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  1. omg i just came back from work... wats happening in shamy land
  2. guys see this from 2.40!! flash mob in Thomson reuters office used mamr's song!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=785926998143919&set=vb.100001798797877&type=2

  3. awesome!! we ll be waiting for the taping report!!
  4. It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.

  5. ek baar aap humse poochke toh dekhte.... #arshi

  6. awww i m sooo happy after reading all the reports!! u ladies are sooo sooo lucky!!
  7. dhak dhaks .. jalebis.. i love u dammit... hum bhi aapse i love u dammit... what the.. what nai pot... khushiji... arhi... ASR... hp.. jp... op.... naniji.. mamiji... mamaji... buaji.. babuji.. n amma.. payal.. akash.. shyamji

  8. i cried sooo much!! it finally happened n it was beautiful
  9. this is.... :'( omg... he just eyes for her !!! our shelly!!! :'( .

  10. Nazar na lagey.. They r so much in love even after so many years

  11. well .. i think if they din want to show the hug they shouldnt have released it in the spoiler pics.. i feel the person who tweeted to bill was talking about this pic and not the taping report
  12. great discussions ... i m really missing out on a lot.. just made thsi quick edit this morning.. just dying to read this week;s taping report cant wait to see the shamy at the prom <3
  13. Sochu ki status banau ki nahi.... Sea of statuses Mein .. Mera bhi ek status :v Fir lagta hai... Kya faraq padhta hai.. Kisney kya kiya.. Kisney kya bola and kyu bola..

  14. awesome!!! season 6

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