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  1. Hmmm, well, I have way too many to list as well but judging from what you have at the top I would suggest Higurashi no Naku Kora NI and Madoko Majica. I mostly like 90's anime though and have a few I could give you from then if you are interested.
  2. This is such sad news to hear. I didn't know her personally and have never spoken with her but it was due to her that I got to go to a taping with a great group of friends at the beginning of the season. Her generosity and kindness has not gone unnoticed. Just from reading all of the comments on the board occasionally I could tell that she was a very kind person. It's always so upsetting when someone goes so young. My condolences to those of you that knew her personally and her friends and family as well.
  3. It's been ages since I last commented in here. Just wanted to pop in and say the last word looks like "Communication." That is all. *slinks back to lurking status*
  4. Kerrycec03, TheShamyShipper, myself, and Cassalia at an Asian Fusion restaurant in New Jersey. We understood our food.
  5. That article is going in a frame next to my signed program, picture of us under TBBT poster, and my pic of Jim commented on our shirts on IG. I can't believe it......
  6. *leaves work to ravenously find copy of TV guide*
  7. Oh wow, I didn't realize I sent it to all of you. *crawls under s rock* Such a lush.......
  8. Oh jeez.......I found it on my phone. Oh dear lord........
  9. I said this in the last season thread, but I picture them having one more conversation though the wall the night someone moves out.
  10. Myself, Jiab, kerrycec03, and frankie causing mischief in NYC. And apparently I don't know how to post a picture the right way........
  11. This thread is for any members who have met other forum members to post pictures or anything else about their encounter they do not mind sharing! Make sure you have permission from the member before posting their picture. This is myself(right) and kerrycec03 heading out to meet frankie and Jiab in Manhattan!
  12. Nothing important to say, just dropping in here to flash off my new sig banner. :D Writing this from 6 feet under.
  13. I like being spoiled because spoiled people like us get two freak out fangirl sessions. One with the TR and one when the episode airs. Spoiler free only get one freak out.
  14. So, I was talking with ShamyShipper earlier today and she mentioned something else about the Prom episode. Sheldon eludes to "making whoopie" some way. She does not mention the context). It got me thinking, we have another Shamy food to add to our list! We have brownies, French fries, avacadoes, and now WHOOPIE PIES.
  15. Are you all TRYING to kill people? There will be a serious gap in the fandom if all the Shamy fans are killed off with showing everything you are suggesting. In other words, I am totally fine with dying........
  16. Pretty sure it's after his panic attack. We will have to wait for ShamyShipper to clarify.
  17. *drums fingers and taps foot* Is it October 30th yet?
  18. I don't think most people were expecting an ILY this soon. Hell, The most I was expecting was a Shamy dance! THIS?!? No way...... I need to get out of this forsaken workplace today, I can't think straight. Not to mention, waking up at 4am to check for the taping report and wake up Shamy Shipper.
  19. I have been working all day with a big, goofy smile. Not even cranky patients can bring me down. I admit, I got overwhelmed with feels at one point, ran to the bathroom and jumped up and down and squeed.
  20. I don't wanna go to work! I want to stay, break my lurking status, and fangirl hard!
  21. This is only episode 7, too. I wonder what the rest of the season will hold........
  22. I am legit crying and sobbing. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THEOUGH THIS DAY?!?!? I have to get ready for work in an hour. I'm not ready for this. Somebody slap me ILY and a slap on the butt. I need serious help right now.
  23. Holy crap.....well, there goes my sleep. OMG I don't what to do with myself.......
  24. Wait, wait, wait......someone please tell me this is legit because I just read this and can't go back to sleep and need to be up in an hour. FREAKING OUT.........
  25. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but seriously flipping in my head that we will see Shamy dancing again. Someone needs to bring me down so I don't crash. Help. Shamy feels have taken over. This is an emergency.
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