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  1. Thanks @Trinabeana78 That Carbon-14 line cracked me up
  2. Here's hoping that Lenny experience a very loud callback to The Shiny Trinket Maneuver through the wall.... "Put it in me! Put it in me! Put it in me! Put it in me!......"
  3. We trusted the writers, now let's get back to business!
  4. Loved it! Not to split hairs; but I use my non-dominant leg to flush public toilets because I balance better on my dominant leg. To me, balance is key in a public bathroom stall.
  5. Since we know the writers have read FanFic, can we safely assume that this break up idea is actually your fault in a roundabout way?
  6. Every "casual" fan I know is NOT loving it. They are "over the soap opera b.s." I got an earful from people last night and this morning thinking I must have a Bill Prady bat-phone or something so I could convey their displeasure... lol
  7. When Sheldon's peninsula invades Amy's southern border, it's going to be magic!!
  8. That is when he wanted to invade her southern border...
  9. I am picturing bodies falling off the balcony into the pool below....or that may just be me.
  11. BuzzTook the words right out of my mouth. I too was at the taping and saw the premiere. IMHO - How boring would a ship be if it glided along as if it were on rails? Things are being set up for GOLD - trust the writers. Trust them. And the Shenny kiss? Shocking? Yes Hard to watch? at first... But knowing Jim can **really** go there has my pervy brain GIDDY for the Shamy future. It's going to be epic. I can handle a dream sequence, especially since PhotoShop exists
  12. Took the words right out of my mouth. How boring would a ship be if it glided along as if it were on rails? Things are being set up for GOLD - trust the writers. Trust them.
  13. The first take could have blown thethe studio lights out.
  14. my .02 The producers/writes do not like to give spoilers - they always lay out cryptic bullsh!t that hardly ever sticks. Remember Bill's " -cket"??? last word, my a$$. Maybe for about 30 seconds before they rewrote it. Trust the writers to do right by Shamy - because they love them as much as we do.But do NOT trust the writers when it comes to red herrings and messing with us. All will be well.
  15. I'm going to try. it'll be easy on one front because I'll be in LA and I'll be too busy to check social media while I'm there. It'll be hard because I'll be with a group of Shippers that'll want to discuss E1 to the ends of the earth...
  16. Were they covertly filming across the street... YES Anyone who thinks this was a meeting of happenstance - I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Sorry - a line was crossed IMHO. Not a dangerous, fear for his personal safety line - but a line nonetheless
  17. Less than a month and I'm back in LA!

  18. I was flabbergasted to see Kevin's IG post this weekend wearing the shirt I sent him last year and giving me a shout out. IMHO, he is one of the sweetest human beings on this planet.
  19. Kevin JUST made my weekend!  :)

  20. Chelle - I'm older. I see those damn things and I think of Monkey Shines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb4b1feJHb8 LMAO Stephen Root was in that movies! talk about full circle.
  21. From what I remember, there was one guy shadowing Jim. The others were mainly crowd and traffic control. They made sure everyone was off the street and behind the correct barrier, and that Jim's car could get through. So one guy for Jim's safety, the other two for ours.
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