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  1. He's getting so mature looking. Still very young, but not boyish any more. Kind of like a man who knows a thing or two.
  2. Did you all notice that lip lick and bite last night while he was presenting. Watch, rewind, repeat.
  3. Ok, let's go through this again... 1. Welcome to the JIM PARSONS fan forum. You are more than welcome to stay and express your opinion, that's what makes life interesting, right? But, do expect some flack - which should be respectful, as well, if you diss Todd. 2. You miss the point completely of ITAS. It's about the actor, their struggles to become a known entity, how they work to stay on top and grow within their craft. This also includes outside influences, such as family and friends. Todd was/is a HUGE part of Jim's success with his support. Who knows, maybe Jim would have said I can't make it in this business if his partner didn't support him when he was starting out and really struggling. Remember, I said the entire taping was 3.5 hrs, with the discussion with Todd being about 20 mins of that, the final product is currently slated for 1 hr. It will not include the entire Todd Q and A. Jim talked about his parents support, especially his late father, was he not supposed to mention them? Don't be silly about other friends and family speaking, now you're just projecting. Don't you think if mama Parsons had been there she would have been asked to speak, too? 3. So, you've seen the final ITAS product before. Yup, most of us have, too. However, have you been to the taping of one? Until you see the final product and how much, or little, or which parts they keep of the Todd stuff, and there will be Todd stuff as the episode description even mentions it, you probably should reserve your comments until then. There was plenty of discussion regarding their production company and Todd's role in it, as well as their relationship, in general. You know, if they were ever so hard up to create a series called "Inside the Electrical Engineers Studio" and I was selected to be interviewed, you'd be darn tootin' that my husband would be there and we'd speak about his support of me while I was finishing both my degrees and bouncing ideas off of him when I was doing design (he's an EE, too). My ability is mine alone, but my family is my support system and I give them credit, too, for helping me succeed in my field and in my life. 4. Nope, a lot of what we learned about Todd, their relationship and his now exclusive role in their production company has never been in a magazine or interview before. 5. You are right, we don't know Todd, but, you know what, we don't know Jim, either....much to my dismay. So, in summation, please wait until you see the edited version before you pass judgement. And, yes, go back and watch some older ITAS interviews to refresh yourself with the topics they touch on.
  4. Haha not at all. I just finished a 5K run. I haven't run in a week since being in NY (but thank goodness for all the walking and my daughter's walk up apt) and was dreading getting out there again. I just looked at my pics of Jim and then just thought of chasing that behind and those legs. It really works! It was actually a good run.
  5. As someone who was there for the 3.5 hrs of taping, of which about 20 mins tops included Todd, I would request you to back and re-read what Kerrycec03 and I wrote throughout this topic. It was Lipton who brought up the topic of Jim and Todd's relationship, it was Lipton that asked that a microphone be given to Todd to speak, it was Lipton that asked Todd questions. In re-reading our comments you'll also see that Todd was extremely uncomfortable with this, he's not an actor, he's Jim's partner, there to support his man. It was very evident that he would rather not have spoken at all. I think it was pretty pertinent and new news that Todd was the one who was pushing Jim for them to move to LA to advance his acting career. Additionally, head over to the ITAS web site. You'll see previous interview there, the last one of which was Neil Patrick Harris. There's a similar segment they did with Neil's husband, David Birka, where they talked about their marriage and their twins - conceived with a donor egg. These interviews are to give you an in depth look into the actor as a person, as well as how they got their start and hone their craft. All of this influences their lives and what we get to see on tv, film or stage. The students got plenty of time to ask questions. And it was only the students, too. If you're not happy with Todd being included in the interview the answer is simple, DVR it and then fast forward past him.
  6. But this Sunday is the Tonys and he's presenting, so I took that date off the table v
  7. That is a tough one. On The Spoils hand, the theater is small and you could just sit and gaze at Jim and Todd for 90 mins or so and you could possibly run into him after the show. But, he might not be approachable. If you do AOG again, hubby would enjoy and you could rush the stage door again and be close. Also, I could be wrong on the date and time, but I would bet money that I'm right. Our hubby's definitely get awards for patience and understanding.
  8. No, Boston area. However, I have one daughter that lives in NY and another one that goes to school there, so I'm there as often as I can for visits. Pretty easy trip.
