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  1. Now that I know what's going to happen,throughout the episode I was like this: http://i.imgur.com/JntGgTN.gif
  2. I'm sooooo happy about this!! Now I just need an episode in which Shamy can't keep their hands off each other so the rest of the group gets annoyed and then I can die in peace
  3. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! I just read it,I nearly had a heard attack
  4. Damn,this episode was heart-breaking...Poor Sheldon
  5. I didn't like this episode,especially the part where Sheldon's friends(mainly Howard and Raj,Penny is Amy's bestie as well) helped his ex meet new guys...Not cool!
  6. That was the funniest episode in years!I haven't laughed so much with TBBT since season 5...
  7. The episode with Shamy's first date(The Robotic Manipulation) is on TV right now...Good times
  8. I forgot there was a taping today...I wish I hadn't remembered HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO SHAMY??
  9. I feel the same way,I think they will drag this out as long as they can...Propably the whole season
  10. I loved the episode,with the exception of the first scene of course. The Shenny kiss will haunt me forever...
  11. Hey guys,what's the San Fransisco trip?Am I missing something?
  12. Sheldon calls his mum and tells her to remove Amy from her daily prayers(unless she prays for a beehive to fall on her head lol).She asks what happened and Sheldon tells her about the break-up.He also says that he should send the ring back to her because he's done with women(It's like when I swore off pop-rocks,they both hurt you on purpose).Then she asks him if he wants to talk about it but he dismisses it because she's gonna say it's all God's plan...Mary thinks that he should hold on to it because his sister is married and there's no way she's letting the whore his brother is dating have her grandmother's ring(Wasn't Mary Magdalene a woman of ill repute,asks Sheldon,when your idiot brother redeems mankind he can date whoever he wants replies Mary). It's official,Shamy has broken up...I knew it was coming but it still hurt I loooooooved the scene with Sheldon's mum,I knew he had the ring for while and didn't buy it just because Amy was upset!
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