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  1. How was Amy talking about 'heat-of-the-moment" Sheldon?
  2. Have you read Science of Love? It's very good and lengthy. Concession is awesome. I think it's my favorite. Also anything by hazelra7. She rocks!
  3. Thanks for the reports! I had to look for the definition of "birthday suit" and... saucy, saucy Amy... To the Sin Closet!
  4. This Batgirl thing is brilliant... If it isn't in the episode, there should be a fanfic! A really graphic one...
  5. Hi, guys! This is really exciting! I'm going through a break-up right now, and it's just so nice to see at least Shamy is happy. These incredible news along with your comments really lifted my spirit this morning. So, thanks! and let's celebrate!!!!!
  6. I just can't see my Shelly like this... Makes me wanna cry!
  7. So that guy was really her date. If Mayim said there'll be developments in the date department. I'm gonna cry!
  8. I just hope this guy isn't some kind of "old flame" like someone she used to like in college or something
  9. This is becoming a support group. And I love it! Thanks for your insights, guys. You actually make me feel better.
  10. What a sad day I have ahead of me... The dangerous thing about this PLOT is that it might make viewers hate Amy. I know I don't like her right now...
  11. I completely agree! He looked HOT in that scene...
  12. I'm surprised I really enjoyed this episode! It was really funny. Jim was on fire! I LOL at "I recently got married." Congratulations! To Sheldon?"
  13. I didn't see that last interview you guys are talking about. He actually said they won't be dating other people?
  14. If Sheldon saw me looking at this picture he'd say: "Stop staring at my legs!"
  15. On the topic of fanfics, hazelra's Six Sheldons is amazing!
  16. Thanks for the report and all the info we got! so, if Amy didn't pierce her ears before because of the RA, does that mean the RA no longer exists?
  17. Mayim posted a picture with the actress That's going to play Mandy on Instagram. Apparently they don't have any scenes together. That's a relief!
  18. That quote was truly heartbreaking... Can anyone remember what Molaro said last year? Cause I remember a lot "spoilers" but everyone was surprised to see Sheldon back on the first episode. That means we know nothing about it!
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