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  1. The episode might have something to do with Leonard since his mother will be there
  2. Yeah it's usually where you're raised. Maybe she spent time on the East Coast. Coming from someone who lives here, her accent does not sound like West coast. Kaley seems to have more of a California accent than Mayim.
  3. She was raised in California, but both of her parents are from New York. She has said herself that she has a bit of an accent.
  4. Are Audiences Unlimited getting rid of Standby tickets? I noticed they did not release any for 10/6 and they also updated their rules. Or....they might just be releasing them on a different day now. New rules say: STANDBY TICKETS: Sometime (possibly on a random day) after the allotment of priority admission tickets has been distributed for each show date, we will then post and release a limited number of STANDBY tickets for the same show date. Standby ticket holders will be issued line numbers at check in and admitted accordingly on a first-come, first-served, basis as space allows once the
  5. Remember when Bill Prady tweeted about the pronunciation of "lever"? https://twitter.com/billprady/status/633720356587610112 Well, in this episode the boys argue over it and Sheldon and Raj say Leever and Howard and Leonard say Lehver
  6. There are still some standby tickets left for 8/25! Spread the word http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php
  7. There are still some standby tickets available! http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/xsl/shows/browserecord.xsl?-lay=Form+View&-recid=15357&-find=-find
  8. I will be at the finale taping and I just hope something big happens. Whether it's Shamy, Lenny, Howardette or Raj and Emily. I'm just hoping for a really good finale,
  9. I agree that the fade out means something big is going to happen. They did it in the prom episode too after Leonard said "You don't have hormones." It will be a cliffhanger for sure.
  10. I'm glad Amy was able to help Sheldon feel better by suggesting the fort idea. Fort episode = cute !! Just hope they kiss in the finale!!
  11. I think Sheldon always ordered the BBQ bacon cheeseburger. BBQ, bacon, and cheese on the side
  12. Also forgot to mention that when Leonard and Penny are walking down the stairs with their luggage, Penny asks "I wonder if we can visit your mom." I forgot what Leonard said though. I just know it was a joke Leonard would have probably introduced Penny to the rest of his family, I'm assuming
  13. Last two tapings were not shamy, but this just means something good in episode 23 or 24! I can't wait to see what happens
  14. The tag scene is also hilarious because Howard finally gets the drone working but it ends up flying everywhere and knocking down everything in the apartment. It flies right into Sheldon's face and he screams, then it flies right into Leonard and Penny in the hallway. Leonard's commencement speech was really great. I don't remember word for word but I think he talked about being different and embracing that, and Penny was with him on Skype too. Leonard faced the webcam on her, and she said something like "Stay in school kids" Bernadette was in a few scenes too. She gave Howard a part he nee
  15. I was also at the taping of "The Communication Deterioration." In my opinion, that episode wasn't as exiting, especially when it was played back yesterday. It's an OK episode, just not as exiting. The episode taped last night was just laugh out loud funny and NOT boring at all. Howard and Sheldon are hilarious together. Raj and his parents were funny, and it was good to see Leonard and Penny so happy together. Penny was exited to go with Leonard to New Jersey, and Leonard really wanted to show her his old stomping grounds. When Penny found out that they weren't going, she seemed really dis
  16. Sorry can't go into chat. Have to get to bed early. Will post more tomorrow. Melissa was in a few scenes. Mayim was only in the first scene.
  17. Hi everyone. I was at the taping tonight. Episode is titled "The Graduation Transmission". Leonard is asked to make an inspirational commencement speech at his old high school in New Jersey. As Penny and Leonard are about to leave for New Jersey, the flight gets cancelled due to weather. Meanwhile, Raj splurges his rent money on a helicopter toy drone. His father finds out and decides to take away his allowance. Howard and Sheldon are working on calibrating the helicopter. Howard wants to take it apart and fix it. When Raj comes to pick up the helicopter from Howard and Sheldon to return it
  18. I just uploaded the video on YT. I don't know if I can post a link but the title is "Sheldon and Amy hug after talking about Mars."
  19. You should definitely walk from the hotel because sometimes they have you valet your car on the roof and it can be a hassle
  20. I'm a shamy shipper, but I don't really have a problem with tonights episode. I saw it at the Colonization taping and it really wasn't bad. I actually liked it. There are some shamy shippers that don't have a problem with it
  21. Promo is on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAH5170f3As
  22. I have a feeling something big will happen for Shamy in the finale
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