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  1. ty very much i did some video clip too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1zkGR0qK697ggP32RNmqg Enjoy
  2. Sheldon and Leonard after the Last Jedi
  3. lol very funny, now i have to do a game on this ;-)
  4. do you like my game at least ? Nobody plays ? it's funny, trust me ! BAZINGA !
  5. Hi everybody, i worked a lot on this, i can improve if you like my game ! Sheldon Kart 2/3 minutes download on Firefox
  6. Play the GAMe ! 2/3 minutes of Download with Firefox ! Sheldon Kart
  7. the game will be playable soon (save Highscore to manage) click here to see preview :-)
  8. YOU CAN PLAY HERE ! Wait 2/3 minutes to download the game ! Sheldon Kart I'm going to finish my TBBT car Game, you soon can play ! catch all the bazinga cubes you can see a preview of my game on the video below, download will be ready soon ! game in progress
  9. anybody want to play this game ?
  10. hi everybody ! see my beta test of TBBT race game ! https://t.co/dAwcc6YTH7

  11. hi everybody, I'm making a Race Car Game with Sheldon, Leonard and Penny ! Plz give your impression, do someone want to play this game or not !? Thank you https://youtu.be/f7z4PYCvMjs https://youtu.be/f7z4PYCvMjs https://youtu.be/f7z4PYCvMjs
  12. my last picture of leonard, i worked on light !
  13. do you like my last 3D pixar clip of TBBT my friends ? jim Parsons is so hilarious, i delight watching this TV Show ! Enjoy :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVLSMdiL0oo&list=UUN1zkGR0qK697ggP32RNmqg
  14. yes it is, they desserve a lot of money because the sitcom is awesome, was just ironic ! dude ! ;-)
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