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  1. Agreed. Been a sad story with those two lately. You explained why better than I ever could. But on a positive note Lenny and Howardette were good, mostly thanks to the acting (writers should really bless their happy star or whatever for all of them, without, the'd long be you know, attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped hellically around an axis)
  2. It was once a clever, science related sitcom with everyday troubles (relationships included) showing up here and there. Now it's a soap opera of the two, with some science/geek related babble I guess so CBS doesn't have to change show's description or well, whateves. And the other characters? I feel like I don't have enough energy to vent about them. Why on earth would Sheldon make an RA for them? I don't have a wall big enough, to bang my head against.
  3. Debate Zone

    Such a great post! My neck hurts from all of that approving nodding
  4. In the spirit of new season I'll try to believe you I have a hope for the two...at least till Lorre finds a new way to poop all over it. I'm sure gang would miss it horribly. That kind of warning should be enforced for the sake of all those around Dr. Sheldon Cooper.
  5. Isn't Amy's life-fullfilling journey of treating Sheldon's various characteristics (PTSD, or well...whatever they just ran into while watching Dr. Phil) the story of theirs for some time now already ?
  6. In the spirit of ff awards and those who can't be praised since they are outside the forum I'd like to remind one of best ff was recently finished - April's in Paris Book Club series. So for those who haven't read it yet and as I do, like to enjoy the whole ride at once, give it a go. It's truly extraordinary
  7. Ship Zone

    To be honest, I was quite creeped out by the fact the guy she was about to get intimate like three seconds ago, is now cheering for them to get together. It was spooky to say at least.And one of the reasons I'm trying to bleach the way they got together out of my brain. But then Stephen is great actor, I enjoy his other roles very much. The train kiss always will be special. No kiss ever made me stare at the screen with my mouth open for good ten seconds. (Or join fandom). Writing or acting...it was beautiful
  8. Hmm...that's hard. Two episodes I don't really like that much against two/three I'd put in my top five anytime..
  9. Cheating. As much as I love Leonard, there writers just went way too far.
  10. Yep. Great point. Miss it too...oh,the old times...
  11. Well it might be popular opinion sure, still, in what I watched in BBT universe while Leonard lived with Sheldon for seven years, he got his head bitten off for changing the thermostat for two degrees. In half a time with Amy, he went on all the romantic dates, accept all sorts of hand holding, hugging, even kissing without much consequences, other than rolling eyes. By the time I hope Leonard and Penny had at least opportunity to whistle once upon a time and take a cup of milk without a hissy fit, Sheldon was busy roleplaying coitus and kissing his girlfriend. Not to mention he always found a way how to blame any wrong doings of Amy, to the poor two. I'm sure he values their presence in his life very much, but I never saw him bending his own rules so much for them as he does for Amy, I mean come on, after how much it is? Thirteen years or so of living with him Leonard still can't miss an agreement meeting without going through a living hell. How is that prioritizing somebody? That's what I saw in canon, and that's why, this opinion seems to me like bending the actual show quite a bit.
  12. Always when there's that time somebody goes "hey...you know Amy is not/ was not so important for Sheldon.." I'm having the same question that's been asked here over and over - did you guys watched the first three seasons?
  13. It looks like number of writers and with that quality stories slimmed this year, but it would still to have the tradition here
  14. big bang theory season finale

    If she's inclining somewhere I'd say agnostic or atheistic but for what I saw I'd more say she's simply indifferent towards religions in general.
  15. My thoughts go with our French friends. May our beautiful Europe be the peaceful, fearless wonderland again soon. It's truly maddening what's happening with the world in general these days, let's preserve our humanity - be united and land a hand as much as we can.