  9. I think I've figured it out, when Jim is going. If you look at the performance schedule for The Spoils vs Act of God, Jim can only go on June 21st, 7:30 performance. For those of you in NY then, tickets are still available. I would go, but I'm not sure how Jim would take it being named as the other man when my husband files for divorce.
  10. Go to abc.go.com and you can get it there. It was cute.
  11. Holy crap, yes. Thankfully, we didn't need to use that bail money.
  12. Lmao, I thought the same thing and was trying to be good.
  13. . Where's that damn drooling emoji when you need it. It's all perfection.
  14. Mmmmm, tricep and a helluva bicep. Wow! Thank you.
  15. Ok, I'm being optimistic that they will include some of Todd's speaking in ITAS. I was just looking at the website for it and they have Neil Patrick Harris's interview and there's a clip with his husband, David Burka, sitting and talking just like Todd, discussing their wedding and their twins. We probs won't get the entire thing, but we should get some! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  16. Can't remember if Kerrycec covered this from ITAS, but they were talking about Jim's dad and how Jim felt he was still with him. Jim said that he was always bad with directions but that when he moved to NY he found he was able to get around the city easily. Figuring it out came quickly to him and he felt that it was his dad's presence that did that as he was good with that kind of stuff. Just spilling out tidbits as I remember them. Still swooning over "baby."
  17. Thank you for the link. I'm glad I didn't waste my time running over there. Love Jim, dislike the show. And there was really nothing to the interview other than I love to hear him talk about Todd. Love that he said he already feels married to him (even without that paper). Not much revelation there other than this is the first time he said maybe to the marriage question.
  18. It's very interesting that Jim said they would get married at some point. It was not mentioned last night, but then again, there was no pointed question about it. Just the discussion about the trash National Enquirer threw out there and that Jim made his denial through IG. I hope they do get married at some point, they seemed so happy last night, I don't think I've ever seem Jim look so in love or effusive in his comments about Todd before. Damn, I had a ticket to The View, I got off the wait list, but thought I'd be cutting it too close to my train at Penn. Damn train was 30 mins late. Oh well, I'm so beyond thrilled with what I've gotten this month.
  19. Oh, and Lipton is obviously very taken with Jim. He was floored by Act of God and kept mentioning what a great education the students in the audience were getting from listening to Jim and they should be taking notes. He also said this was one of the best interviews.
  20. When they did Zazzy, they asked him before hand about being allergic to cats. He said he was and they told him take Claritin. He also said said that Todd was the impetus behind moving to LA. It was right before the BBT pilot and he was doing more and more auditions there. Todd told him to have the best chances at getting work and the most exposure he should be there. Then BBT happened and they moved anyway. But they would have moved out there even if that hadn't taken off. He was asked why he chose the University of Houston for his undergrad and it was because he didn't want to leave Houston and he didn't have the greatest SAT scores.
  21. When he talked about Todd, he was truly glowing, he smiled from ear to ear. While Todd was speaking, he mentioned how Todd was in hell. But Lipton asked him what he did before he worked on It's Wonderful (so named because because Jim says that all the time) he said he was an art director and was asked to name several accounts. Todd listed off Amex, Barnes and Noble, Kitchen Aid, etc. Jim just beamed and said that the a Kitchen Aid one was his favorite, it was amazing. As supportive of a Jim as Todd always seems to be, Jim really seemed proud of Todd. I've never seen him so happy and demonstrative in his talk of him. They were set up by one of Jim's friends from grad school and Todd's boss, both women. They doubled at the karaoke bar. Todd's. Song of choice "I Found Someone".
  22. Here are two sneak pics I got. I'll try to post more, too, while I'm on the train tomorrow. Kerrycec did a great job. But the passion with which he spoke about Todd and how he SAID sell it baby, sell it, my ovaries wanted to grab on and never let go.
  23. Kerrycec and SuchaHag are my spirit animals. It was incredible sharing the play, going back to the stage door - twice! , and fan girling with them before and after. The show is amazing, HE'S amazing. I'm ridiculously head over heels crazy about him. So sweet with his fans. And to go to ITAS studio tonight, no words.
  24. When he bows I keep thinking of him working out and doing squats.
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