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  1. I did. It shames me to say that even Jim couldn't save it. It's a thriller and not very thrilling. I figured out the secret within the first 20 minutes. I understand why it went right to Netflix. At least Jim looked great.
  2. Go to the main forum for BBT and you will find a thread for how to attend a taping. But basically, you have to go to the tvtickets.com web site and try to score them there.
  3. The guy and girl in the two pics are sister and brother, they were out together running. Running shoes have evolved a ton over the past few years. I've been a runner since high school and my shoes today look nothing like the shoes I had 2 years ago let alone back then. I just bought new ones and you would never think they are for running. Treadmill running vs just plain out doors is totally different. I do both, and you get a much better workout out doors. Inside on the treadmill it's too controlled. Maybe he just wanted some fresh air or to kick it up a notch. But, definitely has to be annoying being stopped in the middle of your workout for a selfie.
  4. Off current topic a bit. Posting here since it is still spoilerish... Question for anyone that attended this taping. The CBS promo pics are up for episode 4 (2003) and there is a pic of Sheldon sitting on the sofa having tea with Bernie. They both look happy. Does anyone remember what this scene is? I don't recall hearing about this from our attendee. Could this be a reshoot or did we miss something. Thanks.
  5. I'm just tickled pink that he has Tom Brady as part of his non-ESPN fantasy football team. Lots of points gained from last Thursday night's game against the Steelers.
  6. No, she doesn't. She's out of the competition. She suffered a head injury in the locker room after her last match.
  7. My sister in law is Chinese, she came to the U.S. when she was 12. She cooks all authentic food. No eggs are used in the creation of her egg rolls.
  8. Egg rolls don't have egg in them. They can be vegetarian or have meat in them. She had the vegan variety.
  9. Personally, I hope he does not do The Rosie Project. I read the book and it's simply a version of Sheldon. There's no stretch there at all and it would be type casting completely. The book was written after Big Bang came out and there are so many similarities to his character that I wonder how the author wasn't called out on it.
  10. I'm with you, Michy. This means growth for Shamy. Sheldon is going to man up and do whatever it takes to win Amy back. He wants her and a future with kids. She's too upset, and rightly so, to get that innuendo from his comment. Only good things to come for them. Lenny, just don't know where this is going to go. I wish them the best, but this is too sad and off.
  11. The two guaranteed tickets have been claimed. The standbys are still available.
  12. Yes, these are from the tickets put up 2 weeks ago for the taping on the 25th. They are NOT for the taping that went up for today on the 9th.
  13. Hey fellow shippers. I have 2 guaranteed tickets and 2 standby tickets available for the August 25th taping. DM me with your legal name and email if you want them (and how many, need legal name for each ticket). First come, first served.
  14. Jim does have a goblet, of water I assume, but too much is going to make him need to pee. Oh boy, thoughts of that raspy voice. He's gotta be suffering pretty bad. I read he gargles before going on, but that throat needs a few weeks of rest that it just isn't going to get.
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