement.
  2. Every single bit of this. A million times yes. It is rather disheartening to read the responses to this issue.
  3. Thinking too much. Mayim's fishnets and docs are the same as in the pic on Jim's shirt.
  4. Loving Mayim's fishnets and her doc martens.
  5. It was her and Matthew Perry, not LeBlanc.
  6. I'm actually thinking this will be a Shelnard plot, focusing on their paper. Then a B plot set in the comic book store.
  7. Yep. Saw a video on this about a week ago.
  8. Sheldon has been drunk twice in the last two seasons. Both being this season, and the first time it wasn't even that big of a deal. Let's not act like they have him drunk all the time.
  9. Because it's not very strong at all. I often get asked where I'm from because to Southerners I don't have a southern accent. But when I visit the Midwest, I get teased about my Southern accent.
  10. Being raised in a household with people speaking in a certain accent can have an effect. Her NY accent isn't very strong at all. You can hear it in certain words. She seems to have a mix of both. I've mostly lived in the South, while both my parents were born and raised in the Midwest. I have a mixture of both accents.
  11. I voted disappointing. I was at this taping and I was left feeling a bit empty about it (and other things about the episode). Like Maddie said, I love when things are understated. The small wedding in Vegas could have been great. But, the interruption of it kinda ruined it for me. They could have given it the care it deserved after 9 years in this same setting. The vows were great, however. **Just want to add, that even though this is probably my least favorite episode this season, the experience of being at the taping was great. I feel bad when I complain about the episode because it really was worth the money and time to be there.
  12. But she does drink. It's part of the episode. She may not want to get hammered or something. But Sheldon knows exactly how she likes her whiskey, which tells me she drinks often.
  13. I voted #2 because, while I very strongly believe that she shouldn't apologize for the breakup or for hurting him (which essentially leads to the same conclusion), I would love for her to acknowledge the fact that he was totally broken over this. Even if it is just to herself. I think it is very important for her to understand what was at stake here. I also think it will help her better understand her part in this. Why didn't she know how irreplaceable she was for him and how deeply he was in love with her and her part in that communication breakdown? She needs to know that even when you do what you feel is right for yourself, that decisions have consequences, good and bad. She has to live and learn from the knowledge that her actions pretty much destroyed him. And he has to live and learn from the knowledge that his actions lead her to that. I think that the show has shown that Sheldon now gets that. They haven't really shown, or shown well, that Amy does. But I'm also not convinced that she doesn't get it. As with much of this, we know little of her side.
  14. About the moonpie stuff, that wasn't info that Sheldon offered up to anyone. Penny found out by reading his letters from meemaw causing him to lose his shit and nearly have an aneurysm. Let's not act like went up to Leonard and Penny and was like, "hey, guess what my meemaw calls me."
  15. My two favorite shows together. I wish Matthew Perry could have made it.
  16. Nope. For the most part I liked it. There are some issues (hard to suspend logic on Sheldon's birthday stuff and escape room thing went no where). But I enjoyed the "Shenny" scenes. But I also enjoy their friendship and I'm not threatened by Shenny-centric stuff. I also feel like I was one of a select few that shrugged off the Shenny dream kiss from the moment we heard about it from the taping report.
  17. It's actually not the first time. The first time is one of my all time favorites in Isolation Permutation. He can't focus on anything other than getting in touch with Amy.
  18. That doesn't mean she didn't end up eating the last one.
  19. I'm sure most people watch sitcoms to laugh. However, I don't see any way that the destruction of 4 relationships on this show to make Shenny happen can be anything less than heartbreaking. At this point, I don't think it could remain an ensemble show. In the first 2 or 3 seasons, maybe they could have made it work. Now, I see nothing funny about the potential heartbreak.
  20. "How I Met Your Mother Amy But Was Secretly In Love With My Neighbor Penny" lol God, that finale was so awful. So awful that a lot of people are paranoid about every shows finale.
  21. This is all from the taping tonight and not the playback from last week? What brought on this conversation?
  22. Oh, I agree with this too. He seems to be someone who just can't help calling people out or saying something about the nastiness and abuse. Again, while I will miss his post, it might be better for him to just remove himself.
  23. LOL, that little sigh she does when she sees it's him. I bet someone had a teenage crush on him
  24. While relaying this to a friend, I started to get more an more irritated by it. While I enjoy his posts on IG, I am less worried about if he ever posts again and more worried about this increasing trend that people think they are entitled to know every little thing about every's life. And it is more than just celebrities at this point. We are not entitled to know about their friendship. Instead of enjoying that they that do share some stuff with us, some crazy people demand more. Jim and Mayim are not Sheldon and Amy. They are real people, with real private lives. Leave them to it.
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